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Summer 2005:

July 24, 2005: Reviews!

William Gee is a hard-working man. He's currently working on WGCastle (added to "Upcoming Maps") and hi-res update for WGRealms. Today he dug up an old map from -99 and released it. MSDN offers you the first review - check "Maps" for "WG-Old1".

"Game Reviews" also got updated with a review of "Ghost Recon". And then I added "The System: GreenRose" preview to "Upcoming Maps".

July 16, 2005: Game Reviews!

Iggy dude just posted news at AMC forums that his latest "Moonbase" (or rather a major remake of his first single-player map) is now available for download at his site. Check it out here.

PMC & QShockwave have also been updated a few times since my last update. Polaris has added some maps to its Shadow Warrior archive - check 'em out and don't forget to get the latest version of Jonof's SW port (includes the ability to save your game).

Added two new game reviews to our fantastic "Game Reviews" section. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault review has been totally rewritten (since I just replayed the whole game) and then I added a review of Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (plus Iron Wrath).

July 9, 2005: A Map!

Quakis is trying to catch up with the rest of the review sites by pumping out zillions of map reviews. Today the Q Dude pumped out maps like: Airport West, KaiserLand02, City Suicide, Dave City 2 etc. - check QShockwave.
Make sure to check PMC as well for a bunch of recently archived Doom wads.

So how you liked "Lost Highway"? Here's another map from "Castell Software" - "Boeing 747". This map surely brings a bunch of flashbacks from "Passenger Jet" so make sure to try them both! Check "Hot Maps".

I also updated "My Maps" page a bit with links to reviews by other sites.

July 1, 2005: Lost Highway & Weapons!

Made a nice discovery today while visiting the AMC forums - a fellow Duker pointed me to this Czech site from which I stole an episode named "Lost Highway". I was surprised - it rocked! And now - it has been uploaded & reviewed here! Check our "Lost Highway" EPISODE review at "Hot Maps" (under "Special Releases").

Also "3D-Models" section updated with new models for Shotgun & Pistol!

June 28, 2005: Afterglow: A New World Rising!

Nothing can stop these maps from coming. Puritan - also known as "The Barbaric Viking" - released a brand new Duke map a few days ago titled "Afterglow: A New World Rising". Afterglow is a huge city map with over 2000 sectors (and therefore requires Jonof's port). Check "Hot Maps".

"Annoying 2" got updated a bit (just one sound) so check it out too in case you haven't tried it yet. And beware - more stuff from Numan is on the way!


June 18, 2005: News!

Finally - "My Maps" section has been updated and is now more like a portfolio. This is something I have wanted to do for YEARS but never got the spirit to do that. So check it out for more detailed stuff about what I have done during the past few years.

Also check Quakis Shockwave for a review of "MikkoVille" (Earth Base). The site has been updated with some other nasty reviews too (although the link to FbSp003 review does NOT work QUAKIS - AND it would be nice to have a download link for that SST HL map) so check 'em out (yo!)

Oh and thanks to HellScrag from for providing the code for the changing background screenshot at the main index.

I removed the bottom frame because of compatibility issues (what kind of a freak still uses IE anyway?).

June 14, 2005: The Newbeast Research Facility!

A rookie called "Steambull" hits the "last remnants of the community" with a good "beginner" level. It instantly gained access to "Hot Maps" and is called "The Newbeast Research Facility".


June 11, 2005: Updates!

A bit of small updates with the framework. I hope it shows fine there. Like it? Well - you will.

Anyways after months of reading it's finally time for some freedom and that means I'm going to play Enemy Territory tonight to at least 6am!

An updated version of "Airport West" has been uploaded and the review has been updated as well.

A new "Enforcer" model has been added to our 3d-Models section. Check it out!

Check AMC for our new weekly "Level of the Week" project.

Update: Fixed broken links in "Links" section and added some new ones!

And me says hi! Here's a picture taken today - I just went through seven hours of entrance exams. The results I will find out next month: Me at Turku University!