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21st of April 2021

Bank Job | Single | Author: Michael_Hunt | Download

The Review: This is an E3 type of map centered around a bank. While not boasting many details, the map makes the most out of strong lighting and solid 3DR-type texturing. The map looks its best outdoors with a good mix of various signs and palm trees decorating the streets and buildings casting strong shadows (notice their consistent angle!). Indoors a few areas (most notably the main hall) were rather lacking and bland, and trimming in general could've been a bit stronger, but strong lighting still carries the map pretty far. My only lighting related snag is that some areas were a bit too dark, but playing this in the middle of the day didn't really help either.
Combat is good but a bit tough at first as you face several Pig Cops and a tank right at the bank entrance. A few times it seemed to take forever to find health, but I'd suggest looking around for any extra supplies. Toward the end there's a small design flaw where you're required to blow open a crack; had I not had one Devastator ammo left, I'd have been unable to finish the map. The Nukebutton then takes you to Penthouse.

Rating: 91

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