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Summer 2003:

August 17, 2003: E1L10!

Duke Repository found an old level from 1997. I tried it and found it to be a good one. I think it's just good enough to deserve a place at the Hot Maps section. Check out 'E1L10' (original name don't you think?).

I updated MSDN a bit. Take a look at the top of this page - next to MSDN logo. There are now some top-lists with top5-levels & top5-latest releases. Should be useful.

I was going to release three levels which all belong to 'Maps' section but I got stuck in all of them and found E1L10. Maybe with the next update. Sang's 'Battlefield 2' updated with DM support.

In the beginning there were five against one (two CTs already died during the same situation before the screenshot was taken):

Then there was one - the king of the hill:

August 11, 2003: Urban Reclamation!

Reginukem saves the day by releasing a brand new single-player hot map called 'Urban Reclamation'. Get this nice city level from 'Hot Maps' section right now and remember to take a look at Reginukem's previous releases as well ('Fight For Life', 'Survival Shot').

More stuff coming. Just keep visiting.

August 5, 2003: Three levels!

Three new levels. 'Babes Reloaded' is a hot map from Taivo Maripuu who started his career the same way Devastator did (previous work - 'Dawn in Arctic') - Both authors started from Maps section at the same time but reached 'Hot Maps' section as fast. Both are now releasing good levels.
Another hot map comes from the community - It's 'CBP4' of course and you can get it from 'Hot Maps'.
Sang is still working on his Supa 3 (check Supa & Supa 2) but managed to release a sequel to his first Battlefield level. It's called 'Battlefield 2' and you can get it from 'Maps'.

July 28, 2003: Dawn in Arctic!

A new level from 'Devastator'. Devastator's previous level found itself from 'Maps' section but the level before that was a hot map. Now Devastator re-enters the Hot Map section with his new 'Dawn in Arctic' level.

July 25, 2003: Shots!

I have a very small level for you today. It's just a small city area with a few monsters. Get 'Pawelek' from 'Maps'.

Dean Lillie (who used to work for my DT and released Dukematch level 'Poolland' some time ago) is working on a new level which is looking pretty good. Here are two preview shots:

July 18, 2003: Stuff!

After abandoning a dozen projects Quakis finally released something. 'EDF Overtaken' is a new hot map at the wonderful paradise of MSDN. Check it out from 'Hot Maps'.

'Age of Evi' Total Conversions was released some days ago and Dukeweb brought it to us. Now it has been reviewed here as well. Check the Age of Evil review at 'TC Reviews' section.

July 15, 2003: New levels!

It's HOT outside but it's even hotter inside where my computer keeps pumping all day.

Two new levels - 'Hell Awaits' is a nice dukematch level from the author of 'Red 4' and 'Another Crazy Day' is Gaelach's first release ('Maps').

July 7, 2003: Site watch & shots!

No new maps but I'll have some for the next update (some that I have had in queue for weeks). Instead I'm giving you a 'site watch'. So let's take a small peek at the active review sites to promote our cause:

  • Duke3D Repository: Started a few months ago and has grown a lot since. Releases old and new levels (both sp & dm). Site also pays attention to episodes (unlike MSDN). So in case MSDN can't feed your Duke3D needs move on to Repository to check out the things you might have missed.

  • AMC: A site that gathered the community to talk about Duke3D. Forums had been long 'dead' before AMC but now you have a great opportunity to talk with other Duke3D fans and ask for help. Reviews are written by many reviewers (including me) so reviews aren't very comparable. AMC also reviews levels for other games so it has an eye on the future and the decisions it does today might have a very positive effect on the future.

  • Dukeweb: Fakir left and Kef was left alone. Highwire (City Terror) joined the team just a few weeks ago and now reviews flow in more steadily. Website design is interesting & original but review system doesn't use scores. Dukeweb's news system also promotes current projects so post your shots there. Dukeweb also has a forum which has been quite quiet since Fakir left.

    And as for current projects - Remember that Aliens mod LAW has been working on since 100AD? Well the project is still going on and below are some shots as an evidence of this. While you wait for this mod I suggest you to check in case you have forgotten to play LAW's previous Alien themed levels: Alien 3 & Colony A2.

    June 29, 2003: Two Hot Maps!

    Two new hot maps today. First of all, Daniel Aashage is kissing the community goodbye with his new 'The Adventures of Poseidon'. Daniel's first release was reviewed here over two years ago and since that Daniel has produced a pack of good DN3D maps. Check out this farewell (maybe) level at 'Hot Maps' section.

    Another high quality release is 'WGSpace 4' from William Gee. It scored 96 and is naturally available at 'Hot Maps' section.

    And thanks to AMC reviewer Stephano Lessa for reviewing my Q3A level (some weeks ago). Check out the review here.

    More stuff coming soon.

    June 23, 2003: Screenshots!

    I'll be gone the next four days - so I'll be back home on Friday. I haven't got any maps for you right now (I do have some in queue) so instead I'm giving you some screenshots from future releases. First four shots are from Quakis' (the guy who started a dozen DN3D projects and abandoned them all - then started a new one) new level:

    And here are two shots from my own DN3D project:

    June 19, 2003: New killer city level!

    First of all a few things about my email. Right now I can't open attachments for some reason but I should be able to do that again in a couple of days. Also I'd like to apologize for the delayed replies etc. About two months ago I started to receive a lot of spam each day. Some mails tend to get lost in the middle of all that spam. I'm thinking about getting a new address soon. You can still mail me of course and if you have any attachments I should be able to receive those attachments in a couple of days.

    Anyways finally a new single-player level from three top builders. It's called 'Operation: Get Bike Back' (or 'OGBB') and it's a huge city level. It scored 94 and you can download it from 'Hot Maps'. This one's for both Duke versions.

    June 13, 2003: One dukematch level!

    Just a quick update. One dukematch level reviewed. This one's from Rob Wijkstra. It's called 'Death Valley' and you can get it from 'DM Maps'.

    June 9, 2003: Two dukematch levels!

    According to Take 2, Duke Nukem Forever won't be released this year. What a surprise. But who cares? DNF has been a joke for years. Half-Life 2 however is going to be released next fall. It looks damn impressive and so far it hasn't been delayed. And for sure - it will kick the crap out of DNF. Well you can have your own opinions but there's only one way to prove that I'm wrong - release the damn game.

    Two new dukematch levels. 'Survival Shot' is a very good dukematch level from Reginukem and 'WGDM3 from William Gee is pretty good as well. You can find them from 'DM Maps' section.

    June 2, 2003: Killing Time!

    My high-school is now officially over (but in theory it ended already in the end of February). I graduated, partied and got money. Now it's time for some summer stuff. I'll be gone the next four days so I'm back home reviewing Duke3D stuff next Friday.

    A new map: 'Killing Time' by Victor. Check it out from 'Hot Maps'.

    I was going to review Gee's & Wijkstra's new dukematch levels as well but I have to leave within an hour so maybe next time.

    May 27, 2003: Levels & News!

    Alejandro Glavic is back with a new (for you) level. 'Welcome Home' was rescued from the abandoned Grins of Divinity 2 TC. It scored 97 and can be found from 'Hot Maps'.

    Biggest review in the history of MSDN - probably: 'Transport 2'. But it's not a Hot Map because of its extremely hard gameplay. Check 'Maps'.

    More good news: Ale is working on a TC which concentrates around my hero of the 90's - Sonic the Hedgehog. This Sega gem beats the crap out of Nintendo's Mario. Well maybe not in this TC but anyways - check Sonic TC website here:

    Still more good news (for me): My Q3A level 'MSTourney 1' was reviewed at Tikidomain some weeks ago. Check the review here.

    Link added to AbandonStuff site which has some abandonware games and reviews. Check it out here:

    More levels coming - at least two dukematch levels and a new single-player level.

    May 23, 2003: Dark Place 3, AMNDM1 & ADGDM2!

    First of all a few words about The Matrix Reloaded: Sequels usually suck so my expectations were 'low'. Not very low of course because I liked the first one and this was supposed to be quite much the same. However Reloaded turned out to be just a brainless & boring action movie instead of a fascinating science fiction movie. Its action scenes were longer than in the first part which got very boring. The freeway scene lasted for hours. Neo's fight against the army of Smiths was a bit stupid - he could have escaped anytime. Story seemed to serve the action instead of action serving the story. New characters were there just for fun. No one bothered to study them more. Hello - Where did Tank go? The scene where our rebels had a conversation with that French guy and the kiss after that was just nonsense and hadn't got anything to do with anything. It also seems to be that Neo's newly discovered powers were quite limited. And that he cures only those who he wants to. Soundtrack was also a lot worse than in the first part. It had no effect on me. There were two scenes were some good dance track was playing on the background and that's about it. Conversations with the Oracle & Architect were good even the true nature of the Matrix went a bit over (fascinating anyways). Smith was also good even it felt like his character was forced to this movie (and it was a bit ridiculous that he seemed to be just having fun with Neo for no reason). I hope the third part concentrates on the Matrix instead of new special effect tricks & kicks.

    Three new maps - one single-player & two dukematch. Single-player action is offered by Taivo Maripuu. Dark Place 3 available in 'Hot Maps' section. Dukematch is offered by Ale & Amund. Ale's ADGDM2 is available in 'DM Maps' section and Amund's AMNDM1 is there as well. Have fun.

    'Transport 2' by Devastator was also supposed to be released today but it's a tough one so I got stuck - badly. Maybe next time. Don't forget Devastator's 'Jade Base'.

    May 18, 2003: Tropical Alien Massacre & Invaders!

    Again - two hotties. First we have 'Tropical Alien Massacre' from Rob Wijkstra. It scored 92. Then we have 'Invaders' (by the way there are now two 'Invaders' at MSDN - another one is by Juha 'Turpuli' Laaksonen and it's still available here) by a French author Leon and it scored 89.

    Ever thought how much France has given to our community? My favorite Total Conversion 'Last Reaction & Water Bases' is French as well as its sequel 'Chimera'. BugTeam's Duke site is also French and back in the good old days it was very popular and surely my favorite. Too bad it's no longer updated. And then of course Pascal's Roch serie which is the most popular serie ever. New hotties might get a few hundred downloads nowadays but Pascal's latest Roch 7 has almost a thousand downloads even it was released only one year ago. Other Roch levels have also been downloaded more than a thousand times (and of course there are other sites as well where people can download them). To give you something to compare: 'Blackened' was released on the same day as Roch 7 and so far it has a bit over 300 downloads. So Roch levels are the most popular levels here - but remember that there are no download counters for levels which were released here before move to Planetduke.

    More levels coming - for sure.