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Winter 2000-2001:

March 11, 2001: New map

Today we have a great map for you. Again MSDN pumps out some good quality maps. 'Decay' is a map
made by Radon who worked with 'Stranger' to create a TC. This map was supposed to be added in the
TC but it crashed. Anyway Decay looks very good and is fun. Of course it is in section Hot Maps.

Another good map is knocking on the door. Pascal's 'Roch5' is under beta-tests and will be released
very soon.

March 8, 2001: News

Current status is that there have been a lot of releases lately. Check out this whole news section
to find out what I mean. Some candy levels like Bobdm2, Asylum, Crucial Conflict, MSSP7, Domino,
Clearwater, Chimera TC are all very high quality stuff and are all reviewed and available here.
Don't miss any of these stuff. 'JJ Duke TC' is also worth of looking (check the review first).

So what stuff is coming?

At least Bob Averill's 'Bobsp3' is coming. It will be third map in Bob's awesome sp map serie.
So it will have new ideas, beatiful design, fun etc. Then I do hope that maps like 'Descent Into
Hades2' (Chris Allcock), 'Nexus' ('Torment's' author), Neon Arena (same), Merope (sequel for Taygeta)
and perhaps even 'MPCC4' will be released some day in future. I'm also looking forward to see TCs
like 'Aliens Versus Duke', 'Grins Of Divinity' (I'm working on this TC as a tester and I can say
that this TC will have some quality stuff).

I'm also doing a new review of 'Platoon' TC because the first is too short. Then my remake of my
old map 'beginton' will be released too in future as well as some other of my oldest maps.

'MSSP Episode' site was updated with background info about 'MSSP Episode v3.0. Check it out!.

New link added. This time to Gloryroad's Duke site. Check it out!

March 3, 2001: Bobdm2 Released

Even more quality stuff keeps coming even it looks like the community is dead somehow. Luckily sites
like this, Planetduke and Dukeworld still keeps going. I'm gonna make sure that more stuff will keep

Bobdm2 is third dukematch map by awesome Bob Averill. It's a very detailed and fun map which can be
played against bots (download Dukeroch from map sections). Map can be downloaded from section DM Maps
and review is there too.

In case you missed something then read March 1 news to get MSSP7:)

March 1, 2001: MSSP7 Released

After four days of wait (not much really) MSSP7 is here. My seventh single-player map in my official
serie is available for you to download. Read more about it in 'My Maps' section and get yourself a
copy (or choose link from the left frame).

'JJ Duke Nukem 3D' is a TC which was released few years ago but it is now reviewed here. It has good
levels but less other stuff. Anyway check out the review and decide if you want to download it.

'Links' section also updated with new links and removed broken links and comments updated.

February 25, 2001: MSSP7?

Yes it is true. My seventh map for mssp serie is coming. 'MSSP7' will be the name and you know what?
It's already completed! Yes, MSSP7 is 100% completed map. I know that I haven't told anything about
this to you before this. Anyway I will post it here very soon. And get it then because it will be my
last Duke map:( (but not my last product). Anyway here are four shots from it to take a look.

February 21, 2001: New map

Winter vacation started and I was out of town for a couple of days. Anyway a new talented mapper
just relesed his first map which got a lot inspiration from Bob Averill's maps. It's a detailed
and small city map called 'Domino'. Get it now from section 'Hot Maps'.

More stuff will come but just wait. I'll get back to you soon.

February 16, 2001: 'Chimera' reviewed

More quality stuff keeps coming for this five years old game. 'Chimera' TC which I have been
waiting since the release of 'Last Reaction & Water Bases' (same author) if finally here. Un-
fortunately unfinished. But better as unfinished than no release at all:) Anyway this TC got
high ratings here so read the review from section 'TC Reviews' and then download this hit from
its website.

What else? It's time for me to find out. I haven't used internet for three days so I haven't
checked what's going on in the community. I'll get back to you asap.

February 11, 2001: Another awesome map

Quality stuff keeps coming for this five years old game. Today we have here a new level by Bob
Masters ('2Bizarre', 'Lost Contact'-SST TC map). Map is called 'Asylum' and it got 94 points.
You really have to get this one. Choose section 'Hot Maps'.

What else is coming? Well at least newly designed version of my map 'Begin To Nowhere' and TC
reviews (at least two are on their way). And lot more. Anyway This news section is right now
full of new good releases. Read past news from 29th to this day and get all released things
during that time unless you already have. So get 'MP Crucial Conflict' episode, 'Stargate'
map, 'Deadfall' map and 'Asylum'. Have fun!

February 7, 2001: News and New awesome map

Two victims in the community. JS itself from JS' Duke3D Build Site has left the site so there are
no updates anymore at his site. Too bad 'cause it was a really good site. JS was too busy with his
real life (job, girlfriend, etc.). We will miss you JS:(
Critical Mass TC crashed. Rocket Boy, the leader of the project disappeared a year ago (might be
seriously dead) and after that the project has been put on hold. Now it has been decided that it
will be no more!:( Check last words from the site. I had also done two maps for the TC but...

Remember Billy Boy? He was the one who created unique map called 'Clearwater' (download from 'Hot
Maps'). Well thanks to David Brooks who sent me Billy's latest map. This map is called 'Deadfall'
and it got 95 points so it is damn good map. Read the review and get this piece of art now (or then).
Section 'Hot Maps'.

Anyway. In summer 2000 I redesigned one of my oldest maps. 'Begin To Nowhere' (or 'beginton') which
is available in 'Maps' section has been redesigned. It is much better now. So I made a new map
you could say:) Anyway I will add it here later because I really don't want to add it here yet.

Matt from DNFInc also updated his site finally. We'll see how long he will keep going with his site.
Hopefully long because the site really is amazing.

TC which have been under construction for ages is finally getting released (unfinished). I have always
believed that it will be better than 'SST TC' or any other. We'll see about that. Soon...

February 3, 2001: New MapPack and poll

Big Hit download is here today. Maarten Pinxten (MPCC) collected all his three 'Crucial Conflict'
maps (mpcc1-3) into one episode which is called 'Crucial Conflict' (well of course). So what we
have here is a pack (episode) which includes three BEST levels ever and some nice art and cons with
some small changes. Anyway this pack won't enter 'Episodes' section because that section is only for
my episodes. The sections which it will enter are 'TC Reviews' and 'Hot Maps'. The review is the
biggest in MSDN yet so I thought that 'TC Reviews' section would be a perfect place for a review
like this. But it's not really a TC so it goes to 'Hot Maps' section too (a link there). So you can
get this pack (537Kb) from both sections 'TC Reviews' and 'Hot Maps'. Both of them has a same huge
review too. Anyway the pack is called 'Crucial Conflict'. Get it now or whenever you have time:)

So it looks like you wanted MSDN to keep its old rating methods. So in future we'll use 1-100%
rating system instead of 1-5 stars rating system. 31% (26) of you wanted a star rating system
but 68% (57) wanted to keep the old rating system. So you have spoken.
Anyway new poll has entered MSDN. This time question is about my maps. Which one you think is
the best? MSSP3,4,5 or MSSP6? Let me know.

January 29, 2001: New map! Finally

Finally something to play. Peter Nikolov sent me a great adventure map. This map is available
in 'Maps' section (81 points) and it's really worth of playing. It's fun and design is average.
Read its small review and then download it from fileplanet. Enjoy.

Right now I don't have anything else to you. I have started playing Quake maps once again and
it's really fun. I'm also learning more level creation for Quake with Qoole editor (the best).
If you want some cool Quake maps then go to this URL:!

January 25, 2001: News

Well I just finished my part for map museum called 'BJShrine'. This map joins all the good parts from all the
good mappers' maps including me. It will be released when its sectorlimit is full.
I have gotten lots of inspiration for my next level. Community might be getting dead but luckily those big
domain names (PD, DWorld) still keeps updating. So there will be always many eager Duke fans to download
my maps:) Anyway don't get too happy 'cause I really have no clue when to start making this new map. I just
have done some plans for it.
I just checked 'Grins Of Divinity' TC site and noticed that it has very good screenshots. Looks like this
TC is really worth the wait whenever it will be released. There's also a funny comic there!
You know the map in 'Maps' section called 'Aliens'? Well it's getting sequel which looks quite good by
the screenshots but it will be released hopefully before the summer so I gues we have to wait.
Also sequel to 'Descent Into Hades' by Chris Allcock is coming. Shots are looking very good. If you haven't
yet downloaded the first part then get it from 'Hot Maps' section.
Exams starts again next week but no problem. Today we were bowling with school's sport class. It was cool
and I hope we'll do it again.
There are some funny 'Fake' Duke pics at 3DRealms website so check it out. They really are looking good.

That's all for now!

January 21, 2001: News

I have been sick since my last update. High temperature and flu have been keeping me in bed for four days
without school or fun. Today it seems like I'm getting better. I haven't got anything else to say right now
, I just thought I would let you know I'm still here. By the way, BugTeam finally updated their site with
new TC Review.

January 17, 2001: Boring

Another boring week in community is on. No new maps for a long time. Anyway I joined in a map project called
'BJShrine' which is a map museum that contains parts from each good mappers maps. I'm working on my part right
now (but my Build program doesn't like that sector copying thing very much). Also new map is coming which will
be placed in 'Maps' section. This map is sure fun. Just wait.

Also read bad news from JS's build site!

Anyway I just came from school and I have nothing more to say. I played Quake2 over the internet at school
and it was fun because I haven't played it since 1999.

January 12, 2001: MSSP Episode v2.0

Finally the new version of my 'MSSP Episode' has been released. So called 'MSSP Episode v2.0' includes
one extra level (so it has seven levels (MSSP1-6 and MSSPEnd)), some new sounds and small stuff. It should
make the gaming experience even better. If you are a fan of my maps or a fan of good Duke maps then get this
episode from

Comments are always welcome.

January 9, 2001: News

Nothing has happened since the last update. I have checked some Duke forums lately and sent my posts
there as a routine but I'm using my biggest part of my net-time searching for 'Blink182: All The Small Things'
musicvideo (mpg). If someone knows where I can download this file then let me know.

Anyways Pascal Rouaud behind awesome 'Roch' level serie completed just the latest version of his very
useful Duke tool called 'Dukeroch'. This program lets you launch maps, bots, sounds etc. File is very
small and simple. Download it from here! I also added link to it to every map section on this site.

January 3, 2001: News

New Year partys are over. Now it is 2001. There are some who thinks that millennium changed few days
ago even millennium changed over a year ago. So don't try to argue with me about that. And luckily
apocalypse didn't came.

Matt from DNFInc is back. After a month break at DNFInc Matt is perhaps moving back to regular updates.
I really do hope so 'cause DNFInc is perhaps the best Duke site (after MSDN of course). Check out DNFInc
for news.

Dethtoll from DMB has posted some new demos to his site as well as secret locations from awesome level
'MPCC3'. Pascal behind 'Roch' levels also just released his 'Dukeroch' program at DMB. Soon here too.

I'll get back to you when something happens.

December 28, 2000: News

Wonderful Christmas is over and now it's time for new year stuff. Try to be careful with those newyear
explosions and don't drink too much.
Total Conversion called 'Last Reaction' was reviewed here in summer 1999 and now I updated the review.
The whole TC review has been rewritten. Read it and download this, perhaps the best TC ever!

News updated at my sites: MSSP & Duke Tournament.

I'll see you next year!

December 23, 2000: Merry Christmas

Well the most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived. The big C itself - christmas. I don't
want to spend time talking here about x-mas so lets get to the presents:)

'MSSP5' was released before summer holidays and since that you all have been waiting for a sequel.
In September I told you that 'MSSP6' is under construction. Now it is here and available for download.
Map can be found from section 'My Maps' or use link on the left.

Maarten Pinxten is perhaps the most popular builder at the moment. His maps has won a contest and
each one has a huge number of new features and unique designs. Finally Maartens third map in 'Crucial
Conflict' episode has arrived. 'MPCC3: Acupa Dylana' is available for you to download. Review and map
can be found from section 'Hot Maps' and bigger review is at 'Map Reviews' section. Enjoy this hit.

Juha Laaksonen who released his 'Invaders' map few weeks ago decided to give more detailing for the
map to make it bigger. He succeeded in his operation and the new version of Invaders is available now
in section 'Hot Maps'. Remember that this map was before in 'Maps' section so lots of details has been
added. Try out this great level.

Total Conversion called '1999 TC' (or somebody might call it 'south park TC') is now reviewed at
MSDN. This TC was released at least a year ago but that shouldn't matter. Review is available in
'TC Reviews' section. Unfortunately this wasn't so good TC:(

So there was something really. Three high quality maps and a TC review. What could be a better present
for Duke fans in X-mas? Anyway tomorrow I'm gonna enjoy snowy (well not so snowy this time) christmas
with my family and I won't open my computer then. I'll get back to you after christmas and before newyear.

Merry Christmas to you!

December 17, 2000: News

Well this is the last update before 23th of this month. 23th will be the Christmas update of MSDN.
Some presents will be opened like 'MSSP6', 'MPCC3' and a TC review. By the way: MPCC3 was already
released yesterday but it won't be available here until that day. You just have to wait for a review.

What else? Nothing. Some status about 'Critical Mass' TC available at JS's Build site.

December 13, 2000: News

Well the christmas itself is coming closer. Soon another MSDN x-mas will be behind. Anyway I have
again few presents for you then (12.23.2000) like MSSP6, new TC review and perhaps something else.
MSSP6 is by the way completed and looks good (but you still have to wait so don't mail me).

Not much else to say. Well Starship Troopers TC page has been update with some little info about
project's future etc. Also Critical Mass TC is coming to its conclusion soon. This TC has gone
through different kinds of problems since its main leader disappeared at least six months ago.

December 8, 2000: News

MSDN has moved to christmas time. New kind of looking logo like last year:) Nothing else in X-mas

I have lately been working on MSSP6 very hard. There are still some minimal things to do like
more shading and difficulty settings and some sounds. I could say that the level is about 99%
completed. It should be under beta-testing now. I could get it ready inside a week but I think
that I'm aiming to a very special date which is 24.12:)

Planetduke posted an interesting interview with the 'Shambler' from 'PYP and PYP 2000' conversions.
Interview is very interesting so go ahead and take a look. And in case you haven't yet downloaded
the TC then download it from Dukeworld's hosted site 'Pray Your Prayers' (TC review available at MSDN).

December 4, 2000: MSSP6 Shots

MSSP6 is almost 100% done. Just be patient. I have five new screenshots for you right here.

Talking about shots, Chris Allcock behind 'Descent Into Hades' has just released few shots from
his incoming map which is sequel to Descent Into Hades. Shots are available at DNFInc forum. Take
a look.

November 28, 2000: New maps

Two new cool maps. These both are old maps made by Maarten Pinxten (Mpcc2) and are hell worth of
downloading even they aren't as good as Maarten's newest maps. Both are available in section 'Hot
Maps' with reviews.

MSSP6 has been completed. All sectors are done but I'm still focusing on detailing to use the remaining
sectors to make the map more better. You still have to wait.

DNFZone is back! This Duke Nukem Forever site runned by Pembo has been redesigned and site has now
its own domain url. Site offers also hosting chances. Go ahead and check it out.

Check also other updates on sites like JS's Build Site and Nukeleated and visit forums.

November 24, 2000: New map

'Invaders' by Juha Laaksonen (S-A, Nukeshop) has been reviewed at MSDN. Map got 83 points which
tells that it's a good level. Anyway map and the review are both available in 'Maps' section.

I'm planning on using star rating system instead of 1-100% rating system. Anyway still vote for
the poll 'cause I haven't done my decision yet (but I might do it anyway). Wouldn't star system
be more fair and simplier?

November 20, 2000: New designs

After few weeks of hard work I finally managed to complete new design for each of the reviews
at MSDN. Each review has now a new look and I even changed/added comments for about 20% of the
reviews. Also reviews index sections (like Hot Maps) has now some comments about these changes
etc. I had to remove some of the maps because of some reasons which I won't tell you. If your
map was removed then all I can say is - sorry.

Also older news section has been redesigned. All older news are now in categories (for example
spring 2000 news). It's now more easier if you are interested in MSDN's past.

Few reviews are also on their way. At least two of Maarten Pinxten's older maps are gonna be
reviewed and one new by Juha Laaksonen. Expect to see them soon.

I'm also still working for MSSP6 which is now about 85% completed. Few sectors anymore and detailing.
Anyway soon starts exams in school but that shouldn't matter my work at here. I'm also currently
playing Red Alert 2 which really is a good game. I think that's enough for this day.

November 16, 2000: News

So another year is behind. I had a birthday last tuesday (14.11). Anyway I'm still working on a
small redesign of reviews (some of the comments might change). Anyway vote for the poll and stay
tuned. There are also some new/old maps coming: At least two of Maarten's old maps are gonna be
reviewed and one new by Juha Laaksonen.