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Summer 2001:

August 28, 2001: New Hot Map

Remember 'Stranded' by Peter Williams? Anyways Peter has just completed his new level which is a good one. It's called 'The Aztec Ruins' and can be downloaded (after you have checked the review of course) from 'Hot Maps' section. Don't miss this one.

'Dungeon Master' has just released a new Duke3D MIDI Pack which includes some kick-ass midis. Visit at D-Master's site and download midi stuff from 'WSYC' - choose Music section there.

Daniel Aashage who created 'One2Zer0' has almost finished his new map. And we also may expect stuff from Maarten van and Merljin van Oostrum. So good maps are coming. Keep visiting MSDN:-)

August 23, 2001: News

After Dukeworld died many thought that there is no more SST TC site. But there is. It isn't yet 'officially' opened at PD but there it is. You can find the site from Find out what Moloch has to say and download this TC.

And once again the '- MSDN - Poll!' is over. Question was something like 'what's your favorite game?'. Results are: Duke Nukem 3D (57%), Half-Life (23%), Unreal Tournament (10%), Quake3Arena (6%), Serious Sam (3%). Number of votes was 180. So in your opinion DN3D still rocks and Half-Life (and I bet some of you voted this because of Counter-Strike) comes as second. Luckily UT beated Q3A (it always does - except in UK's PCGamer :-). Even Serious Sam had votes.
New poll is about the maps that should be out in future - shoot your vote!

Cools has updated his 'WSYC' once again with a map review ('Domino' which scored 91 here some time ago) and news. Check out this site and get your hands on his TC reviews too.

Second school week is almost over. School is quite easy nowadays - I don't even have much homework (they take mostly 30mins to complete) - and I'm at high-school :-)

August 17, 2001: News

Maarten van Oostrum and Merlijn van Oostrum! You both have completed a map during this summer (Maarten did some 'Maadm2' and Merlijn sequel to 'Long Road') and sent them to me. I accepted both of those maps to MSDN and mailed to both of you but I haven't gotten any replies since I received the maps. So is there something wrong with your emails or don't you anymore want these maps to be released? Please mail me both of you and tell me how is it going because both your maps are worth releasing.

That above was only for Maarten and Merlijn Oostrums so don't you others mind about it.

So it happened. School started - damn. I don't want to wake up every morning at 7am. I have to be 30 hours a week in school so that's not so bad. MSDN still keeps pumping - forever?!? So should DNFInc which isn't dead. DNFInc's host Fragpipe is having problems so Matt should be back as soon as Fragpipe has fixed its bugs.

Really nothing serious is going on. I try to increase my 'Counter-Strike' skills as often as possibly (I play it about three times a week - one hour each session). I also just recompleted Unreal Tournament (I hate that 'Xan') and a month ago I bought 'Half-Life - Blueshift' which is ok. These are just ideas so if you have no game to play then try those which I just mentioned. 'The X-Files' should start its 8th season soon in Finland (I'm really excited).

In case some of you like 'Blink 182' and want to know my opinion about their new album then I would say that I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5. A disappointment after 'Enema Of The State'.

So nothing Duke in this update but intersting stuff anyway. See you soon.

August 12, 2001: Information about levels

Because some of you still don't understand how it goes I decided to make a new section which I named 'Submit Levels'. So if you have a map that you want to get reviewed at MSDN then go to 'Submit Levels' section and see what kind of your map needs to be to get here. Important - read it! Section can be found from the left frame.

Some really good news from top mappers: Maarten Pinxten ('MPCC' levels), Pascal Rouaud ('Roch' levels) and Bob Averill ('Bobsp' & 'Bobdm' levels) are all working on new maps. Maarten's new map will be a standalone so it's not a sequel to MPCC serie. Pascal is of course working on 'Roch6' and Bob is still doing his forever-project 'Bobsp3' (which has been under construction over a year). So good things are about to come.

So this is the last day before school. Tomorrow school starts once again (my eleventh grade - I'm 16). I'm gonna take it easily to make it go fast.

P.S. If anyone of you has any Alyssa Milano (world's most beatiful actress in 'Charmed' tv-show) wallpapers or you know where to find them then please tell me.

August 8, 2001: New map!

I haven't been online for four days so be patient if you have sent me mails. Anyway MSDN has once again a map for you to play. 'SPresort' was one of the DNFInc contest maps and now long after that contest is over, it's here. Download it from 'Maps' section.

New link added to Links section. 'Nuke Shelter' is the site and URL is:

That was about all this time. Read previous news because it has lots of talking and interesting stuff and get yourself a copy of 'Fury161' from 'Hot Maps'.

August 3, 2001: Third Alien map is out!

Summer is almost gone. It's still warm but soon we have to wake up at 7 on the morning and get to school:( Anyway Duke Nukem3D still keeps pumping out good maps at least every month. At least I'm happy.
Newest piece of good pie comes from 'LAW' who released third part for his Alien serie. 'Fury 161' can be found from 'Hot Maps' section with a review (it scored 88). Don't miss it.

Some other news (or just some 'blah' talking):

'Max Payne' is out! This one is important because the team who created this game (Remedy) is Finnish (like me) - keep it up Finland! Of course the men behind Duke3D released this game (3DRealms - our gods).

'Reaper_Man's' Con-editing site is the newest site hosted by PD. It has some Con-editing tricks and free downloads (mini-mods or something). Worth checking out.

Kevin Cools once again helped me with logos ('MSSP Episode' logo is also done by Kevin). MSDN has now a new logo. Nice or what? Anyway thanks to Kevin Cools and also thanks to Cyborg who created the last logo which served me well.

Kevin (or Kef Nukem) has also reviewed a few more maps at his 'We Store Your Crap Site'. Check them out because you won't find some of those maps from MSDN.

In case you haven't noticed my ICQ is still offline and will stay that way for a long time. So please email me instead of ICQ if you have something. In case you have tried to contact me from ICQ inside three months then I haven't never received your message. Since I got my new computer in May my ICQ has been off.

New map from the author of 'The Long Road' (not very good map in 'Maps' section) should be out soon. It is a lot better than 'The Long Road' and should be found from 'Hot Maps' section quite soon.

I'm also gonna check out that movie on the banner (Jurassic Park 3 of course)!

July 29, 2001: Total Conversions and maps

Thanks Planetduke & Fileplanet for this great chance to get our hands on Duke3D Total Conversions.
After Dukeworld died many TC sites were destroyed and TCs were lost. Now Planetduke has opened a file section for TCs and Fileplanet has a storage for each Duke3D TC (maybe not each but at least the most popular). Here you can find all the Duke3D TCs you might have been looking for these days:
Here is the PD's TC section (some of the best TCs):

MSDN has also reviewed many TCs inside these years. Here are the download links for some of the TCs that MSDN has reviewed:

Wolf2Duke TC
Starship Troopers TC
Pray Your Prayers 2000
Platoon TC
When Scum Returns
The Final Confrontation
Duke Meets Doom
The Gate
Chimera TC

Link to Fileplanet's download gategory has been added to Links section and to TC Reviews section.

And finally something for you to play with. 'FakirBaba' has released a good dukematch map which has the same gray style as in Stranger's Ruin. Map is named 'Unholy...' and can be downloaded from DM Maps section.

More good maps are coming soon!

July 25, 2001: News

Mapping news mostly. 'LAW' who made Colony A2 and Messhall A2 has completed his third 'Alien' themed map 'Alien3'. Review will be up soon. I have also received some other maps by other authors. Actually I haven't checked any of them yet (not even Alien3) - this is because I'm trying to find somekind antivirus program (my old program is broken) and I don't want to open email attachments before I get new antivirus program (some viruses are moving around the Finnish PCs right now). If maps which I received, are good enough, they will enter MSDN (Alien3 will enter anyway).

Also new 'museum' map is on its way. This project - quite empty map with only sectors - was sent to best builders (including me). Their job is to do a really good looking room with 100 sectors. Completed rooms will be joined and resulst should be something great. My part is ready and some others too. Release date is unknown so don't ask when it will be out. More info at

July 20, 2001: News

I was gone once again. I had another nice week outside my town. I also did some work so I got paid. I'm making money - nice. Anyway so I haven't checked if there's anything new in Duke community. I'll check it today (after I have played some 'Counter-Strike').

When I thought that I was the only one that has active Duke3D usermap review site then Kef Nukem came and got hosted at Planetduke. His new site 'We Store Your Crap' reviews maps, wallpapers, etc. URL is: button also added above

Nauttikaa kesästä!

July 15, 2001: New map

Finally I have had time to sleep. However I will leave again next week but I will be back before saturday (I'll leave probably on monday and return friday). But hey - that's how holiday goes.

Something for you to enjoy. Dani J has once again completed a new dukematch map (what a surprise - where are all the single-player maps?). It's called 'The Cube' and the review and map can be accessed from 'DM Maps' section. Enjoy your boring summer days while playing this one.

July 10, 2001: TC What the Fuck?!?

MSDN dead? Mikko Sandt dead? No no no. I have been on holiday for two weeks. Fishing, swimming, biking, wasting money, damn bugs, Blink182, etc. So I haven't got a chance to update because I haven't touched my computer in two weeks. Sorry if you missed me but now I'm back.

Things are getting back to where they belong. I have received maps and I'll see what I can do with them. I have received lots of emails too and you will receive your responses asap.

Nothing more than that for now. It's hot as hell and I have to go and clean myself. Then I'll try to get some sleep and perhaps tomorrow I'll try to take a look at those maps and stuff. And I'll try to find some time for the air rifle I just bought and 'Half-Life: Blue Shift'.

June 23, 2001: TC Projects

Since Duke3D was released five years ago there has always been so called Total Conversion projects going on. Some of them were never released - some of them sucks - some of them rocks (use section 'TC Reviews' to know which). There are still some of these TC projects going on in Duke3D community. Let's take a look at some of them:

Urban Assault: This TC has been under development for a long time. Member section is getting bigger all the time and release date should be quite soon. This TC adds that normal stuff like new enemies, weapons and levels. Site design might not be very impressive but it is nice and that's not the main goal. The main goal is to get this TC done. It will be on my list of TCs 'That I wait'. URL:

Borg Nukem: Project leader is Kevin Cools (Kef Nukem) who has made some good levels ('The Secret Base 007' in 'Hot Maps') and helped lots of TCs during his Duke career. Borg Nukem is looking good and has that normal stuff from enemies to weapons. Check out the screenshots. I'm waiting for this one too. I hope it will be out soon.

Aliens VS Duke: Since I was born I have always loved Alien movies. Duke has lots of that Alien themed stuff from TCs to levels. This is the best looking Alien TC yet. I don't know much about the progress but I really do hope that at least some kind of a 'First Episode Demo' will be out soon enough. Site moved from Dukeworld to

Grins Of Divinity: As a beta-tester I know that this TC will be some quality stuff (at least the arts and the levels that I have seen). Levels are looking very unique and storyline is important (written by a professional author Mark Antony Rossi). This TC has a comic too - done by Julien Dykmans (very good looking comic). First part of this three-part-TC should be out very soon.

Of course there are lots of other still active TC projects going on than those above. Check URLs and to find your favorites.

Dukeworld went down and so did its hosted sites. Tons of Total Conversions were lost but don't worry. Thanks to David Brooks I have a link for you where to find almost all the best (and the worst) Duke TCs.

Also my dukematch/sp add-on 'Duke Tournament' has been moved now to Planetduke. New URL is In case you don't know the previous host was Dukeworld. Anyway DT has a single-player episode and dukematch episode that can be played with single-player bots too. Get your copy if you don't have one yet.

Roch poll is now over. Results are: Roch 3%, Roch2 23%, Roch3 23%, Roch4 19%, Roch5 24%, Roch_SC1 5%. So it looks like Roch5 is the best Roch map in your opinion (I love Roch4 the most). There were total 190 votes.
New poll is about your favorite FPS game. Is it the number one seller HL? Or is UT better than Q3A (yes it is) or does Duke3D beat them all? Vote!

I finished my summerjob and now I'll start my real vacation. I'll be out of town for a week. I'll come back on 28th day but I will leave again on 29th day. I don't know do I have time to update inside that one day. We'll see.

June 18, 2001: TC and its map

This time we have a Platoon TC update. Platoon TC is now re-reviewed. Last time I re-reviewed 'LR & WB' TC and now it is time for Platoon. It's just too important TC so it deserves another review. Check section 'TC Reviews'.

I also did a Platoon TC map a year ago (in spring 2000). I was too lazy to release it then so here it is now. It requires full Platoon TC which might be difficult to find because Dukeworld, which was its host, no longer exist. Try search engines to find the TC or My Platoon map can be found from 'My Maps' section.

June 13, 2001: News

It looks like two sites are gone (but they weren't even updated before this) - 'Dukebert's Map Zone' and Maarten's 'Gamorama' are no longer available to view. This wasn't a real loss because those both sites weren't updated anymore.

Juha Laaksonen ('Invaders') has updated his site with map reviews including some of my MSSP maps. Check out his site and download some stuff. Juha is also working on a new map which should be a good one.

Finally my MSSP Episode site is ready to launch at PD. Dukeworld was the former host but it died so the new address of MSSP Episode is

Planetduke has posted some interviews from dead Dukeworld to their site. Check out some interesting interviews from Planetduke's mainpage.

Also lots of links has been added back to 'Links' section. These are mostly Planetduke sites etc. For example JSBuild site is finally back. Check them out.

June 8, 2001: Summer part 2

Another week has almost passed. I have been doing my summerjob. I woke up at 6am and I have to work eight hours a day. Two more weeks to start real vacation. I work at somekind of a construction site (quite boring). It's not bad job at all - I get paid well.

Nothing serious has happened in Duke community. Few maps should be on their way. MSSP & DT sites should be soon up. City Crackdown TC came back few days ago. I really hope that this piece of work will be released in my life time.

Nothing more I think. I'm gonna buy some new games when I get my pay. These games should be: Quake3Team Arena Expansion, Half-Life Blue Shift, Operation Flashpoint, Serious Sam. something like that. Good games? Should be. More updates soon.

June 3, 2001: Summer

Summer holiday has started. I have now two and half months time to enjoy the summer before the school starts again. Well of course I have a summerjob but I get money from that. Anyway MSDN keeps bringing you the best DN3D levels ever and news in the time of summer too. Enjoy.

'LAW' who made two alien maps (in 'Maps' and 'Hot Maps' section) has released a new map. It's not LAW's best map but he did spent a lot of time doing it. LAW's 'AT_AT Walker' map in section 'Maps'.

May 30, 2001: Changes

Lots of links has been removed from Links section. These links were mostly the sites that were hosted by Dukeworld (which is dead now). Some of the sites has already moved to new locations. Here are some:
DNF Inc moved from to
Grins Of Divinity TC moved from to
More sites are being moved (like DT, MSSP, JSbuild) so more about those soon.

Pascal Rouaud (Roch) released new and better version of Dukeroch program. Download it here.

My ICQ is now off because I got a new computer so I lost my ICQ settings and stuff. So don't try to reach me via ICQ.