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24th of May 2014

Apprehension Arizona | Single/Multi | Author: Thobias "Loke" Fast | Download

The review: From the Antarctic you step into the burning heat of Arizona. An EDF desert facility has been taken over by the scumbags and once again it's up to Duke to clean up the mess. The map consists of two halves, the first centering around a large desert area and the second taking place within the confines of the EDF base. The desert area has some of the best terrain design in a Duke3D map so far but the overall impression is taken down a bit by the area's extreme brightness and its lack of what is known as "3d lighting", i.e., using different shade values on adjacent walls. The ranged combat also got a bit tedious here but the section is not too long for its own good. If the outdoors boasted some of the best terrain design, the indoors do the same with its flawless, innovative and clean use of texturing (but even here I found the overall light level a bit too uniform). The base's rooms are not merely squares with details thrown in but rely extensively on curves and spritework to give them a more elaborate, organic look: Every seam seems to blend in perfectly with every inch of the room. Like the outdoor areas, the indoors too provide plenty of space to move around so you won't get stuck on details while fighting. There's a nice little storyline in the background that explains all the red-colored enemies, and the map comes with a pretty good, action-oriented custom track.

Rating: 93

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