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Winter 2001-2002:

April 3, 2002: New map, section & news

So MSDN gets more new stuff and look. Now there's a new section. It's called 'Game Revs' (Game Reviews). It will include reviews of other PC games and probably mods. I made it just for fun. It doesn't affect on Duke3D level review quality. New section starts with 'Medal of Honor: Allied Assault' review. Check it out and be sure to check the section more often.

YoshiYount (Matt) released 'Fast Track' about two months ago. Improved version is now out and it's quite good. Review can be found from 'Maps'. Read & Download.

David pointed me to this link: Check some cool flash animations there. I personally think that Max Payne stick thing is my favorite.

Also if you have encountered some problems with the island/city type level, that was released here last week, then you probably should add '.map' extension to the end of the file.

March 29, 2002: Two new levels & Design

I did some improvements to section 'Hot Maps'. I divided levels in three sections. 'Latest' (has the newest), 'modern' (has quite new levels) and 'old' (oldest hotties here). This should make things a bit easier.

New section 'Latest' starts with two new hot levels. 'Emergency Room' and Island/city type level (name is too hard for me to remember right now). Download them both immediately and have fun.

And have a very nice easter. Four days of vacation is a big break. And it's incredible warm and sunny here rigth now.

March 24, 2002: Domino 2!

Sorry for the lack but we had some visitors here so I hadn't got time to upload reviews (I wrote three reviews last week). But anyways for your gaming pleasure you can now read the review of 'Domino 2' from 'Hot Maps' section and download it. It's a good one.
More levels are coming soon.

It's really sunny out there so I think I'll just go out and then play some 'Medal of Honor' and after that perhaps I'll try more Half-Life map building which I started yesterday.

New logo is also made by Kevin Cools. So thanks to him. And thanks to JS for scrollbar help.

March 17, 2002: Space Showdown!

Notice the new scrolling bar which is still in the middle of beta-test so don't let it bother you when it changes back to normal once you go to other section.

Alejandro has released his first dukematch level which is called 'Space Showdown'. It can be downloaded from 'DM maps' section. Get it now.

Next update will bring you Domino 2 and Yoshi's (Matt) new level.

It also seems like DNFInc is now finally dead.

March 13, 2002: Streets of Gotham City!

Spring is here. Snow is melting and it's getting warm. Clouds are taking off and the sun is finally there. The anniversary of MSDN is also getting closer. A bit over month anymore.

A new map from Daniel Aashage who has earned his place in the group of top mappers with his 'Neliex', 'One2Zero', 'We Store Your Crap!' and now his latest creation - 'Streets of Gotham City'. So click 'Hot Maps' and select 'Streets of Gotham City' to download & play this great city level.

New link added to 'Duke Caribbean Central'. As far as I have understanded Duke Caribbean is a commercial TC product for Duke like 'Nuclear Winter'. Unfortunately I never got my hands on this product because I never saw it in any shop. But anyways check the link.

I have had lots of schoolwork lately. I haven't slept much and I'm getting used to it already. Perhaps soon I don't have to sleep at all:) So I'm spending nights watching new The X-Files episodes over and over again. Kevin Cools (Kef) is also having some schoolwork but believe me that he has a lot more of it than I do. So Kevin is having a break right now which means no updates at We Store Your Crap for some time. Read more from WSYC.
I'm sure that this kind of stuff makes you wondering the fate of MSDN. How long does this site stay? Well I'm happy to say you that I haven't lost any interest in Duke during these years (well I have had enough of Build). I love playing good Duke levels and reviewing them. But I must admit that since I got faster internet I have had a bit less time for Duke (only a bit). But at the moment MSDN keeps going at least as long as DNF remains unfinished. Maybe after that MSDN turns into MSDNF or something. We'll see.

Oh and following updates will bring you Alejandro's new dukematch map and Domino 2 (first Domino here).

March 8, 2002: Red-light Romp!

A new map today from never-before-heard author (well at least in this community). Luke Nockles created a level called 'Red-light Romp' which is a nice small city level. It just made it to 'Hot Maps' which means that there's no reason not to download this level.

Some site updates:
Alejandro Glavic has been updating his site quite often. There are some new reviews there which you should read (most maps are available here too but another opinion about a level is always great to read). Alejandro's latest level 'Military Madness' scored 100 there (reviewed by Fly who also works for 'WSYC') which is... well... another opinion. So go to:
Duke Zone has been updated also with new levels and stuff. You really should scroll down the levels he has there and take a look if something interesting appears.

That's all for now. More maps are coming.

March 4, 2002: Military Madness!

I had to remake my psychology and sweden exams today because they went so badly a month ago:( Anyways lets all hope that I score better this time. I can always find some time for Duke but this winter has been busy. I have had exams, vacation, I have been sick and now I have to write a 'thesis' - more than 15 pages about 'Women & Islam'. But don't worry - I can handle anything they throw at me:)

So right (is it right or rigth - ht or th - it annoys me) now I'm giving you a brand new level from Alejandro Glavic. 'Military Madness' is his latest creation which unfortunately doesn't bring anything new if you have played Alejandro's other levels but it still is a great level. Get if from 'Hot Maps'.

February 27, 2002: TC Review!

Finally 'Extreme Justice TC' has been reviewed. Read the review and then download the TC to see if I was right with my review. Choose 'TC Reviews'.

Next update will bring you Alejandro's new level.

I also noticed that Pascal's 'Roch 3' has 920 downloads - this might be MSDN's biggest hit:) Anyways only those maps which arrived here after MSDN's move to Planetduke has download counters. Those which were added before PD, hasn't got counters.

February 21, 2002: News!

Allright sorry but I have been stupid and lazy and sick and all that sorta things so forgive me. I played through the 'Extreme Justice TC' and before I review it I want to play it again. So perhaps with next update. I was going to review it today but I just must get off from my computer because I'm sick so sitting here doesn't really do good for me. And it is vacation now so we'll see if I can go anywhere or do I just have to sit home.

I still got some good news for you. 'Duke Zone' was updated with tons of new maps. And these maps aren't bad quality. Site has now tons of maps with screenshots and small comments. Many of the levels are available here but I'm sure you'll find some good quality maps there that aren't available here. And perhaps some maps that means a lot to you because I did found one level I played five/six years ago and it brought some nice memories:) Check 'Duke Zone'.

February 15, 2002: We Store Your Crap!

No not the site but the level called 'We Store Your Crap'. It's a level from Daniel ('One2Zero', 'NeLiEx'). Good level until you reach the end of the level puzzle. From 'Hot Maps'.

Next update brings you a review of 'Extreme Justice TC'. It's a part ripped from abandoned 'Critical Mass TC'. This TC is a good example of what we might have seen in original CM. You can download the TC from 'JS Build site'.

And today I'm on my way to that high-school dance thing - I'm not sure about the english word for it - 'pram'? Anyways I'll catch ya later.

February 9, 2002: GOD TC REVIEW!

'Grins Of Divinity' was released about a week ago and now the MSDN review is available. GOD TC scored 8 which means this TC is a good one. If you still haven't downloaded it then go to 'TC Reviews' section, read the review and download the TC.

Short update this time. One more link added above to 'World of Duke sites". It's Duke-Zone so give it a visit. Check the button above.

February 3, 2002: Dukematch!

As I said this update brings you two new dukematch maps. Both are about average. Both are of course available in 'DM Maps' section. Give 'em a try.

GOD TC should be out today so check Expect to see a review of it soon.

I downloaded 'Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault' demo few days ago and it kicks ass. Especially if you have seen 'Saving Private Ryan'.

January 29, 2002: Eye-Witness!

'Eye-Witness' is a new level from Kevin Cools & Alejandro Glavic. It's a nice city map with lots of nice design and stuff so go ahead and get it from 'Hot Maps'.

I changed the poll at last. Well I was again too lazy to fix it so it looks a bit weird now. Sorry but try to deal with it. Not a Duke3D question but a movie question. I voted for Spider-Man of course (I have been waiting for a good Spider-Man movie over 10 years).

Here are two new links: Critical Mass TC went down when its leader probably died or something but one of the team members who had the arts and his levels from the TC did finish some of the work and releases his TC very soon.

http://www.duke-zone.cjb.netThe Duke Nukem 3D Zone - standard Duke site with small map reviews and stuff. Check it out.

Some information about coming levels:

Merlijn Van Oostrum is working on a sequel to Red2. Here are two shots:

Daniel Aashage (Neliex) is working on a new level. Here are two shots:

So good maps are coming. Next update we will have two dukematch maps (probably if I'm not going the lazy way again). I also got 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' PC game which is a damn good (especially multiplayer kicks ass - Omaha beach is excellent). Buy it if you got enough power on your PC and a fast connection.

January 22, 2002: BOBSP3!!! And Hydro Station!

The most awaited level ever - 'Bobsp3' has arrived. Two years of painful waiting and now it's here and it is a damn good level. It almost got the top position and the review is the biggest ever. Location is of course 'Hot Maps'.
Another hot map is from Alejandro (once again). 'Hydro Station' is a nice peace of art and can be found from 'Hot Maps'.

That was nice and fast. I started immediately working with today's update after I received the level from Bob Averill. Nice day isn't it? I even skipped two hours from school today.

Some of you might have noticed that there's a new button at the top of this site. Alejandro finally found a new home for his babies and some others too (like my 'Mssp6'). Alejandro's site is very nice and we will find all of his future maps there too. Check it out:

The official release date of 'Grins Of Divinity TC' is 2.2.2002. It's right now on the hands of beta-testers (including me) but soon you'll see it.

The Poll has ended (well I was too lazy to remove it but anyways this is now official). The question was (is) 'which level are you mostly waiting for'. here are the results: Roch6 (62%), Bobsp3 (19%), Maarten Pinxten's next (8%), some else level (8%).
350 Votes.

January 18, 2002: TC Watch!

It's time for MSDN's look at the Total Conversions. Following TCs are the ones that I'm most interested in at the moment. I'm sure I have forgotten some but anyways check out the next ones:

City Crackdown: DNCC is a TC which has been under development for almost three years. Project has moved very slowly and some weeks ago DNCC website reported: "We still need major help, or this TC will not exist.". This was a huge disappointment. Then some weeks ago it said "A test release has been planned for late January.". That was just great to hear. It doesn't matter how much levels and stuff does a TC include as long as at least a part of it gets released. So far weapon/level pictures are looking good. Website (which has been redesigned many times) looks great too (but TC is more important). I really do hope that at least a part of this gets released.

Grins Of Divinity: This TC gets released in three parts (episodes). First one should be out very soon (everything but voice are completed). As a beta-tester I can say that the levels use very unique and special style and they have lots of new textures. Project is huge and it contains also a story which is written by a real author and a good looking comic. Best Duke mapper Alejandro Glavic also joined the team some weeks ago.

Borg Nukem: This TC looks very good and it has mappers like Alejandro Glavic, LAW and FakirBaba in the team. Level/weapon screenshots are looking very good and levels very detailed. TC has delayed a couple of times and should be out soon. Project leader is Kevin Cools who is very known in Duke community.

Urban Assault: UA is another long-time project which has delayed a lot. I have been following its development since the beginning. TC doesn't look any special but it's still very important (at least for me). I'm sure everyone have heard words 'Urban Assault' during their Duke journey - this was one of the first TCs that I heard in the beginning of my Duke career. Author also reviews/releases other TCs and levels at his site.

The biggest problem with TCs is that over 50% of them doesn't get released. Biggest mistake is to publish a website when the project is still in very beginning. If you are doing a TC and you have completed at least some of it and then decide to abandon it - don't do it. It's important that at least everything that has been completed so far gets released or else everything has been just a waste of your and your teammates time. That sucks. 'Chimera' was close to be abandoned but it was still released as unfinished and scored 9 out of 10 here at MSDN.

More TCs at

I would have updated the poll but didn't worked. Sorry.

January 12, 2002: New levels!

It has been a week since last update. Sorry about that but even I do have about nine hours of free time during the day I was still extremely tired (I slept in school) and lazy this week so sorry.

'FakirBaba' released an awesome single-player level which is available in 'Hot Maps' section. It's an awesome detailed snow map with some Bobsp style.
Another level is from the author of 'Ghetto' and 'Tiberius'. This time a dukematch level - a bit below average still. Get it from 'DM maps'.

Because you had to wait so long for this update I'm going to give you a gift for that. Call me an idiot but the gift is a joke - a stupid one. Here it goes:
"During the United States' Civil War, British used red uniforms so they wouldn't see the blood if they would get shot. So think - why did the Italian army used brown trousers?" Hahahahhah.
Stupid? Here's another:
American said to Russian that they travel abroad by plane. Russian replied that they travel abroad by tanks." Hahhahha. Very funny Mikko.

January 5, 2002: New year and new maps!

A perfect way to open 2002: Two hot maps. 'The Lost Moonbase' is Alejandro's latest map which scored 97. 'Larockzr' is an old map made by 2BAD, the author of Crackdown TC.

Year 2002 came with a new money called Euro (). It's a money that almost the whole Europe uses now. New Year night went and I didn't bought any rockets this year (it's not very intelligent to use rockets while you are drunk). I hope 2002 will be at least as good Duke3D year as 2001 was.

Stupid me - I forgot to change the poll again. We'll see.

By the way: If you have emailed me and never got a reply then email me back because I always do answer to my mails.

December 30, 2001: Happy New Year!

I know, I know that the poll is getting old but I'm too lazy to change it:) I'll try to make a new poll soon.

Another year is getting behind. Year 2001 was a very good Duke3D year. I have a reason to believe that 2002 will be Duke Nukem Forever year so try to get your levels and TCs done before the release of DNF.

A New Year present for you comes from Kef Nukem. Level is hot and simply called 'Christmas 2001'. Remember also the other Christmas level 'XXXmas98' which was made three years ago by a legend - Dukebert. You can find Kef's level from 'Hot Maps'.

Due to some problems I have encountered the best Duke level 'EDF Secret Base' was removed from 'Hot Maps' section. I didn't wanted to give up on this easily but the final decision was made when Alejandro himself gave me permission to remove it. Don't ask me reasons.

Have a nice New Year and try not to loose your arms:)

December 23, 2001: Merry Christmas!

So this is the update for tomorrow but I still won't open my pc on 24th day. So this is MSDN's Christmas update. Of course I got lots of presents for you:) Here are some levels:

'EDF Secret Base': Best Duke level available in 'Hot Maps'. This present comes from Alejandro.
'Maarten Desert': Good hot level in 'Hot Maps' section. It's great to see a desert level during winter:)
'ABGDuke': In 'Maps' section - enjoyable map so get it too. This present is from 'Snyder'.

So enjoy your Christmas while playing those maps. So tomorrow it's Christmas - today I still must go online (actually with a cable I'm online all the time) and play some Counter-Strike and when night arrives I watch a traditional 'Home Alone' movie:)

My new email address is: Old one is out of use.

Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2001: DON'T MAIL ME!

I'm installing a cable today which means I probably loose my old modem internet email address in Outlook (I'm not going to get a web-site-based email). So when you read this don't send me any mails before I have posted my new email address here or your mail will be probably lost. I still got mails today from Yoshiyount, Merlijn Oostrum and 2BAD so you will be replied soon.

I have two good maps for you today. More will come. First I have here a single-player Hot Map for you: "CC Star Ship V2" is a spaceship level for all sci-fi fans out there. Very good map can be found from 'Hot Maps'.
Another map is for dukematch. Design is good so single-players won't waste their time downloading this map. Map is for version 1.3d but works of course with atomic edition too. Take your Atomic edition manual to learn how to play it with bots or just download excellent 'DukeRoch' launcher from the top of any map section.
Anyways the dukematch map can be found from 'DM Maps' section and it's called 'Architecture of Aggression.

Check previous update in case you missed it 'cause it was only three days ago.

December 14, 2001: YMF500G & Tiberius!

Two new maps today. Alejandro's 'YMF500G' which can be found from 'Hot Maps'. It's almost the best Duke map but Maarten Pinxten's 'Acupa Dylana' still keeps the top. Alejandro is almost done with his new map also (what a surprise). This new level looks good too.
Another map for today is 'Tiberius' which is a space level too but not as good as Alejandro's. 'Tiberius' can be found from 'Maps' section.

If you receive an email which has no subject (only 'Re') and an attached file then don't open it because it contains a virus. Remove it even if this comes from an address which you know. Update your anti-virus programs. I have received this virus at least five times now but I won't open it.

Christmas is coming soon - I'll have you some maps for next update (good and not-so-good quality).

December 9, 2001: 5-Level-Pack!

Josh Groom made five Duke maps back in the year 1997. They are now available here as a pack and the pack is called '5 Maps'. Zip includes five fun and medium sized strange levels which were made about five years ago. Read the review and download the pack from 'Maps' section.

Fallout and LAW (both have made some great Alien maps - Check 'Hot Maps') have been both working on an Alien themed episode with new guns, monsters, and of course killer alien themed levels. This pack should be out whenever it's done (of course) and here are few shots from it (I had to add some brightness to them):

I'm also getting a new internet connection soon - Goodbye modem - I hate this damn modem - it's expensive and slow. A week from now I'm able to play Counter-Strike on the internet more often and with better ping.
More Duke maps are on their way. Two space maps and a dukematch map are waiting.

New logo for christmas:) The white stuff is supposed to be snow:) But hey I did my best:)

December 4, 2001: Adg Episode!

Alejandro Glavic the author of 'Adg' levels has now completed an episode. Episode has all the maps that are already available here (Adg01-04) plus boss-level that finishes the whole thing. This is a really nice add-on pack and you must get this one. Long review available in 'Hot Maps' section with a download link.

More maps are coming and I'm gonna add here a couple lower-quality levels as I said before but it doesn't mean that you should send any. I have already decided which levels will be here for future reviews. So still if you wish to post your maps to MSDN then first read section 'Submit Levels'. And don't get angry to me if your map doesn't get here - I'm not a super-human.

November 29, 2001: Adg04 & Ghetto!

It looks like we can't stop Alejandro. His fourth 'adg' map is already out. Place where you can read the review and download the map is of course 'Hot Maps'. Enjoy this piece and download other ADGs as well.

'Ghetto' is another map for today. It's not so good but it is fun and very challenging (I had some fun while trying to beat this - and I managed). It's mainly Dukematch map but it is the single-player that gives you the challenge. You can download this from 'DM Maps'.

I got my first telescope today so space is waiting. And it looks like clouds are finally going away:) Perhaps I should study also because I got this bad feeling about today's math exam. Bye!

November 25, 2001: OHTLD01!

Ground is white again and christmas is getting closer. Also mornings will be colder so going to school at 8am is not the best way to spend your time. However Duke Nukem still breaths and this time he offers you a new great map called 'OHTLD01' which is made by Kevin Cools itself. Get it from 'Hot Maps'.

Links section has a new link. Check out 'Team Duke TC' at:

I'm almost sure I had something else to say but I forgot. Couple new maps are once again on their way and I'm going to add here a few lower-quality levels next week or something. You'll see.

Dungeon Master released third MIDI pack at his site. Check it out here.