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Summer 2016:

August 18, 2016: Feeling randy!

A bit of a quick update here, check out L.A. Terror by a new mapper!

July 31, 2016: New city maps!

Here's a kind of a blast from the past; Aaro "Arzca" Ruohonen (Dead Meat) is back with two relatively new maps, X3 Studios and Bank Roll 2000. This guy hasn't released anything in over a decade so it's about time we got to play something by him. Don't miss these classic-style city maps!

July 14, 2016: Hitting the archives!

Here's something a bit different; Rush 189, a very old version of Gambini's hyper-detailed Rush2K.

Also, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst and Doom (2016) reviewed.

June 23, 2016: I Am Root!

Here's The Root.

Enjoy your Midsummer!

June 18, 2016: Reviews!

Take a look at Sanek's latest map, LORCH 3, which was actually released in an unfinished state a few years back but is now officially done.

Also, Duke Hard has been given a minor update. Also, Final Fantasy XIII reviewed.