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Spring 2002:

May 28, 2002: Duke Nuclear Winter

Official DN3D add-on 'Duke Nuclear Winter' (no longer available in shops) is now finally reviewed/released here. Check 'TC Reviews' section for more.

There are lots of new stuff coming: One dukematch level (Starfire), another TC review, Maarten Oostrum's level, new version of 'Uboot' and today I received a great looking level. All these are yours soon.

New button added to 'Dukelord 3000's' site.

May 23, 2002: 'Uboot' & Shots

Lets do this quick this time:

'Uboot' is a dukematch level that you should download and try. MSDN reviewed it today. Check 'DM Maps' section.

Alejandro is working on a new city level. This time he's a bit slow. Here are two preview shots from the level:

Maarten Van Oostrum's latest level is good and it should be out soon.

There was also this conversation at forum ('Pelit' is the leading Finnish PC-game magazine). It was about Duke3D vs Quake. Almost everyone who posted thinks that Duke is better:)

May 17, 2002: Fileplanet & Borg Nukem

I have heard about the problems of Fileplanet more than once during this week. So I made a guide to help you with downloads. Link called 'Fileplanet' is on the left frame. Click it or click here to access Fileplanet download guide. If you encounter any Fileplanet problems (Duke related) after this then please email me and I'll try to find out what's wrong.

'Borg Nukem' TC was finally released after two years of development. Get Borg Nukem from here (does not require Duke3D to be installed on your system. So both 1.3d and 1.5 users may try it).
MSDN made a review of it of course. Read the review first. You can read it from 'TC Reviews' section.

Here are two shots from Maarten Van Oostrum's latest level which should be out soon:

In the meanwhile download Maarten Oostrum's latest 'Maarten Desert' in case you haven't yet tried it (Hot Maps).

May 12, 2002: The return of 'Legends 2'

This is the end of vacation. It lasted four days because of our friendly 'book of lies' - The Bible, tells a story about a man who goes to heaven. So after all Bible can cause some good things too:)

On thursday I went fishing with my friend. On friday and saturday and today I have been sitting outside in chair, taking some sun. And I have followed the development of Borg Nukem. Right now people are testing it (including me) and it should be out soon.

One more normal school week, then some exams, then some school days when nothing important happens (in other words - 'vacation at home') and then finally the summer. Not that fast really. I still have to go to work from 3th of June to 21st of June (money, money, money).

'Legends' was reviewed here during last update. Now it's time for 'Legends 2'. Like Legends review this Legends 2 review is also a re-review. Now you can read the new review and download the level from 'Hot Maps' section. Choose 'latest'. This one works with 1.3d too so you don't have to have atomic to play this level. Enjoy and don't miss 'Legends 2'.

I also reviewed 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein' PC-game. Check 'Game revs' section.

Our ice-hockey team didn't won anything this year - a very bad thing but I'm not really interested in ice-hockey anymore (I used to be when I was in elementary school).

There still seems to be confusion around Fileplanet thing. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING TO DOWNLOAD. FILEPLANET IS FREE. When you click download link a download site appears. First links are for Personal Servers (for which you have to pay). Scroll down to see the links which you can use to download files for free.

Do you have any problems/questions about this site? Email me. I always reply.

May 8, 2002: The return of 'Legends'

Again I have some old stuff for you. I added level called 'Legends' here in 1999 but the link to download it has been broken since died. I replaced the link with a new one and re-reviewed this piece of art again. It got 89 back then in 1999 but now it got 94. So go to 'Hot Maps' and choose 'Latest' and choose 'Legends' and download.

Another map for you today is 'SOF'. It's a small dukematch level which scored the lowest score ever in MSDN history. Check it out in 'DM Maps' section.

Spider-Man movie came to theaters last friday and it has already broken many records. I have to wait for it two months before it reaches Finland. In summer 2002 ten-years-wait is finally over. Anyways I have heard excellent reviews about this movie from Spidey fans but what I need to hear now is the critics' opinions. So please if you are from USA and you have read a Spider-Man film review from some popular magazine or from some TV-guide magazine the please let me know the grade it got (usually stars from 1-5 etc.). You don't have to tell me the whole review - just the score. Thank you.

May 4, 2002: Aztec

Today I offer you something very old. It's a classic by Robert Travis. Level is called 'Aztec' and you can find it from 'Hot Maps'. There's a chance that you haven't yet tried this map so get it now.

New link added to Dukelord 3000's site. Check it out. This guy also did 'L.O.T.S' & 'Labrenth'.

April 28, 2002: CS review

Some levels are coming and of course Borg Nukem is getting closer to its release date. It has been a quiet week. I didn't go to school on monday & friday because I had flu. Yesterday I was fishing, swimming, grilling etc. Today I play CS 1.4.

Counter-Strike 1.4 was released last week and I downloaded it as fast as I could. Then I spent hours playing the new levels. I made a review of it which is available in 'Game Revs' section. Read it.

Download these levels if you missed them on 21st day:
'Classic Maps': The most important release in the history of MSDN
'Red3': This level just scored 98. Do I need to say more?
'Hostile Waters': Good submarine level from Duncan
'L.O.T.S & Labrenth': Two good dukematch levels in one pack

April 21, 2002: Some whine

Okay now I got it. It's rigHT - not rigTH. And it's figHT - not figTH. So mostly it's HT. I really don't know why I started thinking about this some weeks ago but it really annoyed me but now it's over.

So... this is now the third anniversary of MSDN. It could be the last one (there - I finally said it). But anyways after this update we will be back to normality.

Some stuff for you to download (the usual MSDN anniversary gifts - but no my old levels this time):
'Classic Maps': The most important release in the history of MSDN
'Red3': This level just scored 98. Do I need to say more?
'Hostile Waters': Good submarine level from Duncan
'L.O.T.S & Labrenth': Two good dukematch levels in one pack
You can get more info by clicking those links. Three first are in 'Hot Maps'. Classic Maps are also in 'My Maps' and dukematch levels are in 'DM maps'.

And the main gift is an article about '6 Duke years'. It's a very long article about the history of Duke3D as I see it. Sorry if I have forgotten to mention someone important in it:( It might be interesting or it might not but in any case I hope that you read it. So plese click '6 Duke years' from left frame and start reading.

See you later.

April 9, 2002: Whole lot of nothing

Not much to say right (or rigTH - aaaaargh) now. This will be the last update before 21st of this month which will be the anniversary of MSDN. I'm gonna release once again some of my old maps and a pack of levels which are important to me (from years 96/97). Perhaps I'll write somekind of a biography about my Duke career:) You know - stuff like my first encounter with Duke, my first level, my first site etc.

I have been spending some time with Worldcraft to create Half-Life levels. I can do quite much with it now. Almost everything except scripted sequences. I also tried to learn some Q3Eradiant but I found out that my Quake3Arena CD is broken:( I usually take extremely good care of my CDs and stuff so why did this had to happen to me? I have no idea how that huge crack got in the middle of Quake3Arena CD:) Well I just have to buy a new one.

I think that by learning other editors I'm also getting prepared for the release of DNF. It would be great if I actually could do some levels for it. I just uninstalled my Unreal Tournament so I haven't yet planned UnrealED editing (which is the same editor that DNF uses). But perhaps later.

In the meantime Duke3D still keeps pumping. Alejandro is working on a new level, LAW is trying to finish his Alien episode and Merlijn Van Oostrum is still working on a sequel to Red2. And more...

Lately I have been playing Half-Life mods. They are just awesome. I'll try to add a review of some HL mod to 'Game Revs' section. If you haven't bought this game yet (CRAZY IF YOU HAVEN'T) then it's time for it. And buy also a new computer which can play DNF.

See you in two weeks (if you would like to get your levels released here on the anniversary then make sure you read 'Submit Levels' section and also make sure that the levels are good).