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Spring 2009:

May 15, 2009: Nuts!

Check Nuts by Matt Cibulas, a carnage map with more than a thousand aliens. Not exactly a Hot Map, but worth taking a look. (Notice also how you can view a larger screenshot by clicking on the thumbnail. This feature will probably be used from now on.)

May 14, 2009: News!

Eh, still nothing new; the world is still recovering from last week's shock that 3DRealms is going down and DNF probably with it. This should mean more energy concentrated on Duke3D related efforts now that DNF is out of the way. (But let's hope - assuming 3DR really is gone - that some other team steps forward to finish DNF, of course depending on whether DNF is, or ever was, in such a condition that it could be finished in a reasonable amount of time. Or maybe DNF has permanently been stigmatized?)

As the world is reorganizing itself, forums are on their way to replace the 3DRealms forums. Several vital topics have already been opened at Duke4 forums. However, hardcore mappers should still choose either AMC and/or DNR forums as their headquarters. (This is also the best way to avoid all those pathetic "DNF is gone! What is my life worth now?" crybabies and n00bs.) But anyways, it'd serve the cause well if you opened an account at each forum.

Duke3D stuff is on the way, as always. The redesigned Abandoned Workshops recently reviewed my brilliant Dukecide map. I disagree with some of the points but big thanks to Quakis anyway!

May 10, 2009: News!

You should keep an eye on for all the latest news relating to the demise/publicity stunt of 3DRealms.

Here are a couple of items you might wish to see:
-New DNF screenshots
-New DNF video footage

The visual look is not much different from, say, Rainbow Six: Vegas or Unreal Tournament 3. However, Duke never was about graphics but about gameplay: interacting with the environment, interesting locations and bad humor.

The poll has been updated. Tell us what you think of what's going on. The latest poll question was "When downloading maps via MSDN I use" and your answers went like this:
-Fileplanet links: 31% (out of 138 votes cast)
-Mirros - I don't have a Fileplanet account: 34%
-Mirros - I have a Fileplanet account: 35%

So, a shocking third of you don't even have a Fileplanet account and more than half of those who do have an account prefer not to use it. Remember kids that registering is free. Only subscribing costs.

May 9, 2009: FOS Station!

Supertanker is back! Check FOS Station, a Hot Map.

Long live Duke Nukem 3D!

May 5, 2009: News!

First, I'd like you to pay attention to this youtube video. It takes a peek at Sonic the Hedgehog 3D project which utilizes the Duke engine. Zykov Eddy, who's been pumping out good maps lately, is the man behind the project. If you were one of those cool guys as a kid who thought that Mario was (was and is) for wussies, you better keep an eye on this project.

Duke Plus 2.0 finally got released. It includes numerous improvements and two new DP maps, one of which is my Dukecide. The Dukecide version in the package is the latest version. The updated map has been uploaded to Fileplanet and Filefront in case you want the killer midi that comes with the map (DP 2.0 doesn't have the midi). Duke Repository also reviewed the map, giving it 96 points, so thanks!

Oblivion TC should finally get a review this month so keep an eye on this space!

May 1, 2009: May and Day!

Hello boys and girls! I'm a bit wasted. But that's not what I'm here to tell you (I ALREADY DID!)!!! I'm here to tell you that my review of Nostromo has been updated because the map was updated shortly after its release.

Also, check DNR for a brilliant review of Dukecide, my new map.

April 21, 2009: 10!

Woke up at 8.45AM today, went to school for two hours where we had a small group discussion about how a particular centrist newspaper viewed the Irish rejection of the Lisbon treaty. Then I visited the university library to get "The Rise and Fall of Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy.

Now I'm home, sipping energy drink (I slept only like four hours) and writing this. MSDN, the better than the best page in the universe, is now ten years old. I'm 24 years old and Duke3D has been with me for 13 years. As these pages have been updated, I have passed through junior high, high school, the army and now I'm studying at a university. Who knows - maybe one day I'll be typing these updates from an old folks' home, dreaming of getting my hands on soon-to-be-released DNF before I die.

I really wanted to rewrite 6 Duke Years, which was written seven years ago, but didn't want to do that in a hurry so I'll try to have it rewritten with additional ramblings soon.

But this site has always been about maps and mapping. For the past three weeks I have worked on a brand new Duke map, my first in three years. As you might have noticed, after A Winterland Memory, I haven't come up with any new Duke3D maps of my own (Discarded Stronghold and Hidden Zone were only finished by me). With Dukecide, the long wait is over. Dukecide is my latest Duke3D map and it requires Duke Plus to run (version 2.0 of DP will be released soon and it works better with the map than the current version, 1.99, which, however, works fine with the map too).

Download Dukecide here (Fileplanet) or here (Filefront). More mirrors are hopefully on the way! DukePlus is available here. Download OpenAL here in case you want to play the ogg track that comes with the map (strongly recommended).

Another surprise is a re-designed Hot Maps section. Hot Maps has always been the heart of this site, a section dedicated to the best Duke3D maps out there. It has also been an incentive for mappers, an incentive to improve their mapping skills to keep rising higher and higher on the ladders of glory. Until now, the section has been a bit of a mess with five subsections. The new section utilizes a javascript code which allows you to sort maps according to your wishes. Check Hot Maps.

That's about it. As always, more stuff is on the way, but now, download some maps and let's celebrate!

April 19, 2009: The Chronic: Bad Night!

The Chronic: Bad Night by Zykov Eddy and Sanek. Enjoy!

Be here on Tuesday when MSDN turns 10!

April 15, 2009: Outpost X!

After a few years of on and off work, Sang has finally finished Outpost X, a sequel to his Space Map Number DUNNO. The pack features two new levels spiced with a bunch of new textures, sounds and models. Available in Hot Maps.

April 6, 2009: Babes - 2009 Remix!

You may remember Taivo's naughty maps Babes and Babes Reloaded, both from 2003. Well, Taivo decided to improve Babes by giving it a design that's more up to date. Check Babes - 2009 Remix.

April 3, 2009: Nostromo!

The movies never die, and neither does Duke3D, and here's a proof of that - Nostromo - a new map by Puritan (remember Voyager?)!

March 28, 2009: 2-Hour CBP!

Sorry guys for the delay but I was under viral attack for almost a week. The nasty bug couldn't beat me though so here I am, updating the site. Less than one month to MSDN Ten Year Anniversary, also known as the Judgement Day by Christians.

This one's a few weeks old already but here's 2-Hour CBP.

March 15, 2009: Rain is liquid sunshine!

Zykov Eddy is back with another map, this time utilizing not just LeBuild but also DukePlus. Check Sunshine Complex.

March 9, 2009: FM2X: Orbital Oblivion!

Fernando's Orbital Oblivion is finally done and now it's been combined with New York Rebellion, a city episode released a few years back, resulting in FM2X: Orbital Oblivion. So, get this two-episode baby and have a blast!

March 1, 2009: The AMC Pleaser!

The AMC Pleaser.