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Spring 2004:

May 31, 2004: Back with two new levels!

Well yeah that stupid camp is finally over and we're home - well actually we came home on Friday already and since that I have been trying to clear my mind and investigate what kind of Duke3D stuff has come out during my trip. For now I have you only two new hot maps but there's more. There's also a new episode by Devastator (which includes mostly his already-released levels plus two new levels) which is some day going to get its place here as well - for now you can get it from Duke Repository (link above).
Anyways I took a bunch of pictures from northern Finland and I'll post 'em once I have a chance. You'll see some boring military stuff then;)

Anyways the two new levels are 'Anarchy City 3: Zero Tolerance' from Aymeric Nocus (haven't you already noticed that every update brings a level from Aymeric?) & 'Voices of Authority' from SalaciusCrumb who made a bunch of SST TC usermaps (but this one's for Duke3D).

That's it for now - I'll leave again today and I'll be back next Friday. See you then.

May 10, 2004: Some levels & News!

The end is approaching faster than I thought. I'll be gone the next three weeks - I'll be back most likely on the 28th day of this month. We have this so called 'final war' thing - We'll travel all the way to northern Finland where we'll spend seventeen days. Let's just hope it doesn't snow there:( Anyways with the amoung of candy I bought today it should go pretty well;)

Three levels for you before I leave for that long shitty trip: "White Rabbit" is a hottie whihc has been under construction for a bit longer than levels tend to be. "Downtown Ride" is another one from Aymeric Nocus who has releases a bunch of levels lately ('Hot Maps'. "Futtock's Henge" is an old level and it has some nostalgic value to me - get it from 'Maps'. That's it for now.

And a new level preview added to 'Upcoming Maps' - 'EDMan-2' is the name of this upcoming level (check its prequel here).

See you three weeks from now!

May 2, 2004: New 'Upcoming Map'!

'Upcoming Maps' section updated with 'Anarchy City 3' which is on its way to your hard-drives.

Quick update eh? Anyways check yesterday's update in case you forgot 'Tours - Rives Du Cher' & 'Dave City 2'.

May 1, 2004: Dave City 2 & Tours!

Another month is behind and more maps just keep coming. Two new maps today - for you!
"Dave City 2" is from the author of "City Suicide" and this time Dave made it to Hot Maps section.
Today's second level comes from the guy who just got his "Overtime" & "Anarchy City 2" reviewed here last week. Check Aymeric's "Tours - Rives Du Cher" which can be found at 'Maps' (this level is older than those two previously mentioned Aymeric's hot levels).

And now it's time to open a new section - 'Upcoming Maps' is a section for "under-heavy-construction" levels. So if you have a level under construction and you'd like the world to know about it then don't hesitate to announce it here in 'Upcoming Maps' (located under 'Maps' - check left frame) section. Take a look at what the section has right now - two level previews with screenshots.

April 25, 2004: MSDN - The Fifth!

Okay okay so I'm four days late - I should have updated two weeks ago but I had some problems accessing the ftp directory - So I have had two reviews written & ready to be posted for two weeks and now they're finally here among with a few others. The thing is that today is the fifth anniversary of MSDN. Yap - I have been here since 21st day of April 1999. Thanks to my hosts Sonera, DukeLand & Planetduke & to all MSDN visitors etc. Oh yeah - and I'll get out of that military thing on 9th day of July - Yeehaa! Last week was pretty tough - we spent five days in a desert-like area shooting with our artillery - boring as hell and the Sun was burning so damn hard.

Here's some shit:

Check out these levels:
Overtime: HOT city level with good design & neat gameplay
Anarchy City 2: From the same author as above - Hot Maps'
Project Whatever!: Sang's latest level - get it from 'Maps'
Dis Durdy Town: Pretty big city level - get this one too from 'Maps'

That's it for now. If you need more levels while I'm gone just scroll down & check out what you might have missed. And thanks for your support during all these years!

And one more thing - I'm working on a 'Preview Section' (or 'Upcoming Maps' or something similar) with info about future releases. If you're working on a level/mod & you wish to announce it to a public or just want to show us some screens then help me to open this section by doing the following: Send me one screenshot of your project, give me the name of the project, your name, an estimated release date plus some more info (optional). If you do this your ongoing project just might end up in this section within a few weeks.