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Winter 2018-2019:

March 3, 2019: Poison Heart!

And here's finally the promised review of Poison Heart, MRCK's latest (and best!) map.

February 28, 2019: Ballz of Silver!

Sanek has released a spiritual sequel to his Candy Mania called SilverballZ. Check out the review here.

MRCK also released a new map, but I got stuck early on when I gave it a shot earlier today and then other things got in the way, so a review will have to wait for the next update. For now, download the map here.

February 18, 2019: Duke Abducted!

Well it took another month for another worthy map to appear, but here's High Treason's Alien Abductee.

Alien Armageddon also got a major update a few days ago, so expect a review soon(ish)!

January 17, 2019: A Legend Returns!

What a great way to kick off 2019; the legendary C3PO has returned with a brand new map. Check out Shocking Twist.

Also replayed Sin for the first time in about a decade and didn't enjoy it - at all.

December 31, 2018: Toward 2019!

Last year was the worst on record in terms of new releases. That is all but a distant memory now, for the number of new releases this year shot up by more than 50%. Let's take a look at the big picture:

2004: 50 new releases
2005: 36 new releases
2006: 30 new releases
2007: 21 new releases
2008: 40 new releases
2009: 34 new releases
2010: 26 new releases
2011: 21 new releases
2012: 29 new releases
2013: 28 new releases
2014: 22 new releases
2015: 19 new releases
2016: 24 new releases
2017: 13 new releases
2018: 20 new releases

This year also saw the first release of Ion Maiden. Its full version is on its way; probably many are eager to try out its map editor, including many with no previous experience of Mapster32. We'll see what kind of effects this ends up having on the Duke3D mapping community in 2019.

A couple of new releases to wrap up the year: check out 2018 Final Beer Run and XMAS 1997.

Happy New Year!

December 24, 2018: The Randomaniac!

2018 is about to draw to a close; you've still got one week left to put out any Duke3D related projects if you wish to make this year's statistics look a bit better. Anyway, it's Christmas today (36 minutes past it actually), and, as usual, what a better way to celebrate it than by playing Duke3D. Mr the Killer was released earlier this year but it got updated with a brand new episode, The Randomaniac, a few weeks ago. So check out MSDN's updated review of the Total Conversion here and download & play it for some holiday fun.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of the year!

December 12, 2018: Miner Complications and Dark Temple!

We haven't seen StarCraftZerg in a while, but now he's back with an action-packed map taking place in a mining facility. Check out Miner Complications, a map worthy of 93 points.

Also, check out Zaxtor's (don't forget Trequonia) Dark Temple if you've got the Nvidia hardware required to run this Polymer-powered, multi-layered map. I don't, so I'm gonna have to wait for the day when Polymer lets me have more than 2 frames per second.

December 2, 2018: Games!

A few game reviews today: Hexen 2 (another game that took me 20 years to get around to) and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus (guest reviewed by Gambini the Puny).

November 16, 2018: Finally Trequonia!

Zaxtor's Trequonia was released over a year ago, but with its 20-hour length and high difficulty level I just couldn't push myself to play it without taking a few long breaks. Anyway, now it's been reviewed.