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May 28, 2000: More Roch maps

"Roch Secret1" is now available. This level was originally designed for Dukematch but I think that it
is full SP map. That's why I placed it in Hot Maps not Dm Maps section. Anyway go ahead and download
Roch Secret1 from Hot Maps section.

And then about my future maps. Well when Starship Troopers TC will be finished I will be the one who
will make a usermap for this TC ( at least I think so ). I think that SST will be released soon so I
can get working with it ( and I'm going to review it also ).

Then about Duke Tournament TC: I really happy about that Duke Tournament TC is still in the most wanted
list of Dukeworld's downloads. I'm also really happy about comments for the TC but I need more so if you
have already tryed it then please comment more. For now I have received only few comments and lots of
technicial problem questions. Anyway Duke Tournament is available for download at DT site. File size is
about 3.5 Mb so it's worth of playing.

Also a little bit more about my future maps: I really do believe that my MSSP5 is my last map for MSSP
serie. But I also do think that sometime in future I'll do an ending map for the serie which is simply
end-boss map like original Duke's stadium or something like that. Anyway I won't release the map ( if
I even ever do it ) as a single usermap. I will join all Mssp maps into one episode and this ending map
will be finish for the episode. Will the episode include anything else than maps and new user.con? I wont
tell it to you. I'm not even sure will I ever do the whole thing so all this could be just an idea.

May 21, 2000: News

New button added to "World of Duke sites" above. Duke Map Busters is awesome and unique site for
Duke which includes demos of some excellent maps. Head over there now.

My ICQ is finally back online. I changed my number and the new number is 74485464.

Roch DM1 is soon available. While waiting for it you can spend your time by playing other "Roch"
maps. Get Roch, Roch2 and Roch3 from Hot Maps section.

May 17, 2000: Mssp5 ready

In case you have tried to connect me on ICQ inside last few days. then you have wasted your time.
I currently have screwed ( or they at icq ) all up with it. So don't try to connect me on ICQ until
I get things fixed.

Then some major releases:

Duke Tournament add-on TC, my own TC project is now finally completed. After a year of hard work I
finally did it ( and my team off course ). DT includes new weapons, levels and lot more so go ahead
to DT's official site and download your copy today.

MSSP5 is also finally here. Before you have only seen images from it but now you can finally get it.
I have been building this level about five months now so it's sure worth of trying. I think it's my
best level ever. Choose section Hot Maps or click Mssp5 link on the left frame and download yours today.

Finally an update for Duke Nukem section. I added "Total Conversions" section there so go
ahead and check some TC info. Choose section Duke Nukem.

What do you like of new font type:)

May 9, 2000: News

Okay so The Cyborg Projects page is down for a while so I added link which you can use to directly
download Cyborg's TC "Incubation-alien apocalypse" ( was reviewed here last week ). Download link
can be founded from TC Reviews section or if you want it now, then click here.

And then good news. Jorge Brea ( from formerly Duke Nukem Universe ) is back to his site and shows.
This time his site's name is Duke Nukem Uncensored ( ).

Looks like PlanetDuke finally added this site to their hosted sites list and image to shot of the week.
It also gave some extra visitors for MSDN. Couple days ago, there were over hundred hits in one day:)

Then more good news. Duke Tournament ( my own add-on TC ) is finally going to be released. I completed
it couple days ago and I think that I'm going to release it next week. Be sure and check news from DT

Mssp5 is also going to be finished in couple days.

May 5, 2000: Taygeta

New awesome map available in section Hot Maps. "Taygeta" by Children and Ray Tracer from BugTeam.
Taygeta is amazing sequel for "Maia" ( also available in Hot Maps section ).

By the way. Mssp5 is almost done. Main look of the map is ready and only things I have to do is to
add secret places, monsters and some details.

May 1, 2000: MSDN is one year old

MSDN is over one year old now. This site was first time uploaded to net at 4.21 of 1999. I have
updated this site usually twice a week without any breaks. This site has now about 70 maps with
comments and some with special review.

Anyway I have redesigned this site three times. First was ugly, second was better but ugly but after
those two sites I made frames for MSDN and then this site design was uploaded. It looked quite dark
then but with small changes I have made it really nice looking:). If you want to know what kind of design
MSDN had about a year ago then click here ( don't be scared ). I even asked Dukeworld to host MSDN
back then and answer was "sorry but bad design". Anyway now I'm sure that they would host my sites and
I would move to Dukeworld unless they would have such a sucking download system. First you have to mail
to them and then they'll move file to their server so you have to wait at least a day.

First server that hosted MSDN was our local internet connection server "Sonera". Then before christmas
I moved to Dukeland which later became Planetduke.

Then I have a gift for you. I have been building Duke maps for over two years. I'm sure you are
interested in what kind of maps my first maps were. Well I finally released three of my first
maps ( not VERY firsts ) and they are available in Maps section or you can click here to download.
Believe me, you won't be disappointed:) These are classics.

April 29, 2000: TC review

Cyborg made a new logo for me so I decided to review his TC called "incubation - alien apocalypse".
It is reviewed in section TC Reviews. There's also link to his page where you can go and download
the TC.

I also got ICQ and my uin is: 71211982.

April 23, 2000: Easter

Okay nice easter time for everyone. Good thing is, no school for a four days:) Anyway Pascal's
newest map Roch3 is finally here. It's really good map and rated 92 points. Read review from
section Map Reviews and download it from section Hot Maps.

And thanks for Cyborg for making new logo.

April 15, 2000: New awesome map

New awesome map has arrived. Maarten Pinxten's "MP's Suspicious Storage" is great new level with
some fresh elements. It is also mission based. Map can be founded from section Hotmaps and it is
also reviewed in Map Reviews section. Enjoy:)

I also beta tested Children's and Ray Tracer's new map called Taygeta. It was quite good except there
were some difficult setting problems still. It will be available asap.

More good maps are coming. Roch3 from Pascal Rouaud. Pascal is going to send me the beta version so
I can test it soon. It will be also available in short time ( hopefully ). In the mean time, you can
catch some other Pascal's maps from Hotmaps section. Try "Roch" and "Roch2".

Still one more thing. New button added to "World of Duke sites" ( affiliates ) above so go and check
"Duke map archive".

April 9, 2000: News

Here are some absolutely good news:) DMC is getting back with map reviews. That's a damn amazing news for
all DMC fans ( including me ).

I think that new Hot Map is coming soon. Children and Ray Tracer from BugTeam are creating new map
which is sequel for amazing Maia. It should be here as soon as it's completed.

And finally new amazing shot from Mssp5 which is by the way going well and there are not much anymore
to do. It should be ready inside a month. Click here to see the shot.

April 4, 2000: New review

Okay then. April fools are over and we are getting closer the summer. Here are some awesome news:
Bobsp2 is finally reviewed in Map Reviews section. Bobsp2 is the most wanted file in
here at MSDN. And in case you haven't yet gotten it then download it from Hotmaps section.

I'll have you one more Mssp5 shot with next update, maybe. And in case you haven't yet downloaded
new DM map called Bisco then get it from here.