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7th of March 2011

Duke Plus Community Build Project | Single | Author: A Vicious Pack of Mappers | Download

The review: The first Duke Plus Community Build Project is a bit more ambitious than your usual CBP. It's big, conceptually grand and a hell of way to introduce the Skycar vehicle. Gambini's suberp attention to details is surpassed by none, this time including a pirate ship, a lighthouse and the DeLorean from Back to the Future trilogy. Rigelblast & Crux Borealis have crafted an alternative dimension with tons of impressive bizarre terrain. Here you better keep your eyes open for some saw blades with which to cut Protector Drones in half and goggles that reveal otherwise invisible enemies. Merlijn van Oostrum has put together a large hi-tech section for the Skycar that kinda reminded me (in a good way) of a similar segment in Operation Na Pali and Maarten van Oostrum provides, along with a moody cave section, an ending for the map. Yours truly designed a small and quiet hi-tech base that's kinda like an interlude for the rest of the map. Duke Plus features and weapons are widely available throughout the map and using the Skycar is a must. If this is your first Duke Plus map, the learning curve may feel a bit high at first but then again you won't find a better map to introduce you to Duke Plus mechanics. (Note: The map is included in the latest version of Duke Plus so you don't need to download the map separately if you already have Duke Plus. In fact, since you need Duke Plus for the map anyway you should have no use for the download link above.)

Rating: No rating

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