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Spring 2003:

May 11, 2003: Sewers and Strippers & CBP3!

So they finally reviewed my first and last Unreal Tournament level at Insite. Check the review of DM-MSut1 here. Review scale is 0-10 and my level scored 6.

Two new hot maps today - and I have some more in queue. 'Sewers and Strippers' is a Levelord style level from Rob Wijkstra & Fakir. 'Community Build Project 3' is a new level by the Duke3D community - ten builders are behind this special release. Both levels are available in 'Hot Maps' section.

And like I said - more Hot Maps are coming. Here are two preview shots from Rob Wijkstra's new level which should be available here very soon:

May 7, 2003: News!

Two new maps today - 'Legendaarista' is an interesting single-player level. It's a small area with about 300 enemies. Design is simple but this is for those who want to find out how bad they really are. Guaranteed fun. Check it from 'Maps'. 'Sudden Drop' is a dukematch level which is based on some Unreal Tournament usermap. It doesn't work very well with dukematch but check its review from 'DM Maps'.

Other news: My first Quake 3 Arena level was released about a week ago at LVL. Go check out their review of 'MSTourney 1' and download the level in case you still have Q3A on your computer. I also added this level to 'My Maps' section just for fun. So Quake 3 players - don't miss this one.

My latest level "O'Boy" has been reviewed now at AMC, DukeWeb & Duke3D Repository.

Also remember to visit Duke3D Repository which is growing fast. Number of released/reviewed levels is growing fast and you might find some levels there which you can't find here. Webmaster also made nice sections dedicated to Bobsp & Roch series. So check DN3D Repository.

May 1, 2003: Three hotties!

Three Hot Maps were released this week so that means MSDN has three Hot Maps for you today. They're 'Alien Planet X64-2' from Maarten Oostrum, 'The Blue Planet' from Sewer & 'The Shipment' from Chris Coleman. You can download them from 'Hot Maps' section so have fun.

April 26, 2003: SST TC usermap!

Okay once again I have some new reviews for you. Starship Troopers TC usermap 'Before The Storm' reviewed in 'Hot Maps' (under 'Special Releases'). This is a must-have for everyone who enjoyed the intense & good looking SST TC.

Those of you who visit AMC forums might know Quakis but the rest of you might know him from his Hot Map 'Nuked 1: Launch Bay Complex 1' which was released here less than a year ago. Now I have you a pack of Quakis's old levels. This pack contains mostly dukematch levels and it can be found from 'DM Maps' section.

Quakis is by the way working on new levels and so far his work looks very good. For more information about Quakis's projects check AMC forums. Here are some shots from Quakis's projects:

April 21, 2003: 4th Anniversary!

MSDN was born four years ago in 1999 with a different name. 21st of April has always been the most important day of the year at MSDN. Then I usually offer you the most high quality stuff or at least something special. This year we have three high-quality Hot Maps, one dukematch level & one TC review.

First of all - a new usermap from me. That's right. After I finished MSSP7 I decided that I'm not going to do any more maps for Duke3D. Anyways I couldn't keep my hands away from Build so I made a new map - a city level which has good design and good gameplay. Name of the level is "O'Boy" and you can get it from 'My Maps'.

Red3 was released exactly one year ago. Now it has a sequel - Red4. This is the level you have been waiting for. Red3 scored 98 and it seemed impossible that any level could top it. Well Red4 scored 99 meaning it's the best level available at MSDN right now. So get 'Red4' from 'Hot Maps'.

'Extermination' is a high-quality city level from Juha Laaksonen (you might remember him if you have been around since 2000). Extermination is quite large city level with high-quality design and excellent locations. It scored 95. Get it from 'Hot Maps'.

'WGDM2' is a new level from William Gee whose single-player levels have scored extremely well here. Gee has released tons of dukematch levels and WGDM2 is his second attempt with 1.4 textures. Check it out from 'DM Maps' section.

And finally a review of 'Aliens TC' demo by Rusty Nails. I'm sure you have never heard of this project because it has no website and this is the first release but after you have tried this demo I'm sure you want more. Check out 'TC Reviews' section for 'Aliens TC Demo' review.

That's about it.

April 16, 2003: More reviews!

I made some small changes to Hot Maps section. I cutted it in four sections now (used to be three). Fourth section is of course for latest maps and it starts today with 'We Store Your Crap Remix' - made by Fakir & Kef. Review style is now a bit different as you can see. This new style is only for Hot Maps so DM Maps & Maps will stick with the old style as well as every hot map which was released before today. This new style is inspired by UT/UT2003 review site Nucleus. Check 'Hot Maps' to get 'We Store Your Crap Remix'.

Two new dukematch reviews. Taivo Maripuu's first released dukematch level 'Seven' can be found from 'DM Maps' as well as Devastator's new dukematch level 'How Many Ways Can You Die?'. Check them out.

Next update: MSDN anniversary, a surprise level, Red4, probably new killer level from Juha Laaksonen, WGDM2 and more.

April 11, 2003: Reviews!

Iraq war moved to its post-Hussein phase two days ago where anarchy has taken over as Iraq is currently without real leaders. Civilian population seems to be happy but at times - aggressive. Whether Saddam is still alive or not doesn't matter much - he won't be able to rule Iraq anymore. The USA is facing a challenge. 'Rebuild' of Afghanistan took a wrong direction. Maybe the US gave power to wrong people (and there's no oil in Afghanistan which could be used in rebuilding process). That's why the pattern should be taken from Japan which the US invaded after WW2. Power in Iraq should be given to non-militant secular leaders or to the US (at least for a while). Of course huge amount of Muslims wouldn't be happy with a secular government but I still haven't faced many situations where religion in politics have caused much good.

Sorry for the small delay. I have lots of new levels for you but last week just went too fast.

'City Terror Gold Edition' was released about a week ago. I reviewed the original version some months ago and now I reviewed Gold Edition as well. Check 'TC Reviews'.

Sangluss (or Sang, Spamgluss etc.) released his latest level 'Battlefield' a couple of days ago. It's a gameplay-concentrated level with poor design but killer gameplay. Whether you like empty maps or not this level is definitely for every Duke fan out there. You can find it from 'Maps'.

April 3, 2003: News & Jade Base!

Devastator continues his work with Duke3D - His previous level 'Alien Planet' scored 81 in 'Maps' and now he made it to the 'Hot Maps' section with his new level 'Jade Base'.

Duke3D Source Code was released two days ago. I took a small look at it and it looks quite much like a normal .con file. Still too complex for me but anyways with this thing you can modify Duke3D as you wish. So let's hope something new comes out soon - and that whatever this new stuff is, it's also quality stuff. Get Source Code from 3DRealms.

Two new TCs are under construction - 'Galactic War' & 'WarFront'. Website is here: - So go there and take a look. Release date should be around 2003 but you never know.

And finally - First shots from 'Bobsp-X' - this is Bob's fourth single-player level which has been under construction for a very long time already. It will take some time before it's released but while you wait take a look at these shots:

March 31, 2003: Dark Place 2!

I was going to give you three levels today but I got lazy and instead I give you just one. 'Dark Place 2' is from Taivo Maripuu whose work should be familiar to you already. 'Dark Place 2' is a hot map so get it from 'Hot Maps'.

More stuff coming such as 'Jade Base', a review of 'Duke It Out In NY' etc.

March 26, 2003: Två nya Duke mapper!

During my time here several people have complained that I have given their maps too less points. Well howabout a new rating system? Instead of giving score I'd start selling better scores. So if you like to have 94 points all you need to do is send me some cash. Hm?

Anyways two new maps today. Rob Wijkstra from City-Terror released one of his oldies which was meant to be in Black Bag Ops TC. Level is called "Black Bag Ops: Harbor map" and it's for dukematch. Get it from 'DM Maps'.
'Myrsky' is a single-player Hot Map from Finnish Sepi. It's a pretty good city level with some flaws. Definitely worth checking out. Check 'Hot Maps'.

March 21, 2003: Bush's new doctrine leads to war on Iraq!

Despite huge international resistance the president of the USA decided to start his operation against Saddam Hussein. Men in the US government such as Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz pushed their pre-emptive attack doctrine to Bush soon after 9/11 which eventually led to this. Bush as a man of strong Christian faith and zero knowledge is - in my opinion - too weak to rule the sole superpower.

Iraq war itself is not that bad crime against humanity - It's a strike against a dictator. From what I have heard the US is not planning on taking over Iraq & its oil. Post-war Iraq might be a better place than current Iraq. Iraq has no future as long as Hussein is in charge - and most likely his sons would continue after him.

However in my opinion Bush has failed to give any good & rational reasons for this war. He has failed to show any evidence of weapons of mass-destruction or connections to international terrorism. Hussein might be a threat to his own people but not to American public. Before this war started, Hussein had no political or moral reason to attack America. Bush just gave him (& to many other fundamental idiots) a reason to attack the US - that's why Bush must take the responsibility for what he's doing.

Bush is surrounded by people who said America needs a new Pearl Harbor. Only hope in this administration is Colin Powell. And no matter what the situation is, west should never attack first.

Oh I almost forgot this is a Duke3D site - Well anyways I have something for you: Three levels & one TC review. One Hot Map which is Ale's 'Alien Wipeout', one dukematch level which is William Gee's 'WGDM1' & an interesting looking 'Alien Planet' from Devastator. 'Armageddon 2' is the latest addition to MSDN's TC review list. Check it out.

March 14, 2003: Deja Vu - again - Two levels!

Hot Map - 'Serialkl' available in 'Hot Maps' - this level is some years old but it took long before author realized there are still sites out there reviewing this stuff. Get it now. 'Tersa' - a dukematch level with 15 points. Check 'DM Maps'.

More stuff coming - William Gee's new Dukematch level (guy just got 1.4 and can't stop messing with new textures - I'm sure it feels like Christmas), Red4 should be out soon, new map from Devastator, at TC review, war against Iraq, CBP3 etc.

Who said Duke3D is dead? DNF might be but Duke3D sure isn't.

March 7, 2003: Deja Vu - Two levels! And news!

World ends soon but before that there's a lot of good things out there. Check this update.

Kevin Cools - Kef Nukem - a man who retired from our community some months but released one level and started a new Duke3D site after his retirement - is now working on Borg Nukem 2. Strange retirement but at least I'm happy to hear that another TC - doomed to die before its release - is under construction. Today Borg Nukem TC has over 2000 downloads which is an extremely nice number.

SST TC - the most popular TC ever - is finally getting a sequel. Shortly after SST TC was released three years ago, the team announced that a sequel will be made. Moloch - the leader - abandoned everything due to lack of interest, time, life etc. (whole story here But now the project has respawned. Forum is available at AMC (among lots of other good Duke3D related forums as well - register today or die).

In last update I said 'Argentian newbie couldn't stop Fakir from doing the thing he loves most' - That wasn't my opinion but just a quote from the txt of 'Morpheus Revisited'. So don't take it literally.

And if you want to find out the sequel to that quote then read the review of Fakir's new 'Saturday Night Fewer' level, download it and open its txt file. The level itself scored well in 'DM Maps' section so get there now.

Another release for today comes from Taivo Maripuu who just can't get enough of building. 'Babes' is a good level which unfortunately didn't hit the Hot Map score. It was close so the map itself is worth checking out. Review in 'Maps'.

New link added to 'Sepi's Duke Nuke Site' (another Finnish Duke3D dude). Also button to FTC TC added.

March 2, 2003: Two levels!

No school and no homework makes Mikko crazy. Crazy enough to review levels for this seven years old retro game. Argentian newbie (whose site got hosted by PD by the way) couldn't stop Fakir from doing the thing he loves most - Here's the result. 'Morpheus Revisited' is Fakir's version of Unreal Tournament's Morpheus. Check it out from 'DM Maps'.
Second level comes from Taivo Maripuu whose 'Taivo Deathcity' level got released here last week. This one's a bit better and worth checking out - definitely. But it isn't a hot map. So get 'Dark Place' from 'Maps'.

Here are two preview shots from Red4 (brightness added) - a sequel to awesome Red3.