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Winter 2003:

February 25, 2003: Three levels!

Today I shall give you three levels. They are all worth checking out. 'Temple of Death' is from Maarten Oostrum (dukematch), 'UA Space' is from Rob Wijkstra ('City Terror' TC) and 'Taivo Deathcity' is a city level from Taivo Maripuu ('Maps'). Have fun.

February 19, 2003: Mars!4, Premium update & some screenies

'Mars!4' is some years old and so far it has only been reviewed at BugTeam (if I remember right). Those who missed this map back then can play it now. I didn't remember the existence of this level until Throma sent it to me a couple of days ago. It's a Hot Map with 92 points.

I reviewed 'Premium Edition TC' here last week - A couple of days ago a tool was released for it. This tools gives you a chance to play this multiplayer TC against 'bots'. With this program Premium becomes available to single-player dukers as well. Definitely recommended. Updated review here.

Daniel Aashage ('Near Life Experience', 'Streets of Gotham City') is working on a new level. So far it looks pretty good. It will take some time before it's out but enjoy these screenshots now:

More levels coming - Slowly - I received too much of them last week.

February 15, 2003: Factory & a TC review!

Sorry for the lack - Anyways once again I found a new level called 'Factory' From Duke3D Repository. It's actually an old map from the authors of 'New York Plaza' (reviewed here last week). So this one's too so called 'out of grave' review. Some of you might have missed it. Check Hot Maps for 'Factory'.

The Premium Edition TC was released some weeks ago. This is a Counter-Strike type modification for Duke. Check the review from 'TC Reviews' and then decide what to do with this pretty good looking TC.

Ale is back with his new AMC. The old AMC crashed some months ago due to Al Qaeda's hacker team but now Ale managed to bring the site back online. Forums have been online since the crash but the actual site content is up too. AMC also changed its host to our loved Planetduke. Ale is also the man behind our new logo.

February 8, 2003: New York Plaza!

No more school! CBP3 is on its way and I have joined. I'll keep you informed.

I found a level called 'New York Plaza' from this new Duke3D site Duke3D Repository and I was surprised to see that the level was made back in 1998. Anyways I missed it then but here it is now. It's a city themed Hottie so get it from 'Hot Maps'.

February 4, 2003: ARSP1 & Virulent!

Countdown: One day to freedom...

That's right - no I don't mean Russia is going to move to the Moon but my high-school ends. Or actually it ends on the second day of June but I won't go to school after tomorrow anymore (exams are in March and they only take a couple of days). But you're going there tomorrow, the day after, next week etc. - enjoy.

Today I give you two city maps for free. 'ARSP1' is a city level from a Finnish mapper. It's a 'Hot Map' so the location for it is 'Hot Maps'. 'Virulent' is a decent city level with quite bad puzzles. Get it from 'Maps'.

January 29, 2003: Community Build Project 2!

We started doing this project last summer. AMC forum was our meeting place. Now after six months of 'hard'work it's finally out. A CBP 2 - Community Build Project. A level made by many mappers - including me. Get it from 'Hot Maps'.

'Virulent' & 'ARsp1' coming soon.

January 23, 2003: Computer Mega Core!

Reginukem ('Fight For Life') is back with his third level. 'Computer Mega Core' is a remake of some 'Terminator: Future Shock' level. It's a Hot Map so get it from 'Hot Maps'.

'Premium TC' (or in fact a new version) has been released. This is a dukematch Total Conversion - a remake of Counter-Strike. Go check it out here:

New button added to 'World of Duke Sites' above. Check 'The Duke Nukem 3D Repository'.

January 16, 2003: Reviews!

Now I have some high-quality stuff for you. 'Critical Mass' is not that old TC and it's not that level from Duke3D. It's a three-level map-pack with new enemies & weapons. It's a very good one even level design has some faults. Get it from 'Hot Maps'. It really is worth a try.

'Duke's Revenge' TC was released some months ago. Now it's reviewed here. This TC has buggy but very entertaining levels & lots of new stuff. Check the review from 'TC Reviews'.

January 12, 2003: Two dukematch levels!

Quakis entered the community with Bobsp influenced 'Nuked1'. Now he's working on some more single-player levels but now I have you his first dukematch release. 'Ground Rester: The jet field forest' is the long name of this level. It's detailed and fun dukematch level. Get it from 'DM Maps' (scored 88).

Devastator released his 'Space Vessel' here about a week ago. Now we have his '2 Towers' dukematch level reviewed here. So this one can be found from 'DM Maps' as well (scored 40).

TC reviews & more maps coming. Stay tuned u fuck.

January 5, 2003: Space Vessel!

New map released - 'Space Vessel' scored 62 which is the lowest score single-player level has gotten. You can get it from 'Maps'.

New maps are coming - I got some on my hard-drive and they'll be reviewed soon.

Fakir & Kevin Cools just got up their new Duke3D site - This new site is all about everything normal Duke3D stuff - Oh and they do have a chatroom as well. So go there today and check it out - DukeWeb. Site by the way replaces the old WSYC - Oh and wasn't Kef supposed to retire?...

January 1, 2003: Duke Year 2003!

Yesterday I was in a very bad condition - I got drunk and got involved in a fight - I won but got pissed off - so I left. I left the scene in time because today I heard that someone started rioting at that party by throwing chairs, playing with knife & even choking someone. My friends escaped from the scene by running outside - with t-shirts on in minus 20 degrees. No one got seriously hurt and the guy got arrested. Next new year eve I'm gonna stay home.

Well - Duke year 2002 is behind and now we're going to enter 2003. Lots of new Duke maps? I really don't know. Duke Nukem Forever? I doubt. Community is still alive and we're all doing well. Well now you might ask - What community? WSYC died, AMC was destroyed - MSDN is now the only fan-made 'very'-active site out there. I can't quit now because that would mean goodbye to whole idea about Duke3D. Anyways support our community by checking AMC forums - they're still very much alive.

How about our world in 2003? Will Finland join NATO? Will nuclear war erupt from Iraq? Well wouldn't that be a good way to prove that human isn't suitable enough to rule our planet? In any case let's hope the best for our planet & mankind.

I finally got 'Duke Carribean' (after years of searching) last summer - big thanks to Ron Trimmer. It's now reviewed in 'TC Reviews' section. Too bad you can't download it. It really is a good one so if you ever find it anywhere I suggest you to buy it.

New TC coming: Check for more info about coming 'F.T.C.' Total Conversion for Duke3D. It adds new levels, characters, graphics etc. to Duke3D.

December 23, 2002: Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, laalaalaa!

Fourth MSDN Christmas is here now. Mikko Sandt will deliver his presents to all mankind today. So what's in the bag? Two brand new levels. Today's hottie is 'WGSpace 3' from William Gee. You can get it from 'Hot Maps' section. Dukematch action comes in the form of 'Nuke Bunker'. You can get this from 'DM Maps' section.

That's all for now - More levels are coming and a review of Duke Carribean - its sunny atmosphere fits well for this cold winter. Right now it's minus ten degrees out there. Time is 23.14 (11.14 pm) and it's time to have some sleep soon - well I still have to wrap some presents. In Finland we get our presents on 24th day. So what do I celebrate? The birthday of our master Jesus? Hell no - Why should I celebrate the birthday of someone whose ideas has caused more deaths & unequality than anything else? So let's just stick to the fact that Christmas is about doing good things & giving & getting lots of nice presents. Merry Christmas Duke3D fan.

December 17, 2002: Al Qaeda attacks AMC & Kef 'Santa' Nukem releases a map!

A world known terrorist group Al Qaeda - led by Osama Bin Laden - hacked Ale's game site AMC a few days ago and destroyed everything. Ale has said 'AMC team will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardy acts!' - And as a counter-strike Ale decided to bring site back online - or at least its popular forums. However we need your commitment to this war against terrorism so go ahead and sell your soul to Sat...Ale by registering to AMC forums. EACH Duke fan should find himself there. Even me - the leader of MSDN - the last remaining superpower of Duke3D sites - can be found there.

That's not all. Kef surprised us all by proving that he's a liar. A couple of months ago we heard him saying "I will retire Duke3D community" but the guy is obviously full of lies so here's 'Christmas 2002'. This level can be found from 'Hot Maps'. Last Christmas - 2001 - Kef also released a Duke3D Christmas level. So let's name Kevin Cools - Kef Nukem - Kuffi - our official Duke3D Santa.

'WGSpace 3' & Christmas are coming...

December 13, 2002: Psydead!

Sorry for the small delay but I was going to upload two dukematch level reviews but found out that they had no start points for more than one player. So I took this level called 'Psydead' out of the grave (has been on my desktop for too long) and decided to bring it to your hard-drive. As you can guess - it's an old level but well worth trying again. Check 'Hot Maps' section.

My first Unreal Tournament level - DM-MSut1 was reviewed at AMC some weeks ago and a couple of days ago it was reviewed at - Check it out here and if you have any UT or UT2003 levels then register to and use their system for your own good. You can upload your UT levels there and they automaticially show up there with a screenshot & your description.

December 7, 2002: Spy Hard!

Finland is celebrating its independence day so no school today. Oh yeah - that independence day was yesterday.

This has been on my hard-drive for too long so now it was time to review it. It's called 'Spy Hard' (named after that comedy by Leslie Nielsen) and it got 83 points. Get it from 'Maps' section.

December 3, 2002: Levels and blahs!

Today I noticed that someone accused me of making fun of Russians. Now - I know they're poor and Finnish men like to go there and have sex with the prostitutes but I never said anything bad about them. Sure - our country has been on war against them twice during last centry but hey - blame Stalin. I was told that I'm 'the lowest essence'. Dunno what that is but this Russian had some problems with english.

Two new maps: 'Jungle Tour' has been under construction for some time now and I have been testing it numerous times. It found itself from 'Maps' section and is a good download for YOU. 'Back Alley Intersection' is a dukematch level which scored 78. It's a decent level to be from 1997.

I also forgot to give you the results of last poll. Question was "Do you download each level?". There were 267 answers. 19% Downloads only 1.3d levels, 33% downloads every single-player level, 26% downloads only Hot Maps and 21% downloads everything. I doubt there's anyone who downloads only dukematch levels.

November 29, 2002: New poll!

New poll! Perhaps the best poll ever created in the history of mankind!!!

November 26, 2002: City Terror!

Shortest update ever: 'City Terror' TC reviewed. Check 'TC Reviews' section.

Enjoy your rainy winter days.

November 20, 2002: Blahs!

Sorry for the small lack but I have had another busy week with my 18th birthday stuff etc. I'm no longer a Christian so thank God for that. I also got my driving licence today - I had lots of pressures but it's all over now. I made it. I'm the best.
So I got 'Community Build Project 2' level last week and now I should add my part to it. I'll finish my part today night & send it to Alejandro who will pass this level forward. Don't expect too much from my part because I haven't builded in two years.
Well as for new releases there's not much to tell. 'City Terror' TC will be reviewed probably with the next update & Duke Carribean hopefully as well. New great levels will come.

And remember to download Fakir's 'Command & Conquer' TC levels - By the way - they should work with 1.3d too so try it.

Check AMC forums.

November 14, 2002: Me turn 18 & releases!

Well it's my birthday today. I'm 18 now - so now I can legally buy alcohol & cigarettes (but who seriously would spend their money on cigarettes?) - AND drive a car - I'll get my licence next week. But instead of getting presents I'm giving presents.

Remember 'Command & Conquer' TC? You might have heard of it. It was a promising looking TC which got abandoned (there's nothing I hate in DN3D community as much as abandoned TCs - lazy fucks). Well anyways FakirBaba - the guy who created two excellent single-player levels ('FbSp001', 'FbSp002') & one good dukematch level ('Unholy...') (and a lot more), was kind enough to release the levels he did for this TC. This pack has four high-quality levels and you must try it. Get it from 'Hot Maps' section.

I just added two new reviews to 'Game Reviews' section. 'Final Doom' (the game - or actually half of it) & 'Intolerable Threat' (HL - Opp.force mod). Check them out so you can decide if they're worth buying/downloading.

Remember 'UBoot' level which was released here last spring? It has been updated a few times after that release so go and check an updated review of UBoot which now holds a link to the original UBoot site.

So autumn 2002 is over and winter is here. Let's take a small peek at the levels which were released during fall:

Hot Maps: The Slums of LA, Daemonus, Park TC Demo, Alienx, Overkill, Complex 1, Daikarin, IDay01, West Was Won, WGSpace 1, Bedrone, Fight For Life, WGSpace 2.

Maps: LA2019.

DM Maps: WW2.

TC Reviews: Imagination World, Merc 2.

Game Reviews: Nuclear Winter (HL), Hour-Glass (HL), Mission Failed (HL).

Other: DukeRoch 3.0.

November 9, 2002: My first UT level!

Two releases today. More will come. 'DM-MSut1' is my first deathmatch level for Unreal Tournament. So you really can't play this with your copy of Duke Nukem 3D. You can find it from 'My Maps' section. Go ahead and get it now if you have a copy of Unreal Tournament game.

Second release is a hot map called 'Nuked 1: Launch Bay Complex 1'. It got 86 points so it's well worth playing. Get it from 'Hot Maps' section.