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Summer 2015:

August 24, 2015: Flaming Shipwreck!

A new map by Quakis, here's The Flaming Shipwreck. A review will follow a little bit later, as I'm currently stuck in the 5th dimension, trying to communicate with you in Morse code by manipulating an ordinary wristwatch. (I ran into Matthew McConaughey and he told me this was the only means of communication available in the 5th dimension.)

August 6, 2015: NAM & Blimp!

A couple of goodies for you, first a review of NAM and then Operation: Blimp which didn't quite make it to the Hot Maps section but is still worth checking out.

July 27, 2015: The End of the World!

Finally, The End of the World Part 1 reviewed.

July 9, 2015: New map!

I'm in a bit of a hurry so a review is gonna have to wait but here's a new one by MRCK: The End of the World Part 1.


July 2, 2015: Duke's Day Off!

Check out Duke's Day Off, an action-packed city map from StarCraftZerg.

Also reviewed some Wolfenstein games (The New Order, The Old Blood and Wolfenstein 3D) here.

June 11, 2015: Anarchy Village!

Here's something to get you all geared up for the summer: Fernando Marquez finally released the final episode of his FMX series. Check out Anarchy Village.