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Autumn 2000:

November 11, 2000: News

Sorry for the lack of the updates but there weren't anything to update. Anyway here's some.
-As you knew that I'm redesigning map reviews sections with a new look for the reviews. It's
not anything special but should be more better than the older one. This might take some time
so be patient.

A new poll here. Here are the final results for the last poll (remember that it crashed couple times):

Question was: Which one of these is your favorite level:
MPCC2: Waterworld - 13%
MPResort - 5%
Bobsp2 - 27%
Docking Doom - 8%
Roch4 - 44%
So it looks like Roch4 won with 44% of all the votes. Nice job Pascal.

New poll question is about the coming new design for map reviews. Should I use star rating system
(from 1 to 5 stars) or current number rating system (1-100%)? Which one you think is better.

Maarten Pinxten Behind awesome MPCC maps has now completed his new site. This site has only his
maps (for DN3D, Doom and Wolfenstein) and some other nice stuff. Check his site at

How about MSSP6? Well here's some progress info for you:
- Map is now about 75% completed. There are only few sectors left to do (and I have already
planned them) and after those there's still the final detailing and beta-tests. In detailing
I will try to use a part of the remaining sectors for detailing to give more strenght for the
map. Anyway I'll have you screenshots later.

You can reach me at Nukeleated forums these days.

November 6, 2000: News

There are some small changes coming to MSDN - Map reviews will get a new look (no comments will be
changed) - some of the maps has to be removed (very bad quality or else) - some map ratings might
change and each map review section will get an explanation. Anyway these changes will be here as soon
as I have completed them.

Then about Nukeleated. This site has been online about a week now and there are few new reviews posted
there (including one review by me). Yesterday a famous Bobsp2 was reviewed. Anyway in these few weeks
you can expect to see reviews which are made by me or about my maps so stay tuned.

Dani J Swanson is making another level. This time Dukematch style map which is located in a neon arena.
This map is under construction and here are a few shots of it. His new single-player map is under construction
too and shots can still be seen from the bottom of this page.

November 3, 2000: New alien map

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloweens 'cause it's over now. Anyway I have been travelling around
Nukeleated lately searching for interesting things. This site really kicks ass so take a look. Finally
I got a new map for you.

'Aliens' is a new map made by 'Fallout'. If you have played my level 'LV426' or seen alien movies
then you know what to expect. Anyway this map hasn't got so good design so it's placed in Maps section
with 80 points. Anyway this map is really scary and interesting (thanks to its theme). Get it.

October 30, 2000: News - Nukeleated

The ground is white (first snow came yesterday) and new Duke site is up. Keep reading.

Newest, biggest, the most enjoyable new Duke domain site Nukeleated is up - finally. After months
of waiting Airhawke's new DMC is up with a name Nukeleated. This site has maps, tc reviews... blah
so many things that you have to check it out yourself. Also button added. I'm also a member of this
new site's staff. I writed almost everything at Duke Nukem 3D overview section like Enemy/weapon infos,
features etc. And then I made lots of map reviews.

October 26, 2000: News

I was out of town for a couple of days so that's why there weren't any updates. Anyway I'm out of
a school now for a week (autumn holiday). It's getting colder and things like that.

Anyway I made some reviews for DNFInc few days ago. I reviewed six levels which are available at
DNFInc. Thanks for Matt for letting me do those things.

Again I heard some rumours from JS Build site about DMC2 launch. Anyway the site isn't online yet
but visit at usually to see if anything has happened.

October 20, 2000: News

Read my interview at Duke Nukem Center which concerns Duke Nukem's future when DNF comes out and
Duke's Build Engine. DNCenter interviewed many TC/mod authors about this thing so read them all. Link to DNCenter added.

MSSP6 is moving on. I would like to thank you all for the comments you sent about MSSP6 shots.
Sometimes I'm getting nowhere with the map but I get lots of inspiration for it when I'm at school:)
I don't know why but that's how it is. Anyway I need your help. Please send me comments about what
I shouldn't do/add to MSSP6 or if you think that something sucked in my previous maps then let
me know what so I can avoid it in MSSP6. Anyway give me some tips.

I have also forgotten to mention you about this. I'm a member of a TC project called Grins of Divinity.
Site was opened at Dukeworld yesterday and shots looks good. I'm in a team as a tester. Link to their
site added to links section.

October 15, 2000: Lots of Shots

MSSP6 screenshots are finally here. Level is about 40% completed. I can't give you any release
dates but I'm sure it will be released before year 2002. Anyway shots are again in a zip file
and zip includes four shots from the map. Download shots from here or use the link on the left

Dani J Swanson who made Despair, Torment and some other good dm maps is now making a single player
map. This map is a hi-tech map and here are few shots of it. Could this be the new king of details? ( I had
to add some brightness to the pictures or else they would have been too dark)

October 12, 2000: News and new dm map

Sorry for the lack of the updates but the time went too fast and I didn't noticed to update.

First of all: GlDuke is released. This modification makes Duke to use 3dfx card. Zip file is
smaller than 50kb so try it. I couldn't get it working well but I'm sure you do. All you need
is a 3d-card. Remember that the version is very early so there are lots of bugs.

DMC2 = Nukeleated: JS heard from Airhawke and I read it from JS's site. Nukeleated is finally
getting up. If we are lucky we might expect to see this new site at this weekend.

New map by Dani J Swanson who made Torment and Lost Tower. Despair is an amazing Dukematch map with
lots of new art (which looks good). Download size is about 700kb which is bad but try it.

New link added to findtutorials site. This site helps you to find any tutorials you need about Duke3d.

October 5, 2000: New maps and TC Review

I have only good things for you now.

Long awaited Total Conversion "Pray Your Prayers 2000", which delayed a bit 'cause of technicial
bugs is now available for download and first review is of course at MSDN. So before downloading
the TC from the site read amazing review here. Select section TC Reviews.

Two new Dukematch maps. Guy who's behind dm map called "Lost Tower" just sent me couple new DM maps.
These maps are "Techture" and "Torment". Techture is quite normal dm map and Torment is a really good
one with new art. Get them both from section DM Maps.

October 1, 2000: News

Getting closer the snow.

Damn. MSDN Poll crashed. I don't know why but it seems like alxpoll is doing some things with their
server and poll counters went back to zero (or some fucker hacker screwed it up)! Anyway vote again!

MSSP6 is going well. I have completed about 30-40% of it and I'm full of ideas. Anyway I have four
school exams on next week so I won't hurry with it (to reach good quality with the map and with the
exams). I'll have you some screenshots later.

September 27, 2000: Reviews

Finally the Fusion TC has been released into public. This TC is a good one with lots of new stuff
and good gameplay. Size is 18Mb but it's worth of downloading (use go!zilla). Review is available
in TC Reviews section.

I also received a new map few days ago. Lost Tower is a good dm map with nice design and medieval
theme. Review and download available in DM Maps section.

If you like this site and wanna cast your vote then scroll down to this site and vote for MSDN in
that gamelist things button or whatever. Just click it or I won't update again:)

September 23, 2000: Major update

I did lots of work for Duke lately. My head really hurts. Here are some:

New poll as you can see. The question is "Which one of these is your favorite level". Cast your vote
before it's too late.

Episodes section has been updated with my "MSSP Episode" which I released some weeks ago. This section
just includes some little info about this episode and link to its site.

I added a new section here. My Maps section includes all Duke maps made by me. You don't anymore
have to search them from sections like Hot Maps. So right now My Maps section is the only place on
this site to find my maps.

New map called "Stranded" entered just Hot Maps section. Check the review and get your copy from there.

Also my other sites Duke Tournament TC and MSSP Episode has been updated with some new sections and
infos for example I added FAQ to the DT site.

I need a break now!

September 19, 2000: New Hot Map

Today I have a new map for you. "Sewer Control" is first map made by the author and looks good. Map
got 91 points and is available in Hot Maps section. I really hope that the author will make more maps
for Duke in the future. Don't miss this one.

I'll have you MSSP6 screenshots later and another Hot Map soon. Fusion TC will be reviewed here soon.

September 15, 2000: Two new maps

Long awaited "Roch4" has finally arrived. Roch4 is the best roch map yet. Normal review and download
available in Hot Maps section and bigger and better review is located at Map Reviews section. Have fun
and try other Roch maps too in case you haven't already.

Another map enters Maps section. "Towers" is a huge city map with 79 points. Worth of trying.

September 14, 2000: News

So what's happening? I'm still waiting for some releases like "PYP 2000", "Bobsp3" and "Roch4".
Not much anything else really. I started working of MSSP6 few days ago and right now I believe
that I got some time for it. You can't get out much anymore 'cause in the morning here is only
+1-+6 degrees warm which is really cold and in the day time it's only about +10-15 so it's getting
cold soon. I might got some MSSP6 screenshots soon.

September 9, 2000: New map

"Clearwater" level was released at DNI few days ago and now it's here. This map is totally someting
which you haven't ever seen before. It got 93 points and is available and reviewed at Hot Maps section.

I added some blue colours to the frames. I don't know is it a good choise but it makes me feel better:)

September 6, 2000: News

Finally someting really happens at Duke community. At first read out an excellent interview between
Planetduke and Bob Averill. Find out about what Bob has to say about other games engine's and about
great Finnish (like me:) Quake mapper - Iikka Keränen (IKQ). Don't miss this amazing interview.

Duke INC has gotten a new look. Pembo behind DNFZone has just completed a new design for amazing
map review site DNI. New design is sweeet. Oh and Bobdm1 is also finally reviewed there.

Roch4? Yeah that's right. Looks like Pascal Rouaud who is behind amazing Roch level serie has finally
almost completed Roch4. It's under beta-test now which means that it is soon here.

September 1, 2000: News and new map

Sorry for the lack of the updates but I was waiting for the permission from Shambler to release
"PYP 2000" review but the TC's release date delayed a bit. Perhaps with the next update.

New DM map! "Stranger" behind some amazing Duke maps like "Ruin", "Starlite" has just released
his newest dukematch maps. "Agony" is an amazing dukematch map which offers some challenge for single-
dukers too. Map has awesome design and detail. Get yours from section DM Maps.

Also BugTeam's Dukepage has been updated several times inside these few days with some great maps (including
my MSDM5) and news. Visit BugTeam.