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Autumn 2002:

November 4, 2002: WGSpace 2!

Two map releases today: 'WGSpace 2' & 'LA2019'. WGSpace 2 can be found from 'Hot Maps' (well of course) and LA2019 from 'Maps'. You must download them both or I'll come to your house.

'City Terror TC' was released some days ago at Go check it out.

More stuff coming like 'Final Doom' & 'Unreal Tournament 2003' reviews, updated version of UBoot & blah.

I'm sure I had something else to say too but I'm still only a human.

October 31, 2002: Fight For Life!

Happy Halloween to whoever is having one. Anyways it has been a damn busy week. Two driving lessons, two driving theory lessons, some Wing Tsung, friends, school & computer. I also bought a new CD from Sash! & UT2003 (haven't installed it yet). But anyways Duke keeps pumping. Yes he does.

Remember 'Emergency Room'? A good map by Reginukem which scored 85 here. Well Reginukem did another hospital level called 'Fight For Life'. It's a good one as well and has some similarities with Eroom. It's a Hot Map so get it from 'Hot Maps' section.

More levels coming!!! And some good ones.

Oh and by the way - Check your system with some anti-virus program. I'm getting lots of emails with this screensaver attachment which I have scanned as a virus. So don't open that shit. Well - some of you did. Think before you act.

In case I forgot something - hit me with your mail.

October 25, 2002: Bedrone!

Remember Billy Boy? The guy who did those two incredible complex levels? Well today I offer you his latest piece of art called 'Bedrone'. This level can be found from 'Hot Maps' section. It's a good one.

Remember 'Merc 2' TC? It was released a long time ago - during the age of Now finally - after all these years - MSDN reviewed it. So check 'TC Reviews' section to read it.

Some updates ago I told you about this new 'City Terror' Total Conversion. Well now they have a site so go ahead and check it out here:

More stuff will come.

October 20, 2002: WGSpace 1!

Yeehaaaw! Today MSDN offers you one of the best space levels ever. William Gee's latest is called 'WGSpace 1' and it's brilliant. So go to 'Hot Maps' section to check 'WGSpace1' which scored 97.

And to all HL fans out there (are you a HL fan? If not then buy HL and actually play it) - 'Mission Failed' mod was released a week ago and now it's reviewed here. So check 'Game Revs' section to read it.

October 15, 2002: Imagination World TC! & WW2!

James Stanfield has not released any Duke maps before this but people who visit AMC forums know him. After today - you'll know him too. James just released 'Imagination World TC' which is a three-episode-TC made by James alone. It's a very good one. Check the review from 'TC Reviews' section and download it. Only for v1.3d (sorry:()

'WW2' is another dukematch level from William Gee. This time Duke is in the middle of Second World War. 'WW2' is an excellent dukematch level which single-players should also download. Check 'DM Maps' section.

I won bots in my own - first - Unreal Tournament level - which is by the way finished.

October 10, 2002: West Was Won! & DukeRoch3.0!

Let's take one 'Out of the Grave' level more (no I did not invented that name - I ripped it from 'Tenfourmaps'). Alan Page's last level for Duke3D was 'West Was Won'. For some strange reason I haven't reviewed this level even it has been available at some sites for years. So get this great level from 'Hot Maps' section.

You have 'DukeRoch' on your computer don't you? Well in case you don't or in case you do then download an updated version of it with windows 2000/nt/xp support. So if you're using any of these operating systems or if you are using whatever operating system then get the latest version of DukeRoch here. Link has been placed to each map section too.

A dukematch TC which also has a single-player mode is coming. Name is 'City Terror'. Some words from the author: "While deathmatching in city streets, you will have cops crawling up your ass trying to stop you and your 'mates'."
"Of course, city streets and police officers aren't enough. We will also add civilians, walking through the streets like chickens without heads."
"Also there will be a Co-Op feature built in, with a level where one player is trapped in a State prison, and his co-op teammembers have to fight their way in against the security guards, rescue his teammate, and escape through the sewer."
A website for this TC should be up soon. I'll post some more news once there is something to post. Here are some shots:

October 4, 2002: Iday01!

Another month is behind. Time has become a major thing in my life. Well now it's time to sleep a bit because it's weekend.

'Iday01' is quite ok city/building level. It's short but it's a Hot Map. 85 points and it's worth to check out. Check 'Hot Maps' section for 'Iday01'.

One more valuable HL review for you. 'Hour-Glass' is a single-player modification for HL with lots of Q2 influenced stuff & some Duke sounds. Check it from 'Game Revs' section.

September 30, 2002: DaikariN!

Lets take something special today. 'DaikariN' is an episode from an Italian mapper. MSDN usually doesn't take episodes but this one's something different. It has seven high-quality levels & some new art. You're gonna love this. It has something for everyone - a city level, a hi-tech level, a space level and a medieval level. So go to 'Hot Maps' section & get 'DaikariN'.

Something else? I don't remember. See you next time.

September 25, 2002: Complex1!

Sorry for the lack - AGAIN! I'll fix that - I'll fix everything. Njah - so what's happening? Lots of things but not much Duke related stuff. I did my english finale exam (dunno yet the results) - keep ur fingers crossed. My army won't start next summer but on January 2004 - that's for sure now. Lets hope DNF gets out before it.

A gift for you. 'Complex1' is a great space-type level with lots of buttons & monsters. It's quite big. Design is ok. You can find it from 'Hot Maps' section. So go there and play this level which took three years(!) to complete.

September 17, 2002: Overkill!

Lets take one more level from the past and give it a chance at MSDN. This time we have a level called 'Overkill' by James Duncan. This map has been available at several Duke sites during past years so it's a good time for MSDN to have it too. So go to 'Hot Maps' section and download 'Overkill'.

Remember LAW? You should. He has released some Alien movie themed levels here ('Fury 161', 'Colony A2') over the years. You might remember that he has been working on this Aliens mini-episode for some time which features some new levels & new art. There's not much left anymore but he really does need your help cuz he doesn't know how to convert textures to Duke's palette. So if you know how to convert textures to Duke's palettes then contact LAW immediately and help him with this thing so he can release his work.

AMC has become bigger. It now features levels for DN3D, UT, Q3A, HL & RTCW (I review RTCW levels for AMC). Check it out. Oh and take a look at the forums. You'll love them.

WSYC has not died. Kef really retired but WSYC has now a new owner. Take a look at WSYC for more Duking stuff.

And remember 'Alienx' - a map by William Gee.

September 11, 2002: ----!

No words.

In case you forgot - Download 'Alienx' (good design but difficult).

September 8, 2002: Alienx!

Right now I'm watching a document about the events of 11th of September. It's truly terrible. This was not just an act against the USA but against the whole free world. America has always been there as an example of liberty & democracy. I really hope that every people who was behind this terrible act dies a slow death.

Anyways enough of sad things. 'Alienx' comes from William Gee. If you want challenge then get this one. If you want good design then get this one. It's well designed but too hard space level for Single-Player. Get it from 'Hot Maps'.

Links to EUDH updated. It's now EUDS. Button added above.

September 4, 2002: New level

I just wish that damn DNF would come out this year.

Anyways I started taking self-defence lessons (some sort of a streetfighting thing) so I have to be there four days a week and then next week I'll start driving my license. And then in three weeks I'll do my finale exam for English. So lots of things are going on. But I always have time for you and our lovely Duke:)

Remember 'Park TC'? It was one of the projects that were hosted by and after died, this TC died too (in fact it died before that). I received Park TC Demo from the author few days ago and now it's here. So in case you missed this one long time ago (which you did) then get it now. It's reviewed as a single-player standalone map in 'Hot Maps' section.

More people are moving to UT editing so here's once again a perfect guide if you need any help with Ued:

August 30, 2002: News & Review

Yeehaa - our community has actually waken up. More and more people are getting involved with UT. I received some mails about this after last update so still - if you have anything at all to ask about this - then just ask and I'll see if I can help you.

I have been working with my first UT level about a month now. I'll post some news about it soon but first I would like to recommend one good UT editing site for you. This is the site I have been using to learn Ued. It's a perfect guide. URL:

'Nuclear Winter' mod for Half-Life has been reviewed at MSDN today. This is a great add-on for Opposing Force (official HL add-on). Check 'Game Reviews' section.

Links section is getting bigger. New link has been added to Eduard's Duke site. Check it out right now in case you need more Duking stuff.

More levels will come. An old demo of 'Park TC' is coming with next update.

August 25, 2002: News & one level!

Sorry for the lack of updates but this was a silent Duke week. Community has faced some changes:

Kevin Cools (Kef Nukem) - the man behind Borg Nukem TC & tons of excellent levels (Retrospective, Christmas 2001, Eye-Witness, The Secret Base, OHTLD01) - is now retiring our brave community. So his site - WSYC - will also fall. MSDN (that's me) would like to thank Kevin for all these long years with Duke.

Unreal Tournament/DNF: JS from JSBuild released three levels for Unreal Tournament about a month ago. This thing made me want to create my own level for Unreal Tournament. This interest was mostly because I want to be prepared when DNF is finally released. DNF uses Unreal engine so to create levels for it you need to learn how to use this editor. When (if) DNF gets out MSDN will start reviewing levels for it. I'll also create my own levels. And I even might help you by putting up some tutorials. These all are just plans now. I will try to add some more HL-mod reviews to 'Game Reviews' section when I can so you can even have a smell of something else than just Duke3D. So upgrade your PCs and buy a copy of UT and start learning the editor. It might look difficult but in fact it's extremely easy. So get your lazy ass up and even once - do something good in your life - buy UT & learn how to use UEd. Also check JSBuild for more information about these new community changes.

Looks difficult? In fact it's easy

AMC is also having some future plans. AMC might start reviewing levels for other modern games. This is something that has been in my head for years and which I just might do soon with MSDN. However MSDN (future MSDNF?) will always stay as a one man project.

That's not all. This is my final year at high-school so next February I'll start reading and a few months later - final exams. I'm also not sure about when I'm going to army. I originally planned to start my army on January 2004 but I might change that to summer 2003. I hope that DNF is out before that:)

Oh and I do have something DN3D related too. 'Daemonus' is an old map by Stranger. This is another old level that MSDN forgot to review a long time ago. So go to 'Hot Maps' and get this one.

I will continue my work with DN3D by reviewing levels & helping you. I got lots of DN3D related messages this week and I hope you all got my replies. If you have anything at all to ask about DN3D - mail me and I'll see if I can help you.

August 18, 2002: The Slums of L.A.!

Let's open this fall with a new 'Out of The Grave' level (old maps which are now reviewed/released at MSDN). This time you have a lifetime chance to play this great city level called 'The Slums of L.A.' (which you probably already have played). So go to 'Hot Maps' section and get it.

Nothing else at this point. Except that AMC is looking for new forum users. So if you want to talk with other Duke freaks and ask them questions about "How to play Duke online?" or "Can I run Duke with my XP?" then go to AMC and use their forums.

August 14, 2002: Summer Watch!

Nou I'm not giving u any reviews matie. U just hav tu enzoj tiz ould mäps. Back to school - hell yeah. The most disturbing thing in that is the air - it's just so damn hot in there. I almost died today.

Well enough of that. I'm not giving you anything NEW today but instead I'm giving you a list of the levels that MSDN (MSDN is the site where you are now - but you already knew that didn't you?) released this summer. You can't say that summer is gone because it's still hot but I consider school start as the end of summer. So here's a list of 'Summer 2002 Duke Nukem 3D Levels' (read it because this might be YOUR last Duke 3D summer). If you have missed any of them - do yourself a favor (and to author) and download the levels you 'forgot'.

Hot Maps: 2121 A.D., Roch 7, Blackened, Toxi City, Jailbird 2, Sewage, Retrospective, LA Duke 2002, Mothership, FBSP002, IMF Base Vengeance, Passenger Jet, The Alien City, Die Scraper, Provide Relief.

Maps: Supa 2, Go Back Home, WGDoom 1, Death, Supa.

DM Maps: Labrenth 2, The Forts, Starfire.

TC Reviews: Duke It's Zerohour, Duke Nukem City Crackdown (Demo).

Other reviews: Sweet HL (Half-Life mod).

Enjoy your last warm days.