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Autumn 2003:

October 31, 2003: Alien Sanctuary!

Happy Halloween!

A new level from Zaxtor - 'Alien Sanctuary'. It's a Hot Map with 89 points. It looks good, plays quite well and has some new effects. Check Alien Sanctuary from 'Hot Maps'.

October 26, 2003: Levels!

Well I decided that I won't announce anything about my new mini-mod yet so maybe later. Anyways the first snow came (everything is totally white) and along it came some new levels. 'Arc_Nova Base' is a Hot Map from Zaxtor whose 'Gray Hill' was released here about three weeks ago. 'Arc_Nova Base' is an interesting space level so get yours today. Another release comes from Quakis and this time it's an old level called 'The Origin 1'. It's pretty good and fun for five minutes so get it from 'Maps'.

October 19, 2003: Shuttle Service!

I'll be gone the next four days - So call me on friday if you have something to say. However I do have something for you - A new Hot Map from Reginukem (Fight4Life, Urban Reclamation). It's called 'Shuttle Service' and it's a spaceship level with some neat effects. You don't want to miss this one. Check 'Hot Maps'.

Oh and I have been working on a new mini-mod since February - I'll have some news about it probably with the next update.

October 11, 2003: Doomcity & news!

So it turned out that it takes about 1 weeks before the computer store (from which I'm buying my new computer) receives new boxes (in which you place all the parts). I can't be without my computer that long so I took my current computer back for 1 weeks. They have all the other new parts but not the box so I'll get that new computer within two weeks.

And again an old level has been dug up from the grave by Stef. 'Doomcity' comes from the brilliant author of Hell Station & Mothership. It's a large city level (you like them don't you?) and scored 87. Get it from 'Hot Maps'.

I heard that some officials in the US are trying to change the law which allows only American-born Americans to become presidents. Does this mean that the new governor of California - Arnold Schwarzenegger - is going to be the president of the United States in the future? Will we someday hear words 'Hastala Vista North-Korea!' or something similar coming from the mouth of the US president?

October 8, 2003: News!

I haven't spent much time online or on my computer during the last three days. I'll try to answer to some mails tonight etc. but within a few days I'll get a brand new computer!!! If everything goes well I'll have it by friday - if not then I'll have it next week. In any case I'll take my current computer away tomorrow so I won't be able to do anything online within the next two-five days.

October 4, 2003: Gray Hill!

Here's a quick update just in case I forget it (time moves so quickly these days that you can't even update when you'd want to):

'Gray Hill' is a level which was released at AMC a few days ago - Reviewed by The Fearless Amund o'Mighty. However he failed to give you a download link so whenever AMC fails - MSDN rescues. 'Gray Hill' had potential to reach a better score (and a better section) but as it is now - it landed on 'Maps' section. However don't let this bother you - If you downloaded just one 'Maps' map per year it'd have to be this one.

September 30, 2003: Three dukematch levels!

Only dukematch stuff this time: 'Napalm Death' (you played "Dark Place 4" - right?), 'Eye of the Storm' (not the one Salacius Crumb is working on)(don't forget Aaro's "Dead Meat") & 'Death Matchers Delight' (check also Matt's "Fast Track"). Check them out!

September 21, 2003: Two hotties!

Two new hot maps for you: Dark Place 4 from Taivo Maripuu (Drugtree) and Dead Meat from Aaro Ruohonen.

Renegado from AMC forums felt it necessary to share a picture with you as do I know after seeing it. It tells the sacred truth about the most heinous program ever created by a man:

Nothing else to see here - Go away!

September 14, 2003: Dukai and most fascinating politics!

This one was released years ago and I remember playing it back then - However there's no good explanation for why it hasn't been released here before. Luckily Stef from AMC picked it up and now it's here. Check 'Dukai' from 'Hot Maps'. This one is well worth digging up from the grave.

Swedes decided to stay out of the Euro zone which is a bit sad and stupid. Sooner or later these guys have to step on board with the rest of the EU so why to waste time now? Sweden is no longer just some independent country but a part of the EU and it should act like that. Their foreign minister was most likely killed by one of these idiots who place the Fatherland above everything else. I hope the UK will stay out of the public vote (Euro vote) and let their government vote for the people because the thing is that people tend not to be well enough informed about the good and bad sides of these political/economical issues.
The good thing is that Estonia voted for the EU (not for Euro - yet). At least they understood the meaning of the EU and its long-term effect on economy. The EU has spread wealth and democracy to millions without using any troops or tanks. Good for Estonians.

And thank you Valve for giving us Steam - the most evil invention ever. You have no idea how many hours I wasted with this disastrous program which ruins your health and computer. Support the cause of us gamers by signing a petition here:

And thanks to Jeffery Eberlein for re-submission of Platoon TC to Fileplanet. You can get this old classic here. And remember to check the first TC review of MSDN - Platoon.

The next update will bring you a new level from Aaro Ruohonen - In case you haven't tried his latest then give 'ARSP1' (a hot map) a try.

September 8, 2003: Two 'Maps' levels!

DukeWeb is back in action with some fresh updates from the world of DN3D. Support our cause by visiting DukeWeb today.

Not much has happened since the last update - at least nothing which should be public yet. There are some good looking levels coming as well as Total Conversions - Just register at AMC forums to see some previews.

I have two levels for you - 'EDMAN1' scored 83 and 'Twin Clash' scored 63 - Go to 'Maps' section to get them (at least the first one).

September 1, 2003: Stuff!

A few goodies for you. First a hot map from Kef called 'Freedom' which scored 95. Then a dukematch level from Reginukem called 'Workmen's compensation' (scored 90) and a review of Fakir's new partial conversion called 'DukeVR' (download link - 88kb & review available in 'TC Reviews').

August 22, 2003: Three Duke levels & one SW level!

Okay so here we go: 'Bizarre' was one of the first user-made levels which I downloaded from the internet. Since -99 I have been thinking about reviewing it at MSDN but always somehow forgot to do so. And now finally 'Bizarre' by Bob Masters is available at MSDN and it scored 97 which took it to MSDN-Top5 (check next to logo). Check 'Hot Maps'.

Two new levels available in 'Maps' section - both are pretty good which means that if you have time - go and try them both. 'Atogad' scored 83 and 'Shortcut' 81.

LAW is known for his work on Alien based levels and now he's trying to finish his Alien themed TC. MSDN hasn't been involved - and won't be involved - in Shadow Warrior mapping. However since LAW asked me so kindly I decided to upload his Shadow Warrior level here since there are no other SW sites around. However this main page will be the only place where you can get this level (if you have Shadow Warrior) and MSDN will NOT release any more SW levels so don't start sending your SW levels here.

The name of the level is 'Secrets of the Ancient Japan' (SOTAJ in short) and it's pretty long with quite much variety. I can't judge SW levels very well but design seems to be good. Nature is beautiful and places like Dark Woods & Great Forest are pretty well made. Inside locations are detailed and full of action. However the level became frustrating in the end where I ran out of bullets & health many times. The marsh area was extremely frustrating because of lack of health & ammo. Maybe it's just that I haven't played SW for years. Try to find all four ninja Turtles (yes yes I'll try to change the poll). Download SOTAJ here. Below are two shots from the level.