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- Oblivion 3D -

A Massive 50-Level Standalone Total Conversion

  • By Cedric "Zaxtor Znort" Lutes

    Download Full Version (83Mb), Fileplanet Mirror (includes all five episodes).
    Previous versions: Oblivion Episode 1, Oblivion Episode 2, Oblivion Episode 3.

    MSDN Reviews:
    Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episodes 4 & 5.

    Screenshots from Oblivion 3D:

    Zaxtor announced in January 2004 that he was working on a new three-episode Total Conversion. Back then Zaxtor was known for releasing numerous high quality maps within a relatively short amount of time in 2003 (West Alien Train, Alien Sanctuary, Arc_Nova Base and more).

    In "Oblivion" the protagonist is an anthro-Fossa named Zaxtor. Zaxtor's peaceful world is under attack by an alien race. A war known as the Oblivion War begins and Zaxtor must save his friends and planet from the alien menace.

    Oblivion TC is now a massive five-episode pack. The five episodes (including a special "Arch" episode) include a total of 53 huge levels, numerous new enemies, sounds, art, music and a bunch of new CON & Build tricks. You don't have to download each episode (known as "demos") separately - the latest FULL version includes all five episodes. Note that this is a standalone TC - a copy of Duke3D is not needed.

    Download (83Mb)

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