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Quakis's Old Maps 2 | DM | Author: Quakis | Download 71kt

MSDN is not a place for level packs but in any case here's one. Quakis entered MSDN with 'Nuked1: Launch Bay Complex 1' (86 points in 'Hot Maps'). This is a pack of his old levels.
-Shortcut demo: a small uncompleted single-player level. Good design but very small. Not worth your time.
-Neoplant: Small dukematch level with one room & a vent. Too small for dukematch. Impossible to play.
-GresterDM2: Two-room dukematch level with one very nice looking area. Doesn't work with dukematch.
-GresterDM3: Two-room dukematch level. Too small for Dukematch. Impossible to play.
-Fallinghigh: Duke keeps falling all the time - interesting idea but doesn't work with dukematch.
So design is highly detailed in each level - excluding Fallinghigh - but gameplay value is zero and levels are very small. I'm not going to give high-scores for one-room levels. Not worth your time.

Quakis's Old Maps 2
Rating: 45