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July 16, 2024: BattleDuke 2 Contest!

This really took a lot longer than it should have, but I struggled to find the energy to finish some of the maps in this map pack. Anyway, here's finally BattleDuke 2 Contest Pack. It's a pack of three contest entries for Sanek's BattleDuke 2.

July 4, 2024: Factory Parking!

I was actually gonna review ToiletDuck64's Super Mario 64 themed map Shifting Sand Lands, but it was filled with visual glitches in all renderers with two different EDuke32 versions (separated by two years) and even crashed when a certain explosion took place, so I resorted to reviewing one of his "Doom" type maps instead. So, check out Factory Parking.

June 5, 2024: SIKHL!

Loke released a new map a few weeks ago. Expectedly, it's a hottie, so check out SIKHL.

Also, rumor has it that Fernando Marquez has released a brand new episode. I'll try to have a review of it written within a few weeks, so keep yer eyes on this space! (This might also be a good time to check out his previous episode in case you missed it.)

May 4, 2024: May the 4th Be With You!

It's the international "Star Wars Day", and while I don't particularly care for Star Wars, I took this opportunity to review some "neglected" Star Wars Total Conversions. Since none of these got past the demo stage, my job was a little bit easier, so here's a review of Phantom Menace TC Demo, Star Wars 3D Demo and Escape from the Empire Demo.

Playing the demos also made me look back and think of the movies in context of all the more recent stuff, so here's how I'd rate the movies/series in the franchise:
Episode 1: 2/5
Episode 2: 2½/5
Episode 3: 2½/5
Episode 4: 4/5
Episode 5: 4/5
Episode 6: 3½/5
Episode 7: 3/5
Episode 8: 3/5
episode 9: 1½/5
Han Solo: 3½/5
Rogue One: 4/5
The Mandalorian (series): 3½/5
Obi-Wan (series): 1½/5

April 21, 2024: Anniversary!

MSDN was first uploaded to the Internet a quarter of a century ago. That'd have called for some kind of a special celebration, and I did have some plans for that, but time got in the way. The plans haven't been permanently buried though, so something just might yet come out of them. In any case, to celebrate MSDN 25th birthday, I cleaned up the news section a bit and reviewed Fear of the Dark (by DannyFromNewOrleans), so check it out and have fun!

April 14, 2024: Memories!

Zykov Eddy is back with Memories, a map that's quite meta. Check it out!

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