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11.24.2010: Most links are dead. For an up-to-date list of Duke3D sites, see the main page. The link list will be kept as it is for archival purposes.

  • Official Duke Websites:
    Our Gods - they created Duke Nukem:
    Almost all Duke Nukem and SW conversions:
    Bug Team's Duke site with Maps and mods:
    Dukeland became Planetduke:
    Archived maps, conversions, mods, utilities...:

  • Planetduke hosted sites:
    Some Duke music downloads and reviews:
    Good looking city-based Total Conversion:
    Unique TC which I'm working on too:
    Biggest Build guide ever and more:
    Kef's newest site with map reviews:

  • Personal sites:
    Bob's single player Duke collection:
    Duke Void. Deathmatch level collection:
    Another Finnish Duke site with maps and others:
    Vedran Jelenic's 3D maps ( Quake, Duke, SW ):
    A collection of Maarten's maps:
    'Nuke Shelter' - Maps and stuff:
    Critical Mass TC in smaller size:
    Eduard's Ultimate Duke Site (EUDS):
    Sepi's Duke Nukem Site:

  • Official Quake - quake3 websites:
    quake, quake2 and quake3 files and hosted sites:
    Guys behind Quake and Doom:
    SplashDamage - the guys behind Enemy Territory:

  • Planetquake hosted sites:
    Awesome Quake mod, levels and utils site by Iikka Keränen:
    Single player Quake levels with reviews:
    Best maps and biggest reviews - still active:
    UnderworldFan's reviews:
    First grade Q3A level review site:

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