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21st of September 2003

Dead Meat | Single/DM | Author: Aaro Ruohonen | Download 45kt

Description: I have played this one a zillion times during its beta-test phase so it's a bit hard to judge it as a 'fresh' level. However what we have here is a pretty good looking level with good gameplay.

Design: Design is above average although there aren't much details - Level's theme doesn't really allow that. Shadows are strongly present and mostly good looking but some behave a bit unrealistically (thanks to that cursed alt-shadowing method). I fixed some of them but some still remained. Duke Burger looks neat (exluding one buggy door) with all things you need in a such place.

Textures: Standard Duke textures with quite typical combinations.

Gameplay: Three keys and some buttons. Lots of monsters - including tons of respawning monsters (including Battlelords and tanks). Don't worry - there are enough ammunitions to keep you alive. Puzzles are very simple and there are some good old secret places.

Innovations: Nope.

Conclusion: A typical 'fun-for-ten-minutes' level with above average design. Check Aaro's previous 'ARSP1' as well.

Rating: 86