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Winter 2000:

March 31, 2000: News

Not much to say. I have new map for you in DMmaps section. It's called "Bisco". Download from DMmaps
section of from here.

Spring has arrived here in Finland. I should go out and have fun but I have too many exams right now.
Example we have three different math exams in this week. Those exams wont stop me from making Mssp5
or keeping updating this site. There just hasn't been anything new in world of Duke lately. And if you
want to send comments about Mssp5 then go to a DMC site's forum and choose topic "Hype concering my new
level ( mssp5 ).":)

March 22, 2000: MSSP5 Screenshots

Finally. I released five screenshots from my next level "Mssp5". Shots have to be downloaded but
file is very small ( about 200kt ) so download them from here ( or use mssp5 link on the frame ).
I think that shots are looking very good:)

Have fun and send comments.

March 18, 2000: MSSP5 possibly

Yeah that's right. I have been working on Mssp5 ( or whatever its name will be ) lately. Actually
I started working with almost three months ago. Level is now about 60% completed. It will not be
released soon. It might take some time and last time I worked with it was two weeks ago. Anyway
I'm gonna release some screenshots possibly with next update. Map is looking good and will be rele-
ased again "when it's done".

Mssp5 Screenshots soon!

March 11, 2000: Boring again

Sorry for the lack of the updates. There's nothing new in Duke world now. I'm waiting for SST TC
as well as new TC called "Fusion". It's looking really good.
I haven't used my pc lately much. I have played Unreal Tournament ( which is by the way better than
Q3A ) and watched Pokemon lately. I'm also writing a book for myself. I'm really interested in author's
job ( anyway I hate most of the books ). Perhaps someday I will be a new Stephen King:)

March 5, 2000: News

Nothing new actually. I redesigned "DMmaps" and "episodes" section. Unless you haven't yet gotten
my episodes then go and get them from episodes section.

March 1, 2000: News and special map

Oh yeah. Bobsp2 has arrived. It's now available here at MSDN so go and choose section Hot Maps to download.
Bobsp2 is also gonna be reviewed in section Map Reviews as soon as I have redesigned that section.

More maps: Juha Laaksonen released his latest map "S-A". It's available in section Maps. Maps section
is now redesigned ( like new Hotmaps section ).

Now I'm a part of DNNZ hall of fame. My name is now in three hall of fames: DMZ, DNNZ and DMC.

Duke Tournament TC Demo-test is now available. There was some problems with download link but it has
fixed now. Get it from here or go and get it from DT site.

Another multiplayer add-on "Duke Arena" is released. They released beta demo of this TC few days ago.

New design in sections:

  • Maps
  • Links

    February 28, 2000: News

    New button in "World of Duke sites ( affiliates )" above. Enjoy:).

    So I decided to bring more color for this site. Hotmaps section is again totally redesigned.
    If you are talented logo maker for internet websites then plese make a new logo for me ( con-
    tact me first ).

    February 23, 2000: News

    Well at first I can't wait to see Bobsp2. Then I can't wait to see Starship Troopers TC. Both of them
    should be relesed this month. To see some screenshots from Bobsp2 then go to the TCP page and then choose

    I received new map from the main mapper of DNCC TC. It's available in hotmaps section and it's rated
    with 85 points. It was quite close for it to stay in Maps section :). Norad

    February 20, 2000: Map

    New map in section DMmaps. "Verse2".

    February 16, 2000: News

    Finally it's all done. I was quite busy when moving from Dukeland to Planetduke. All things were messed
    and confused but now it's all right. Inside a few weeks MSDN offered you three golden Duke maps and they
    were "Trafic Jam", "Descent into Hades" and "MpRail". All of them are hotmaps so if you haven't downloaded
    them yet from here then go and do it now.

    Starship Troopers TC is gonna be released at the end of this month ( hope so ). I'm one of the hundreds fans
    of the TC. Perhaps im gonna do one SST level when it's released.

    Duke Tournament TC demo-test is gonna be released in few days ( I have heard that before :) so if you really
    like me or my maps then download this demo-test. The level that i included to it, is quite small but very power-

    February 13, 2000: Maps

    More updates and maps. "Descent into Hades" and "MpRail" available in hot maps section so get yours now.
    These maps are both high quality usermaps.

    February 12, 2000: Ok

    Downloading trafic jam is now ok. Download it from hotmaps. All requested trafic jams has been sent.

    February 10, 2000: Damn

    Ok i don't know what's wrong but "Trafic Jam" can't be downloaded because this new system here at planet
    duke uses that fileplanet thing and somehow i can't upload levels there right now. Anyway if you want the
    level you just have to mail me and ask.

    February 10, 2000: Maps

    I have new awesome map for you today. "Trafic Jam" is made by the guy from DNSA TC. This map is really
    something for everyone. I'm also gonna post new map by John Whitehead ( verse1 ) in few days.

    In case you did not noticed this site's new URL is so don't go anymore
    to, because there's nothing new there.

    Also see below because you might have missed last weeks news and maps.

    February 6, 2000: Dukeland --> PlanetDuke

    Lots of things has happened since last update. At first Dukeland is no more exist. The new Dukeland is now
    known as PlanetDuke ( ), that means Dukeland is now with gamespy network and for
    us hosted sites it should mean bigger things and more visitors.

    Then finally im gonna release first release of Duke Tournament TC. This release is called "Demo-test of
    Duke Tournament". It includes some new art, one level, new User.con... nothing big but it's a demo about
    what we have done so far with team. Get your copy soon from

    New map is here available for you. Maybe you have already tryed it but in case you haven't download yours
    from Hotmaps section, COS = city of screams.

    that's all and by the way: Eiffel 65 Rocks!!!

    January 27, 2000: News

    There was some problems with upper frame at least on Netscape. It should be fixed now, thanks for Cyborg.

    Nothing special or new in Duke community:( That's bad. I have been playing Q3Arena and Half-Life instead
    of Duke lately. Anyway i don't believe i'll play Q3A for a long anymore ( quite boring actually ) but
    Qoole ( Quake 1/2, Sin, Half-life map editor ) is now released as a freeware so you don't anymore have to
    pay for it. Get your own now. I have also been working hard on my own Duke Tournament TC

    Still something. Stranger ( Ruin, Starlite ), perhaps best Duke mapper released his latest map "Power
    Station 64". Actually i was really disappointed for this one:( No good single player game and too big
    for Dukematch. Several places had nice design but that's all. You can download it from BugTeam's page.

    January 20, 2000: News

    New map "Condemed" in Hotmaps section. This one is really cool harbor map! Maarten Pinxten sent me
    two of his latest maps. MPweapon and MPchemic. Chemic is available at hotmaps section and you can
    found MPweapon at least from DMZ. Also link added to Maarten's duke page. Section links.

    Poll results:

    The poll results are here and the question was "What was your favorite movie of 1999 ?" so here are
    the results.

  • The Matrix: 52 ( my favorite )
  • The Mummy: 3
  • Star wars episode 1: 9
  • End Of Days: 3
  • Austin Powers 2: 6

    Total 73 votes. So Matrix is the winner, hooray for it. New poll will be available soon.

    January 16, 2000: Boring

    I wanted to update because i'm bored:( No new maps with this update. I have new good map in my hands,
    it will be posted here with next update. Im just really waiting for release of DNF so I can start reviewing
    DNF maps here. I'm also perhaps gonna do a new web site for Q3Arena only.

    Some new design on the site. New frame and so on! Tell me if something is wrong.

    Poll has gone well and I think there will be new poll question with next update. This time it will be
    Duke question ( not sure ).

    January 12, 2000: Maps

    I added Duke Map Central link to sections Mssp1-Mssp4 and Msdm4. These are the maps that DMC has
    reviewed. DMC is one of the greatest Duke sites over the net and will start reviewing DNF maps when
    it comes out. I have also reached the "Hall Of Fame" of Duke Map Central:)

    Special news from MSDN. If you wanna know about the future of this site and what's going to happen
    when Duke Nukem Forever comes out check section Future/DNF from the frame.

    I made an interesting review. It's a battle between GJhoyer and Big Orbit. These two maps are the
    leading Duke space theme maps. Now you can know which one is my favorite. Choose sectin Map Reviews
    or download maps ( bigorbit, gjhoyer ) from hotmaps section.

    Also added new Dukematch map to the DM maps section. It's quite good so get it now.

    January 6, 2000: Maps

    Well at first, DMZ has moved to Homestead. Every link fixed to it. I also added link to Pray Your
    Prayers TC ( button at the top ). Mssp4 is now on the BugTeam's Best Maps section ( hooray ). DMC
    is going to get couple more reviews at this weekend.

    I have three more maps for you. Roch 2 is now available in Hotmaps section and review in Map Reviews
    section. Level1 is available in Maps section and 2Forts-G available in DMmaps section.

    January 2, 2000: News

    Damn it's good to be still alive even after Millennium:)

    Some good news: MSDN finally got it's own poll. So go ahead and vote for it. This time it's not
    a Duke question but maybe next time.

    Then more good news: Shambler released his latest project called "Pray Your Prayers" TC. It's now
    also reviewed on this site:) Choose section TC Reviews. More news from Duke Tournament at Dukeworld.

    New map: C3PO ( leading level designer of SST TC ) released his latest map called "Fruit Loops".
    Level available in section Hotmaps and review in section Map reviews.

    One new personal link added, Aliens TC.

    December 28, 1999: The End Of Days is coming

    This might really be the last MSDN update because of Millennium. End of days is one the door which
    means there's no more Duke and no more us, we are all gonna die:(

    I hope Santa Claus gave all the presents for all the good Duke guys like he did for me, i'm now the
    happy owner of Quake3 Arena:) Thanks for all the Mssp4 comments and support. Because of Mssp4, I
    finally got myself to the Dukebert's map zone's Hall Of Fame. Sadly no maps or others this time
    but maybe with next update. Also Dukeland the great host of MSDN has got it's new design.

    More fresh info rocks for Millennium TC. My own TC project at Dukeworld, Millennium TC has changed
    into a Duke Tournament. It will be primary designed for Dukematch but also gives some action for
    singles. More info and Shots at (as you can see URL has changed).

    If i'm not back at MSDN after Y2K i'm probably dead like all of us!

    December 23, 1999: MSDN wishes you Merry Christmas

    Best time of the year is here ( well almost ). This is the first time when MSDN celebrates it's
    christmas. Remember this site was uploaded to the net at the 21th of April 1999.

    At first the long wait is over, MSSP4 has released finally:) Get it from Hotmaps section or use
    link on the left frame. And remember to tell me whatever you like about it, or else;).

    New Total Conversion review in section TC Reviews. the awesome "The Final Confrontation" TC is
    finally reviewed here.

    I have two christmas themed maps here. Both of them are in section Maps. Sadly they didn't get
    in the Hotmaps section but are sure worth of trying and remember the level that I added here last
    summer, XXXmas99 in section Hotmaps.

    And here's the Christmas special Credits for: George W.Bernard, Dukebert, Children, Matt (Duke INC),
    Jorge Brea, Airhawke, Bob Masters, Bob Averill, Dukeworld, Dukeland, Viljami Lehtonen, Millennium TC
    team members, Critical Mass team, fellows at JSBuild forum, Chris Day, Brad Wernicle, Jami Uusitalo,
    , Juha Laaksonen, Pauli Kesti.
    Again I hope I didn't forget nobody and of course thanks for- YOU:).

    Still remember to turn your web browser to 1024x768, believe me it looks much better as well as the
    other Duke sites.

    December 17, 1999: News

    Only one week more for Christmas. Mssp4 has completed now. It will be released on
    the 23th of December ( day before christmas ). Next update will be on the 23th of December and
    there will be new TC review, winter maps, mssp4 and more. So stop at MSDN on the 23 of Dec. and
    read more then:) Happy christmas waiting time for everyone!

    December 12, 1999: Bobsp1

    Almost the greatest Duke map is here. Finally MSDN have reviewed Bob Averill's second official
    map, Bobsp1. Check section Map reviews to read review and then download it from Hotmaps section.

    Lots of thanks for Jorge Brea for choosing my site as the site of the week. Check his site DNU
    and download his latest work "Haunted" map.

    December 9, 1999: Maps

    Second map made by Maarten Pinxten ( from MpPower ) available in Hot Maps section. I also
    checked Jorge Brea's ( DNU ) Latest work map called "Haunted". It was quite good but i liked
    more his "Quest" map. I wont but this haunted map here because it contains new art and so
    the zip is quite big. Anyway download it from his site Duke Nukem Universe and if Jorge wants
    rating for it here it is. I would give it about 85 points:)

    Mssp4 is actually completed and now under beta test. Im going to fix lates bugs and try to
    make it even better but i don't still want to hurry with it.

    There was something else that i should have told but i unfortunately don't remember it anymore:(

    December 5, 1999: News

    Couple days ago i first time tryed DNU's liveshow (really) and it was cool so for now on
    i'll listen it every sunday. Jorge Brea (DNU) also released his newest map today.
    Mssp4 is completed 90. It will be hopefully released next week.

    Left frame changed and more links added to links section.

    New version of nukeshop posted by Juha Laaksonen. This map was also ranked first in BugTeam's
    "Best Maps", "Best v1.4 1.5 Maps" heading. So its really worth of trying.

    MSDN viewing properties has changed. For now on it should be viewed with 1024x768 or else left
    frame looks bad. I also got IE5 so its much more cooler for me now:)

    December 2, 1999: News

    Looks like some Duke sites have moved to another huge Duke site, Dukeworld. These two sites
    are Duke INC and Duke Nukem Universe. Links updated to affiliates.

    Mssp4 will be released when i get it completed. I have anymore couple more sectors but i
    haven't got much time to complete it because im working on my third website and that will
    be for Quake (2) and for some other games also, then im playing Q2 Mission Pack2 and I
    just got Final Fantasy 8 for PSX.

    I have also gotten some new ideas for my next Dukematch level. Ideas came from Quake3 Arena.
    I think we all are waiting for the release of this game and i hope i'll get it before X-mas:)

    November 28, 1999: News

    I added "map shot of the moment" to the top of news section.

    I received map from Maarten Pinxten, it's called "Mppower" and you can get it from
    hotmaps section. Its a way cool map.

    Good news is, i'm out of school couple weeks. Pupils of our school have moved now
    to their job places, and after two weeks of working we'll get back to school. That
    means i have more time to spend with these sites:).

    November 25, 1999: New host!

    As you can see MSDN has moved to it's new host at Dukeland . It's a poverful new Large
    Duke site with their own hosted sites. Why i moved here, reason is simple. I runned out of
    homepage space.

    I have lots of new great maps today. 1STduke in section Maps, Nukeshop in section DMmaps,
    Kenedy and Axtion & Abattoir in section Hotmaps. DMmaps section has now new design also.

    News at:

  • New map review
  • News at section Links
  • New maps in every section.

    Mssp4 is going well and im hoping i could release it next week but i have runned out of

    November 16, 1999: Winter time

    Snow has arrived here in Finland. It means MSDN will be for now in a "Winter time". What
    does that means? Nothing expect new logo:) Mssp4 is completed about 65% now and it will
    be much better than Mssp3:)

    Maps section has now new design ( like hotmaps ). As soon as i complete new design for
    DMmaps section, i will release one cool DM map. I'm also running out of homepage space
    so i have to look for a place to store some of the levels.

    Enjoy the snow and thanks for 2000 visitors.

    November 14, 1999: Happy birthday for me:)

    That's right. Today is my birthday at 22:58. But how much is my age? Nobody will ever know:)
    I made unusual review today. I reviewed one of the Atomic edition's map called Critical Mass.
    You can't download it but you can and you will read a review of it. Section Map Reviews.

    Pascal Rouaud sended me a demo of his Roch map which includes all the secret places. If you
    own this map ( Roch ) email to Pascal and he will send you the demo which contans secrets.
    It's interesting to see what all secrets a big city can hide:).

    November 11, 1999: Maps and others...

    First time when i downloaded this map from DMZ few days ago, i didn't played it ( i was bored )
    but when Pascal ( author ) sent me the map itself, i had to play it and i was surprised:) Level
    Roch in section Hotmaps and review in section Map reviews.

    Mssp4 is coming and i added climbable ladders and one other effect by Bob Averill to Mssp4.
    Progress is now about 50%. Check shots.

    George W.B has again posted new shot from his coming TC "Chimera". I have to say that the
    i'm waiting for more this TC than SST. Levels, Weapons and enemies looks much better than
    any else Duke TC. Get to his site from here

    Affiliates added and Y2K counter is at the bottom of this site.

    November 7, 1999: MSSP4 shots

    After Mssp3 was released, i received some mail about will Mssp4 come. Now i'm sure it's
    on it's way and will be released when it's done. I won't hurry with this map because i
    have other projects going ( read November 3 news ) and i don't want to sacrifice it's
    guality by making it fast.

    Click here to see four top shots from Mssp4:)

    Also reviewed Wolf2Duke TC.

    November 3, 1999: Boring

    Nothing special to update. I'm working on Wolf2Duke TC review and it will poseable be
    reviewed in next update. Changed some properties on this main site and working on new
    look of DMmaps and Maps secton ( Like Hotmaps ). It has been very boring lately and i
    haven't found any good maps to release.

    I'm working under hard pressure. Trying to think some ideas for my second CM map ( now
    completed about 60% ) that will be quite soon ready. Then i'm working on my TC all the
    time and well, one user map. I'm also helping couple guys to get them sites working with
    frames so they can be hosted by Dukeworld and

    Remember to visit at my TC pages at Dukeworld and see the latest news about the progress
    etc. For those who are planning to ask or have already asked and didn't get answer at the
    moment then, when Millennium TC will be finished? Well it's quite hard question because
    i have to complete quite much single levels, well one guy asked can he do SP levels for
    TC and i thought i would need some help to complete it earlier. I have already Con hacker
    and artist in team and i would say the TC will be released in summer 2000!.

    Well that's all at the time. I'll try to find maps for next update.