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Autumn 2013:

October 28, 2013: BobSP4!

I'm still recovering from a bit of low back pain, or "witch's arrow" (noidannuoli) as it is called in Finland, so I'm unable to sit in front of a computer, or anywhere for that matter, for longer than a few minutes, but I'm quickly uploading BobSP4 for you to play with. A review will follow later.

October 20, 2013: Red 1 - again!

In case you ever wondered why the first part of the groundbreaking Red series sucked, you need not do so anymore. Red 1 has been re-imagined as Red 1: Poisoned Lands. Check it out!

October 1, 2013: Castle Quest!

Here's a 7-map medieval map pack, Castle Quest.

September 14, 2013: Project Con!

So far this month is looking good as well; maybe our brilliant Duke Nukem Forever mod reinvigorated the community. Anyway, here's today's special, Project Con, a demo of an upcoming horror-themed mod.

September 10, 2013: The Edge!

This month has started off pretty well with a few new releases with Zykov Eddy's The Edge being the first one to be reviewed. Enjoy!