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Spring 2001:

May 25, 2001: News

Just a quick information: I just got a new computer on 23rd day and I had a lot of problems with it
then. Anyway now the things with it are ok and Q3A etc. runs very well on my new PC. Anyway because
Dukeworld died many of the links are not working anymore. So I have to fix them all. Also many of
Dukeworld sites are moving now to PD (like JSBuild site). My Duke Tournament TC and MSSP Episode
sites are moving too to PD. So don't expect any MSDN updates until the end of the next week.

If you have sent me any mails during 21-25 of this month and haven't received replies then I probably
haven't received your mails. I don't think I lost any mails during PC upgrade but just in case that
you sent me a mail and haven't received a reply then send it again.

Once again I have received a lot of bad-quality maps. Don't send me your maps unless you are sure that
they are worth of reviewing in 'Hot Maps' section.

Check previous update for Dworld info and 'Aliens2' level.

I'll get back to you next week.

May 20, 2001: The Death

Biggest Duke Nukem 3D site ever has gone away. Our loved Dukeworld which hosted dozens of Duke
sites during five years is offline. Reasons weren't given but who needs them? Many of the sites
that were hosted by Dukeworld are now moving to other locations like Planetduke. My 'MSSP' and
'Duke Tournament' sites are going to get a place at Planetduke too in a few days.
Anyway read Brad's last words about Dukeworld at here.

MSDN thanks Dukeworld for all the support they have given to my projects.

Sad news but luckily we have something opposite too. MSDN still keeps going even the biggest and
oldest Duke site is gone (Planetduke will now take its place as a future Duke Nukem3D/DNF site).
Good news it that Fallout who is behind 'Aliens' map in 'Maps' section has released a better Alien
style map. 'Aliens2' is available in 'Hot Maps' section with 87 points. Very nice atmosphere.

May 16, 2001: Once again stuff from Dani

Map stuff: Dani J Swanson once again has released a new dukematch map which uses his own gothic
texture set. Map is called 'Anguish' and it's pretty good and fun. Choose section Dm Maps.

Site stuff: It's now official that that Nukeleated is down forever. Airhawke is searching for
new staff to work with new DNF site - why do people release DNF sites even the game isn't out yet?
Also new link has been added. Tchacm25 is the site and available in Links section. Check it out.

Blah stuff: Once again Czech Republic won gold in Ice Hockey. Finland came second. Too bad:(

That's for now.

May 10, 2001: New talent hits the 'Hot Maps'

Daniel from Finland's neighbor-country Sweden hits the 'Hot Maps' section with a new great map.
'One2ZerO' is an amazing piece of modern Duke. Get it and wait for other maps by Daniel too.

Let's talk: Summer is here (yeah)! It gets warmer all the time and world is looking green. I can't
wait to get out of school. I'm spending 30 hours a week in school and exams are soon (but I'm not
taking too much of pressure). I might get a new computer in few weeks so I can finally buy 'Serious
Sam'. If someone is interested in music that I'm listening these days then here's the answer: I'm
listening a lot of a band called 'Blink182' (I bet you have heard) and 'SASH!' (well dance music isn't
very popular in USA so SASH! is mostly known by europeans). More Duke stuff will also come. New alien
map once again and finally Dani J.Swanson's 'Anguish'. Enjoy your spring.

May 5, 2001: New map from Kevin Cools

Kevin Cools behind many Duke projects like Borg Nukem TC (which is looking good - I hope we can
see it on our PC screen sometime in near future), DNFInc map reviews and sites and levels etc.
has finally gotten a place at MSDN. 'The Secret Base (007)' is a very good map with lots of fun
and good design. It got 92 points and can be found from 'Hot Maps' section.

As for the DNFInc reviews: Matt has finally founded some time to update his site. Already at least
three reviews has been posted (Roch5, MSSP7, BJShrine) and more will come. Duke lives!

Another new map: Dean Lillie, who is behind some good maps in my Duke Tournament TC, has released
a dukematch map. Map is called 'Poolland' and it's quite good. Try it. Choose section 'DM maps'.

Cyborg - another great man behind some good Duke projects (TCP, Warfare, Dukeamp, MSDN Logo:)
has his own great site at Planetduke. This site has some Duke sound stuff - for those who are
interested in Duke music and Cyborg get there:

More stuff will come later!

April 29, 2001: BJShrine is out

One of the largest single-map projects called 'BJShrine' (or Blackjack's Build Museum) has been
released. It's a collection of best parts from best maps by best authors (like myself). It has
been under construction for over six months and now it's finally available in 'Hot Maps' section.

It has rained all week here but luckily it's getting warm and grass is getting green. I was also
fishing few days ago so that means summer is too close. School is ok because I'm not taking too much
pressure from it. New hot levels will be out in following updates.

It just might be that Nukeleated is down forever:(

April 25, 2001: New damn cool dukematch level

MSDN parties are over (read 21st news). Dani J Swanson is working on couple of new maps like Nexus,
Neon Arena and Anguish (we have seen only shots so far which are looking very good). In the mean time
he completed a small dukematch map 'WarDome'. It's a real killer map with awesome design and excellent
gameplay. Try it. Section 'Dm Maps'.

Good news is that there are lots of maps coming: '007 - The Secret Base', 'BJShrine' and a level from
a new talented author which is called 'One2Zero'. These are all very hot maps and soon available here
(one by one). Of course that ain't all. Just wait.

Bad news is that I don't know what's going on with following Duke sites: Nukeleated - was updated normally
inside one month before 2001 but it seems like it has been dead now for ages. BugTeam - No updates in a long
time. DnfINC - Many times DnfINC has posted news about coming reviews but I haven't seen anything yet.

April 21, 2001: Happy birthday MSDN!

MSDN is now two years old. In spring 1999 I released this site. Back then it was ugly, full of bad
language and small reviews. Take a look here to see what kind of MSDN was two years ago.
Anyway my first host was our local interenet connection service 'Sonera/inet'. Because of 5Mb homepage
space I decided to take and leave to Dukeland. Dukeland became Planetduke so now I'm hosted by Planetduke.
With the help of Planetduke, Dukeworld and some unofficial Duke sites (see 'World Of Duke Sites' above)
I have managed to get around 60 visitors a day (when MSDN was launched I got about 4 visitors a day and
a year ago in spring 2000 I got about 30 visitors a day). So thanks Duke sites:)

Anyway I have to give something for you now. 'Earlymaps' is a collection of my old maps (three maps)
which are 'Moonbase', 'Unreal2' and 'RR' (made by a friend of mine). Get it from 'My Maps' section.
'Begin To Nowhere V2.0' is a remake of my old map which has been available here for ages. The new version
is a lot more better. Get it also from 'My Maps' section.

New poll has been added also. This time it's about Pascal Rouaud's 'Roch' maps. The question of the
last poll was 'which is your favorite MSSP map?'. Here's what you thought: MSSP6 51% of votes, MSSP5
12% of votes, MSSP4 18% of votes and MSSP3 18% of votes. So MSSP6 was the best (MSSP7 wasn't completed
when the poll started).

As for the other mapping news: 'Fallout' behind 'Aliens' map (in 'Maps' section) has almost completed
the new aliens map. We'll see about that. Dani J. Swanson behind 'Torment' has completed 'Wardome' which
is a damn good dukematch map - soon available here. 'BJShrine' project has been completed too. Soon
available here.

April 15, 2001: 'Mall' map and stuff

Easter vacation is getting over and all the chocolate eggs are still left - so let's enjoy Duke
while eating them. New map with review in section 'Maps' - 'Mall' is a shopping center level with
lots of small shops etc. Get it.

Anniversary of MSDN is getting closer so this update will be the last one before 21st of this month.
So you have to wait for a week to get something. I'm gonna release again some of my old Duke maps from
the past times. So get back here then.

I have received a lot of not-so-good maps in a short time so please DO NOT send me any maps which
you think could get only to 'Maps' section. Send me only yours good maps which could get to 'Hot Maps'
section. I have said it in 'Maps' section that I'm not automatically taking bad-quality maps here.

April 10, 2001: Another 'alien' map

Hi! Anniversary is getting closer. In the meanwhile you can enjoy Duke with some cool 'Alien' maps.
'Colony A2' is from the author of 'Messhall A2' (check April fifth news). It has better design and
also some cool alien sounds. This time it can be found from 'Hot Maps' section. Get yours now!

Juha Laaksonen is the dude who made 'Invaders' and 'S-A' (both available here). He also has a Duke
site with news and Duke map reviews. Site is nice even it doesn't have any of those flash macromedia
animations or other hi-res quality pictures. It's a worth visiting site just like this. So check the
site here:

I asked on fifth day of this month about 'Is MSDN really the only Duke mapping site out there?'
and I actually got some replies. It really looks like the question says (well Juha is still around)
but luckily we still have some really good sites and TCs going around like 'Grins Of Divinity' TC
(which looks really good - I'm a part of the team) and 'Alien Versus Duke'. And of course Planetduke
and Dukeworld. Check also PD's hosted site which has
some really nice stuff.

That's all for now. See you soon.

April 5, 2001: New 'alien' map

April fools are over. Dukeworld is back in action and Napster might get what it deserves (close down
the damn thing already).

New map available in 'Maps' section. It's called 'Messhall' and it has an alien movie theme.
AvD site has also been updated with some alien news from one of the most interesting looking
TCs ever made.

Is MSDN really the only Duke mapping site out there?

By the way. I said in 'The Long Road' review that the author is the same than in 'The Big City'
but it isn't. Sorry for this.

April 1, 2001: New maps again

Still Duke keeps living. Two new maps here now. 'Nitefall' is a hot map with 88 points. It's a good
level made by a Duker who started many years ago building maps. Get it from Hot Maps section with
the review. 'The Long Road' isn't the best level out there but well worth trying with 71 points and
it's located in Maps section. Have fun and things like that and get Roch5 also.

Well spring is finally here. Soon we have an oppoturnity to go outside fishing and other summer
hobbies. It gets warmer all the time and the snow is getting away. Remember that 21st of this month
is the anniversary of THE MSDN. So be there then!

March 28, 2001: Roch5!

Forget about that email thing. You may send me messages again. I'll get back to you when something
actually happens. Address still is

Roch5 is finally here. Review and the map are available in Hot Maps sections. In case you have noticed
maps are not much anymore reviewed in 'Map Reviews' section. It's just too unuseful because map reviews
in Hot Maps are longer.

Dukeworld is offline for a couple days. More news at

March 24, 2001: Email offline

Do Not try to send me any emails before I have gotten my new email addres. I'm changing my win95
to win98 so I will lost all my previous emails. I'll get back to you when you can send me emails
again with new addres.

Meanwhile I have something for you to play. 'The Big City' is a new map made by Maarten v. Oostrum.
This map has a lot of 'Roch' feeling (Roch5 is ready by the way). Anyway it isn't very special so it
can be downloaded from section 'Maps' (review there too of course).

And finally the working version of 'Asylum' (points: 94) atomic version is here. This map was uploaded
here about a month ago and it didn't worked fine with v1.4. Anyway the new version supports both atomic
and plutonium as well as v1.3d. Get it from section 'Hot Maps'.

March 21, 2001: Releases

Today we have two nice releases! First of all, latest (and probably the last) version of my own
MSSP Episode has been completed. 'MSSP Episode v3.0 End Game' is the name of the pack and it includes
of course all the MSSP maps (mssp1-7 + boss level) and modified enemies, textures and sounds. It's
one of my last Duke products (but not the last because I still have some old things on my hard-drive)
so get it now because it's a damn good too. Check section Episodes for small preview and download
the episode from

Blackjack, Maarten and Chris Alcock decided to create a wonderful dukematch map. 'Turfwarz' is the
name of the product and it's a dukematch map made by three top builders. Read more and download it
from section DM maps.

New stuff is coming. At least 'Anguish' by Dani J Swanson (Torment) and Roch5 are getting closer.

Matt from DNFInc updated his site with few maps and a review. We'll see how long it stays alive this time.

March 17, 2001: News

Sorry for the lack but I was waiting for 'Roch5'. Well it's not available yet but very soon.
'Stranger' is also going to release some of his older maps and if they are good enough then
they will be available here.
Also my third version of 'MSSP Episode' will be out inside a week probably. 'MSSP Episode V3.0
- End Game' will be the name and it will have even more new stuff than previous two versions.
More info here.