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Winter 04-05:

March 4, 2005: News!

Nothing else except I fixed the SST TC review a bit. The download link now works and the text is not full of errors anymore. I was just reading the old review about an hour ago and almost died of shame - it was so horrible. The review stays the same but the spelling & such has been checked.

February 25, 2005: SS Observatory!

Fernando is mostly known for his 3DRealms -style levels and his second upcoming episode won't be much different. "SS Observatory" is the beginning of "Orbital Oblivion" episode and the level is almost a remake of E2L1. Check 'Hot Maps' to get the level.

More later.

February 18, 2005: SST TC usermap - Onslaught!

I'll be gone the next 4-5 days so I can't update during that period. Here's a gift - a brand new Starship Troopers TC level: "ONSLAUGHT" - obviously you're going to need the TC to run it - check the review for shots & links (for the TC as well).

Jonof's port just got a multiplayer support. Network play is now reality and you may try the enhanced Duke with your friends over the internet: Jonof's Port

And while I'm gone don't forget to check some of our latest releases:
-Red 5 - A scary facility - the best map so far
-Spiegul Contest - three Roch-style city maps
-Oblivion V2 - a huge & complex TC
-Kut World - Kef's latest uses a new set of textures

Keep Duk-ing!

February 15, 2005: Red 5!

Well we waited and we waited and now it's here. The best map for Duke3D so far - and yes it's true that this one tops "Roch 8" - Red 5 has been unleashed. One Oostrum bro drops off the top-5 "Best Maps" list only to make room for another Oostrum dude. Indeed - our Top-5 has now three levels by Merlijn Oostrum with Red 5 on the top. Red 5 also means an end - the only thing left now is a boss-level that wraps everything up.
So in case you didn't figure it out yet - Red 5 review and download can be accessed via Hot Maps section. Read the review (it's a boring praise but honest) and play the kick-ass level.

Check the previous update in case you forgot - "Enlighten The Darkness" & "Oblivion V2" reviews are still fresh.

February 13, 2005: Reviews!

The release date for "Red 5" is incredibly close and as you wait with sweat dripping off your head you might as well try some other Duke3D stuff.
"Enlighten the Darkness" is a new one by Quakis - and it's for "Army of Death" mini-mod (by The Wise Man from the Netherlands - also known as WeManN - Fakir). Try it - it's a hottie.

And finally - OBLIVION V2 has been reviewed. Check the review at 'TC Reviews' section and give the TC a go in case you haven't done so already.

February 5, 2005: News!

So let's have it another go. There's the frame again - If you're not reading this then you're staring at that white empty page. If it still won't work then I'll just let it go - again. Update: Doesn't seem to work

This Strife: Another Public Servant has been wiped out by Real-Life. 'This Strife' is an excellent & hilarious Duke3D comic site (plus there's a lot of non-Duke stuff there too) which unfortunately never got mentioned here - I just always forgot and now it's too late. Sorry. The site still exists so take a look at it and read the hilarious 'This Strife Episodes' comics. We're sorry that Maverick has to go and we're sure that years from now he'll look back and remember the times with 'This Strife' as "the good old days". -

And the unthinkable just happened as I just changed the poll. The poll was started on 23rd of January and ended today on 5th of February. The question was about picking your favorite title among four games. Half-Life 2 won clearly by receiving 63% of the vote (46), Doom 3 came second (23%), Far Cry was the third at 11% and a bit surprisingly CS: Source came fourth (3%) although it's most likely to be the one which will still be played by masses a few years from now.
The new poll is about Duke3D, WinPorts & compatibility.

Next: Oblivion V2 review

January 30, 2005: The Spiegul Contest!

Finally - the Spiegul contest levels have been released. Three excellent city levels that got submitted to Merlijn's so called 'Spiegul' contest are now finally packed & ready for download. The authors are all well known builders - MRCK, Taivo & Devastator. Check the review for more info, shots & download link ('Hot Maps' - and Special Releases).

That's it for now - Check the previous update in case you forgot the Hi-Res Pack.

January 28, 2005: Hi-Res Pack!

High Resolution Pack has been released and it's available for both v1.3d & Atomic/Plutonium. For more info check '3D-Models' section for screenshots (wow! two tiny shots) & download links (no Fileplanet links - tell me if you need one since I'm sure all of you want to have at least one download mirror with wait-lines). This pack has been done by a bunch of cool dudes but the man behind the pack is known as 'Parkar'. More info & talk at 3DRealms Forums. Watch out - the pack is 80 megs!

Nothing else is new. I catched a cold yesterday and now I'm sick. My nose is oozing and I'm feeling a bit weak at the moment. I'm still in the middle of Oblivion 2 - sorry for the delay but I have been spending some extra time with Quake.

Don't forget to register to PMC forums for some Duke3D/Doom talk.

January 23, 2005: News!

Finally - A NEW POLL! The last one spent more than two years here. There were 1560 votes (plus a high chance that everyone voted at least a hundred times) and the question was how familiar you were with TMTN in your childhood. 75% of voters (1171) admitted that they were Turtles fans, 16% (257) voted that they weren't (most likely these people spent their childhood watching Barbie while all the cool guys watched TMNT) and amazingly 8% (132) said that they don't even know what TMNT is (that's the "total n00b" answer). A new poll has been put up so start casting your votes.

This week I have spent a good portion of my pc time with the original Quake. I'm going through another Quake frenzy which includes downloading super-quality usermaps and sending a bunch of hellspawns back to Hell. Quake is an amazing game even after all these years. It's superfast and looks extremely good. In case you're interested check Underworldfan's site at PlanetQuake for a bunch of excellent Quake levels - the site is just as good as Mr. Shambler's site was "back in the days".

As for our beloved Duke3D there has been a silent period for a few months now. DN-R still keeps digging some good old levels out of the grave so if you're interested and failed to get the levels here then head there for FilePlanet-free downloads. PMC is also a site worth checking out in case you miss Duke3D levels.

Another cool site worth checking out is John Romero's personal site with all kind of information about the games he's been working on during all these years. Romero is truly an admirable person although his baby Daikatana failed big time. So check the site!

And in case someone missed it - a few days before the inauguration the Bush Administration started selling the possible Iran war to the public. A definitely good thing but there's a lot of things the president will screw up. This new neo-conservative foreign policy idea would be a lot more effective if someone else was in charge.

The 'left frame' is back in action although adding it made the top of this page look pretty stupid. It WILL be fixed.

January 16, 2005: Kut World!

The so called "Texturing Contest" has ended as the leader escaped from the only thing that can be considered reality. Luckily not all work went into waste. The legendary Kef Nukem managed to work within the limitations of this interesting contest and released a good looking level called 'Kut World'. The level scored 94 points and can be grabbed at 'Hot Maps'.

A new button added above pointing to 'Polaris Map Central' (check today's previous update).

January 16, 2005: News!

It's funny how lazy I have been since I got out of the military. I took a small run outside just to see how I have maintained my fitness by doing nothing. I ran for about fifteen minutes and that nearly killed me. I feel so embarassed that I could kill myself - but then what'd happen to you guys?
One thing I have started to wish for lately has been 12 hours more for each day. From Monday to Friday I sleep about 4-5 hours every night and about 8 hours on weekends. When I get home from work I sleep 3-5 hours. There's so much things to do but so little time. Anyone else noticed similar issues?

Yeah as you might have guessed not much Duke related has happened. In case you still haven't found "The Community" I suggest you to take a look at AMC & DN-R forums (links above - too lazy to create hyperlinks although writing them would take as much time as explaining this to you). There's a lot of activity in them so if you want to promote your stuff or just talk about Duke then head toward these brilliant forums.

Anyways a new huge Duke3D related domain website has been opened. "Polaris Map Central" has/is going to have tons of levels and Total Conversions - rated & downloadable (at the moment there are no reviews however). The site works as an arhive for Duke3D/Doom1&2 maps.

January 10, 2005: Releases!

It has been a while but that's just the way things are sometimes. I'll try to have the left-menu back for the next update.

'Lava Reef' - named after the best Sonic level ever - by Fernando Márquez has been out at DN-R for about a week now but since the Bloke was obviously under the influence of some paranoia-causing substance when reviewing the level (giving it more points than to any Maarten Pinxten level, Oostrum's Alien Planet X64-2 etc.) MSDN is now offering a fair look at the level. The review/download is available here.

Another today's top release is a four-episode pack which has been dug up from the grave. It's "The Lost Duke Episodes" for Atomic Edition. All four episodes have been filled with tons of new levels and they're all worth your time. Check 'TC Reviews' section for 'The Lost Duke'.

And GUYS DON'T FORGET TO GET THE NEW OBLIVION TC EPISODE 2!!! The download link is still right here (check below for shots): Oblivion V2

December 31, 2004: Happy New Year!

Wow! Here's a bunch of NEW/FRESH releases:

Zaxtor - the mysterious fossa/human hybrid - has finally released his OBLIVION V2! This new one REQUIRES Jonof's Port or EDuke32! HOWEVER you don't have to download anything except the TC since the release comes with the necessary Jonof Duke3D.exe. Also - Oblivion V2 also has the previously released Episode 1. Since it's going to take a while before I complete this excellent TC I'm offering you a DOWNLOAD link - the review will follow later. 'TC Reviews' section has the review of the first Oblivion release. However don't download the old Oblivion - the new one has both episodes. DOWNLOAD OBLIVION V2 HERE!

More fresh releases: Two Hot Maps - Fakir's fine FBSP003 was released a few days ago and now it's here. Check it out at 'Hot Maps'. Also the sixth CBP has finally been released after nearly six months of work. You can grab the level at 'Hot Maps'.

Shots - Oblivion V2:

FBSP003 & CBP 6:

Happy New Year!

December 24, 2004: Another X-Mas update!

As "promised" here's now the second X-Mas update for 2004. Read "yesterday's" update for more info about "Earth Base" release. "Ramosska" is a brand new level by Zac Curran and it scored 80. Check the review here.

New 'Recon Car' model added to "3D-Models" section (I know you can't see the links on the left so don't complain). Check it here.

And since the beginning of this site MSDN has always been more or less my personal site (no one else has ever worked for me than just me - except for the logos and some small html help every now and then). So since some of you might be interested I'm putting up some winter photos here (taken today - except the one with the sunset which was taken last Monday).

Don't forget "Earth Base" ;)

And Merry Christmas once again!

December 24, 2004: "MikkoVille" = "Earth Base" Released!

At first I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Although it's already the 24th day (the day of actual celebration - unlike in the US where the presents are opened on the 25th day) I still have to go to bed and sleep. Because I'm in a hurry right now (tired - and I just want to release my new level) I will only include one level with this update. It's HIGHLY probable that MSDN will be updated again tomorrow (that's today actually).

After months of hard work it's finally here - "Earth Base" (MikkoVille). There was a period of few months when I couldn't work on this level at all because the old sector limit prevented me from working on the level. Luckily Jonof released a new version of his Duke3D winport and made my dreams come true. The level now has around 1700 sectors (original limit being 1024) and it has a new skybox. This level will NOT run without Jonof's NEW version. The port has been included in the zip with the level itself. Check the readme file to learn more about the installation.

Since the frame is broken and me being so tired I'll just give you the download link so that you don't have to go to any section in order to get the level. Download "Earth Base" Here!

December 22, 2004: Non buggy?!

-Update: Apparently it still won't work:

Yep guys - it's nearly Christmas again. I'm working very hard trying to complete my project - MikkoVille (most likely the level won't have that name since that's just a lame-ass project name) - for Christmas. The Christmas update will most likely take place on 23rd day - so be here then (most likely by night between 23rd & 24th).

Here - a few screenshots of 'MikkoVille' (NOTE: You CAN'T run the level without Jonof's port - the level uses skybox feature and goes over the old sector limit):

December 16, 2004: Buggy!

For some reason many users with Internet Explorer have NOT been able to access MSDN for several days (yet some users with IE have experienced no such problems). I have no idea why this is happening since I have not made any changed to my index file - and that's where the problem lies since it seems that even those who're unable to access the site are still able to access subpages (for example So - if you have any idea why the index page which controls the frames shows all white in IE then tell me. The index.shtml can be located here. And while you're at it why don't you go ahead and download Firefox? It's small installation, easy and more secure than IE. I have nothing against Microsoft - just that the best way to make them improve their product is to make them understand that they will lose money if they don't aim higher. Firefox:

For now - Let's just live without the frames.

In case you missed the last two updates check them below.

December 11, 2004: Icy Hot!

It has been less than 24 hours since the last update but here we go again. In case you didn't check the yesterday's update then CHECK IT NOW! I just played a level I have been 'looking for' for a year or so (ever since I started reviewing SST TC levels here). It's a Starship Troopers TC usermap called "Icy Hot" from Lanna Deones (GirlOnline). Check the review for more info as well as direct links for both the level & the SST TC. Section is typically 'Hot Maps'.

And don't forget our "Total Infiltration" review.

December 10, 2004: Total Infiltration!

Total Infiltration

December 5, 2004: More Stuff!

I added a bunch of 'new' models to our '3D-Models' section. This new model pack includes new skins for Pig Cop (& car), Liztroop, Duke & Octabrain. Check it out (thanks Chris).

Also 'Crane Chase' - which has been lying on my disk for a few months - got finally reviewed. This Dukematch level is a re-creation of the street area we saw in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. This one comes from Reginukem (a name you should know by now - if not then check 'Dukerminator 3D' & 'Shuttle Service').

And my 'MikkoVille' project (check 'Upcoming Maps') is under construction once again and it has gone over the old sector limit meaning Jonof's port is required to play the level.

November 30, 2004: Stuff!

Well it has been two weeks but that's just the way it is. I purchased Half-Life 2 the day it was released and have been playing it ever since (well - mostly Counter-Strike: Source) - Great game - possibly the best game ever. Can't wait for the mods to come out.

Anyways let's take a peek in the past with the help of Fakir's pretty "old" dukematch level called "Fakir Baba's Place". It's a pretty good looking dukematch level so missing it would be like stopping breathing. Also - check Fakir's portfolio site here (in Dutch but it's pretty obvious): (and keep your eyes on this Fakir-guy to whom the elites refer as "The Master" - Fresh winds should blow something this way soon)

'Upcoming Maps' section has been updated with a brand new preview. This new preview is from an unknown (so far) author and it should draw your attention. Check 'Previews' for "Bofu 1: Terminal Velocity".

Also thanks goes to The Rep. Bloke for his generous words on 'MSSP8' in his review. Check DN-R today!

November 14, 2004: MSSP8!

Me turns 20 today and once again I'm giving presents instead of receiving them. 'MSSP8' is here and it's made by the best builder EVER - Me! Check it out at 'My Maps'.

November 10, 2004: News!

I'm so tired right now so I'll just type a few lines:

Stephano Lessa released a new level about a week ago - this one's a hottie with a score of 86. Check Hot Maps for "Gotham's Industrial District".

A new section added - 3D-Models! The new section will feature a bunch of newly released 3d-models for Jonof's Duke3D port. The section starts with a new Liztroop model (check left frame).

November 3, 2004: News!

0.10 Am (3rd of Nov) - GMT+2 (about 5 PM (2nd of Nov) in New York): I'm watching the US elections although I should be sleeping. I have a class to teach tomorrow but I guess it's better that I stay up this night, go to work and then sleep after that. These elections just can't be missed by anyone.

A new screenshot/project added to 'Upcoming Maps' section - It's Red5 by Merljin. Check it out (and while you're at it why don't entertain yourself with Red 3 & Red 4). (Upcoming Maps section was also updated with latest release dates for FbSp003 & MikkoVille)