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31st of December 2019

Merry Christmap | Single | Author: Seb Luca | Download

The Review: This is a Christmas map for the quirky Mr The Killer Total Conversion (see full review here). The map makes real good use of its Christmas theme: there's a festive tune playing in the background (that admittedly could really fit any map in the TC), there are plenty of presents lying around that may hold traps as well as goodies, and the map looks pretty with all the snow and little houses around. The map is centered around a puzzle whereby you need to collect a set amount of said presents and a special key. It's nothing too out of the ordinary but beats your usual key-and-button hunt any day, and there's a fair amount of cool new effects and interesting details to keep things fresh as you explore. There were quite a few annoyances though, including hard-to-spot mines, hitscan enemies shooting you through vegetation, and a rather tough (in a lame trial-and-error sort of way) underwater segment that I really could have lived without. The map also runs terribly with Polymer, so just turn it off even if the website says that "Polymer must stay activated". Other than that, the map, like the TC it belongs to, is fun in a slightly twisted way; often annoying, even tough, but uniquely refreshing and filled with new ideas.

Rating: No rating

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