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Summer 2018:

August 29, 2018: Alien Armageddon!

Well, the summer is almost gone and what better way to wrap it up than by playing an awesome Duke3D mod. Check out Alien Armageddon for a chance to play either as or with none other than Bombshell!

July 26, 2018: The Tower!

Well, three weeks of summer holiday are over (and I didn't get to enjoy much of that anyway due to an unfortunate event) but it's still hot as hell in Finland; I cannot wait for the temperature to drop 50 degrees so that I can actually feel like doing something.
In any case, about exactly a month after Detain was released here, it gets a sequel. The map is called The Tower and it's centered around a boss fight.

June 25, 2018: Detain!

One more week until the start of the summer holiday, so here's Detain to pass the time.

June 10, 2018: Magdalene!

A month ago I promised I'd deliver an update once per week for at least a month and I've managed to do just that. Of course it's all thanks to the fact that people have been releasing new maps for this game. Last week I reviewed a map by DannyFromNewOrleans. The map left me mostly disappointed, but now the author has released a new map that's a noticeably improvement. So, check out Magdalene!

June 3, 2018: Day of Night!

Here's a map that just barely made it to the Hot Maps section; Day of Light has some nice design but suffers from a plethora of issues.