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Autumn 2015:

October 31, 2015: Hell night!

There wasn't much to report from the mapping front but a few days ago things started to look a lot better, right on time for Halloween. First we have Baptized in Lunar Dust, a space-themed map by Loke, and then we have something much more fitting for Halloween, a 5-map minimod called Haunted Nukem by Duke64Nukem. So, that's something for you to play with while trying to keep your mind off all the ghouls looking over your shoulder right now.

And if you want something really scary for this Halloween, Alien: Isolation is on a Steam sale right now. It's the best first-person game ever so check it out!

September 22, 2015: Electric Highways deux!

Noticed that my review of Electric Highways was missing a conclusion: I had simply forgotten to paste it. But it's fixed now.

September 19, 2015: Electric Highways!

Zykov Eddy's "interactive concept album", Electric Highways, has now been reviewed.

September 6, 2015: Flaming Shipwreck reviewed!

Finally managed to review The Flaming Shipwreck.

Also check out Zykov Eddy's Electric Highways, another experimental EDuke32 project. A review will follow a bit later.