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I have the Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition on Steam. How do I play usermaps/mods?

It's recommended that you play usermaps and mods via EDuke32 rather than the Megaton Edition. In fact, many new maps and mods do not even support the old Jonof's port which the Megaton Edition is based on. If you have the Megaton Edition, playing user-made content via EDuke32 is easy. All you need is the Duke3D.grp file from your Steam\steamapps\common\Duke Nukem 3D\gameroot\classic folder. Copy the grp to an empty folder, then obtain a copy of EDuke32 and put that in the same folder. Now all you need to do is launch EDuke32 and select any usermap you wish to play from the in-game menu. Mods usually have their own launchers so if you wish to play mods, use those mod-specific launchers instead. In any case, you're always better off reading supplied installation instructions.

It is also possible to play usermaps via the Megaton Edition but this requires you to modify the game's launch options ("-map") on Steam but this is a rather clumsy way, not to mention you'd playing usermaps via an inferior port.

Also see this Steam guide.

What is MSDN?

MSDN stands for Mikko Sandt Duke Nukem. I've been reviewing Duke Nukem 3D maps and mods since April 21st, 1999.

I'm new to Duke (or old but haven't played it for years). What should I know if I wish to play Duke3D again?

The source code was released in 2003 and after that we've had a few ports with which you can play the game on new operating systems without any video/audio issues. These ports also added 3d-accelerated graphics. The most popular ports are JFDuke and EDuke32. I myself use EDuke32 which is more up to date. Some new maps require a source port. These maps might use new hi-res graphics or break the old Build limits.
There's also a high resolution update available for Duke3D called High Resolution Pack. The HRP adds hi-res graphics and 3D-models to Duke3D. It's recommended that you play a map the way its author intended.

What are all these different versions?

The original three-episode (Hollywood Holocaust, Lunar Apocalypse and Shrapnel City) Duke3D release is v1.3d. A four-episode (the three original episodes plus The Birth) Duke3D known as "Atomic Edition" (v1.4) was released later. Plutonium PAK is a commercial patch that updates your v1.3d to v1.4 (Atomic Edition). Atomic Edition is also sold separately so that you don't have to own 1.3d to get Atomic Edition. Once you have v1.4 it may be updated to 1.5, a free patch fixing some bugs. If you don't own a copy of Duke3D, don't get v1.3d - get Atomic Edition.
Maps made for v1.3d work in Atomic Edition but maps made for v1.4/1.5 do NOT work with v1.3d. However, some maps made with Atomic Edition may work with v1.3d but this is because they don't use any of the new Atomic Edition features.

More info at 3DRealms.

How to launch a usermap?

With ports, it's simple. Just copy the map file into your Duke3D folder and run EDuke32 (or Jonof). Then select New Game and Usermap.
Alternatively, if you don't have ports, run Setup and pick a userlevel there or start Duke with command "Duke3d.exe -map" (replace "Duke3d.exe" with "Eduke32.exe" etc. depending on the port you're using).
For map/mod-specific instructions remember to check readme files.

I want to build maps. What should I do to get started?

Duke3D comes with a program called Build that's used to construct levels. However, Mapster32 (comes with EDuke32) is a more up to date version of Build and more compatible with newer operating systems. For tips and tutorials check Duke3D Informational Suite, JS Build and RTCM.

Almost all your files are stored on Fileplanet. Why do you support a service that charges for downloading supposedly free maps?

Fileplanet is free. I can't tell you how many times I have had to say this. It costs you nothing to register. The disadvantage of having a free Fileplanet account is that you have to wait in line to download stuff depending on how many people are using the server at the same time. However, I have never had to wait in any queues to get Duke3D files.

Edit: After this site relocated to Fileplanet will no longer be used to store new files. However, all the old files should remain at Fileplanet.

I have a map and I want the rest of the world to play it. What should I do?

Send it to me. See Contact for my email address.

What other great Duke3D sites are there?

Check the buttons ("The Coalition") on the main page and the links section.

Where can I find FTP directories with Duke3D levels, utilities and TCs?

At least has an FTP directory for Duke3D stuff.

Edit: Check "Dukeworld" site at for a comprehensive list of maps and mods.

Where can I find TCs? Why a TC won't work in EDuke32?

From FTP directories listed above, Fileplanet and ProAsm's site. I recommend the latter since the TCs and mods available there have been updated to work with EDuke32. This can be done manually in most cases though by opening bat files with Notepad and replacing Duke3d.exe with EDuke32.exe.

Why you don't have a forum?

I never felt I needed one. Back in the days the old community used to hang around at JSBuild, DukeINC and DMC forums so there was no need for another one. Then came AMC and Duke Repository. And then there's the 3DRealms forum for Duke3D/DNF/Apogee stuff. If you want to hang around with the best mappers of the community I suggest you join us at AMC.

Back in the days? The Old Community?

"Back in the days" generally refers to a period in Duke3D history when Dukeworld was still up. Duke3D maps and mods were falling from the sky like rain and the community was relatively big. We had level review sites like DMC, DukeINC and Dukebert's Mapping Zone.
The Old Community consisted of Airhawke, Maarten Pinxten, Dukebert, Matt, Bob Averill, JS, MBlackwell, TerminX, Chris Allcock, C3PO, Blackjack etc.

What is the New Community then?

The New Community hangs around at Alejandro's Mapping Center. The Old Community basically died when Dukeworld went down due to various petty reasons (it was still hugely popular at that time). The New Community came to life when Alejandro Glavic launched his Duke level review site and forum.

When and if Duke Nukem Forever gets out, will you start reviewing maps for it?


Why are some of the reviews so short, crappy and full of bad English?

Some of the reviews were written in 1999.

I want to find similar sites for other FPS classics. Where to go?

For Unreal, check For Quake, check Func_Msgboard and Underworldfan. For Doom, check Doomworld and Outpost of Doom 2.

Who are you?

I'm Mikko Sandt, born in 1984, living in Finland. I'm currently studying economics at a Finnish university.

What is your favorite map/TC?

I'm not sure about my favorite map but my favorite TC is Last Reaction & Waterbases TC by George W. Bernard. It has been a huge source of inspiration to me.

What other games you play?

I have been a big FPS fan ever since I got my first PC (before that it was all about Sega Mega Drive and Sonic). These days I also enjoy the more tactical side of FPS games (Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six) and online FPS games that emphasize teamplay and have rich environments with plenty of things to do (Battlefield 2/2142, Enemy Territory, ET: Quake Wars, Counter-Strike). I'm not much into console gaming but I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy games with FFVII being my favorite game of all time.