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28th of August 2018

Alien Armageddon by Alien Armageddon Team

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Alien Armageddon has its genesis in a user "sebabdukeboss20" posting a whole bunch of his 8-bit spritework, mostly enemies and NPC sprites, for all the world to see. The material was so good that you could have expected to see these as enemies in an official Duke3D expansion. The quality was enough to prompt DeeperThought to provide code for the new characters and a small team of mappers to come up with a small episode of five-plus-one maps. The episode starts off like any Duke3D release; the aliens attack and Duke must fight off the invasion. However, this time Duke finally gets to team up with Bombshell, an opportunity we were denied in both Duke Nukem Forever and the recent Bombshell "Build" game.

There are some big names behind the new episode: William Gee, the Oostrum bros and James Stanfield. The first map is a bit hard to navigate due to its highly open-ended and interconnected layout, but otherwise this is a rewarding map with plenty of exploration (including some epic easter eggs) and a very comfortable length to get you used to fighting the new enemies and playing as Bombshell. The second map is like the Flood Zone but on a much larger scale, conveying a sense of a city utterly obliterated by the alien scum. It strikes a good balance between its underwater and topside segments while preparing you for what's to come. The third map takes place in a sunken city where Duke chases air bubbles to survive. This mechanic takes you away from the comfort zone of navigating underwater areas with a Scuba Gear. It's nothing new of course, having been done before in games such as Sonic and, who could forget, Duke Nukem Forever, but the experience here is far less clunky, and killing underwater troopers is satisfying as their bodies are left hanging suspended in water with their heads cracked open by bullets. (In all fairness it needs to be noted that my first experience of this map was marred by a severely malfunctioning autoaim, so for now turn your autoaim OFF for the entire duration of the third map.) The last two maps take place in an underground base located in a gigantic cavern. In these maps (which easily could have been combined into one bigger map) James shows off his proficiency at handling large areas, filling them with impressive lighting and massive architecture, a skill he has picked up during the development of the AMC TC. There's also a slightly gimmicky secret map, but I'll leave that as a surprise.

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You start off the episode playing as Duke, but once Bombshell makes her entrance, you're given the option to switch between the characters. Beyond this point there's little reason to stick with the old alien-ass-kicker; all the new guns belong to Bombshell. The new arsenal is functionally pretty close to the original, but the new weapons are satisfying to use and there are a few real gems, my favorite being a small pipebomb-replacing turret that does a great job attacking enemies: I only wish the railgun were a bit more adept at turning its victims into gibs. There's also a new crosshair system that felt just slightly annoying but mostly just pointless in not being an obvious or a needed improvement over the old system.
The sidekick (whichever) does a pretty good job at following you and shooting aliens, but he/she has a nasty habit of wanting to get up close and personal with the enemy while getting shot in the back by you in the process, making the use of explosives especially risky. Quite frankly I'd have simply disabled friendly fire and improved the AI's ability to circle strafe: near the end of the episode as battles become more hectic you'll be spending a lot of time reviving your sidekick, a task that drains a bit of your own health each time. There's also a problem-solving aspect to using the sidekick system, but it hardly gets utilized in the episode. Bombshell's voice acting is pretty good with a "tone" fitting for the character, but a few lines could have used another take and the oneliners are pretty forgettable. Also, NPCs seem to always assume you're playing as Duke.

Sebabdukeboss20 has done a tremendous job in designing the new characters. The new enemies look like they belong in the same alien race as the originals, although it felt like the colors were a bit more all over the place compared to the originals' consistency. The new enemies include a weak but deadly accurate railgun trooper, miniboss variants of Enforcers and Pig Cops and the "Dukerminator" seen in the DNF trailer (and our brilliant, path-breaking and enormously influential DNF2013 mod, of which many tales still are told), but these mentions merely scratch the surface of what Alien Armageddon has got to offer. Considering the shortish length of the episode, a lot of these new monsters are thrown at you in the very first map (while some, such as the new Protector Drone type enemy, are left under-utilized), but you should be able to pick up their AI patterns quite fast and dispense with them accordingly. Still, a longer episode would have allowed the enemies to be introduced in a more controlled fashion.

As an icing on the cake, the mod's presentation is great. There are new graphics for the menus and the stat screen and new intro and outro cutscenes (no animation; just still images). Furthermore, the old episodes can be played with the sidekick system (including in solo mode as Bombshell) with the added benefit of some new cutscenes. However, I only took a very quick peek at this, as it'd take a bit more of an incentive to make me replay the old episodes for the billionth time.

Alien Armageddon 2.0

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Duke and his lady sidekick (or am I being sexist in assuming it's not the other way around?) Bombshell are back at it again, this time bringing mayhem and alien ass-kicking all over Washington, DC, and the warm waters of the Caribbean. The second major release of Alien Armageddon retains the mod's core gameplay elements without any major changes. There are a few new enemies (including bosses) and weapons, but the main selling point is the inclusion of the two good Duke3D mission packs, Duke It Out in DC and Caribbean: Life's a Beach. Design-wise the maps are the same as before, but their presentation is more vivid and modern with the inclusion of civilians, new sprites, staged battles and cutscenes. The DC episode also has a cool Doom-like intermission screen that shows your progress across the district. One of my favorite additions is a brand new soundtrack for DC; the original release merely recycled tracks from the base game, which gave the whole thing a bit of a cheap, dull atmosphere. I don't know if the tracks were specifically made for the corresponding maps, but they fit in really well.

These being old maps, there's less space to move around. The sidekick getting between you and the enemy is quite a perennial issue, especially in Caribbean. While it's less noticeable in some of the more open DC maps, you might be better off disabling the second character altogether (although I can see this going against the whole spirit of the mod). This wasn't such a big issue in the Alien Armageddon episode with its custom-made maps and their more generous layouts, but it's definitely more noticeable here in the '90s maps. There were also instances where it felt the corridors aren't large enough to accommodate all the frenetic action, particularly when larger monsters and explosions were involved. As for other complaints, the slide kick is still more trouble than it's worth and it'd be better if the game's autoaim didn't target civilians or the sidekick.

Whether you're gonna enjoy 2.0 depends on how much the gameplay of Alien Armageddon was your thing and whether that gameplay is good enough a reason to replay the mission packs for what could be the millionth time. I personally was at a point where I wasn't looking forward to going through the same set of maps again, but there are probably many who haven't had the chance to play the mission packs at all. And, to be sure, this isn't just a lazy update with a few Alien Armageddon monsters thrown in for flavor. The cutscenes, the new monsters and weapons, and the more up-to-date pop culture references were enough to keep me well entertained despite the few gameplay-related annoyances. As a sidenote, the latest version includes upscaled sprites. These use one of those fancy new algorithms that study pixels, look at their surroundings and fill in the blanks with impressive accuracy.

Conclusion: Alien Armageddon is a very solid "modern" Duke3D mod, bringing in a bunch of refreshing new features all the while preserving everything that made the original game so good. It has the presentation and the ambition of an official release but lacks the length that could better accommodate all the new stuff. Having someone, especially Bombshell, fight by your side is a rare sight in a Duke3D mod and I especially enjoyed playing as Bombshell, but the sidekick mechanics could use some more tweaking; in all the best games with a sidekick or a co-combatant (Bioshock Infinite, Half-Life 2, Mass Effect 3) the NPC is never allowed to become a burden. Still, Alien Armageddon is mostly top-notch work from everyone involved and I found myself enthusiastically replaying it almost instantly, which is something I almost never do.

Score: 8½
Download: Mirror
Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Alien Armageddon Team

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