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26th of February 2014

Beach Community Build Project | Single/Multi | Author: The Beach Boys | Download

The review: If you couldn't quite crack the name, this is a beach-themed CBP. Like most recent CBPs, this CBP tries to maintain a high degree of consistency from one author's section to another's. For the most part, the transitions are successful, but particularly at one point the scale of things seems to take a noticeable leap. The map relies on big open areas, so big in fact that at times your framerate might suffer a bit. These heavily outdoor segments are the map's best parts, and the mix includes beaches, piers, towns and a dam; there's even a moving boat in the background. The segments open up one by one but you can catch glimpses of what's about to come all the time which gives the map a nice sense of direction. As for puzzles, there are many buttons to push and viewscreens to guide your way; the sheer size of the map pretty much guarantees you're bound to get lost at least once, so the screens are there to provide help. Hundreds of aliens make an appearance which started to wear me down a bit at around 2/3 into the map so that, despite a good item-monster ratio, things started to get a bit tedious. At this point a lull in the action might have helped. There's a good custom track by Henri K.: the map took me nearly 40 minutes but not once did I want to turn the music off.

Rating: 93

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