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Summer 2007:

August 28, 2007: News!

It's time to head back to school in a few days and it seems that warm summer days are over as of now. However, when folks start to spend more time indoors it means they're gonna spend that time building maps and making mods. So, it's about time you start digging up those old, unfinished usermaps and finish them!

A new preview added, Duke 64, to Upcoming Maps.

Also, my old email address,, has not really been in use for about two years. It's true that this site has been pushing that address for a long time now but it's turned into a spam box so I don't use it. I do check the box every now and then (a few times a month) to see if there are any Duke3D related mails (I usually use words like "Duke", "maps", "levels" etc. to search). But because of the amount of spam sometimes your mail may get lost in the middle of all that trash so if I haven't replied to your unfortunate emails it's because these mails simply got lost. Anyways, see Contact for my new email address.

August 20, 2007: Dukem Memorial Hospital!

Another "Blast from the Past" map by Billy Boy, Dukem Memorial Hospital, has been reviewed.

And check Duke Repository for two "new" maps by Fernando Márquez, Viewport & Lunar Crossroads.

August 17, 2007: Discarded Stronghold!

A new map released, Discarded Stronghold! Three people worked on this map. William Gee assembled it out of parts built by Quakis ages ago and I finished the thing, added a few areas of my own and added gameplay. So, click here to get the map.

August 10, 2007: A Game Review!

Reviewed F.E.A.R.. Actually, the review was written last May but I forgot to post it.

But anywayz, I'll try to have something Duke related up within a few days.

August 4, 2007: Nuclear Showdown!

Another "Source Mod" has been reviewed. Check my take on "Nuclear Showdown" and download it!

Also, the usermap database of the recently resurrected Duke Repository is growing day by day. So all you "I don't wanna use Fileplanet cuz it costs" (a hint: IT DOESN'T!) n00bs head over to the Repository.

July 30, 2007: Sewerside!

Well it's been 20 days since my last update but now I'm returning to a more frequent update schedule. This is because I'm finally back home and I won't be leaving my apartment for a while now (at least not for extended periods).

Anywayz, Iggy's Sewerside map was released two weeks ago and got updated a couple of times shortly after its release. The level has now been reviewed & rated here so check out the review here.

In other good news, Duke Nukem Repository is slowly rising from the grave. This site used to provide a good amount of easily downloadable Duke3D maps, mods and tools. If everything goes well, all the good things should soon be back in action!

July 10, 2007: Lighthouse (Big Light)!

I gave this level, Lighthouse by Billy Boy, a try about a year and a half ago but never finished the damn thing. However, Quakis noticed that there definitely is some demand for a walkthrough and published one which helped me finally finish the level (Quakis wrote a walkthourgh also for Clearwater - old MSDN review here). The level took me almost two hours so this is the biggest Duke3D level ever. Check the review & download the level here.

July 8, 2007: Mods!

I have taken down the useless and dead "3D Models" section and replaced it with a brand new section, "Source Mods", that deals with Source Port mods. At the moment the section has just one mod - Duke Nukem: Weapon of Mass Destruction.

July 1, 2007: BobSPX: Xenocide!

Remember Bob Averill, the guy whose first single-player map was "too good to have sprite enemies"? Well, he's back with BobSPX, another (and last) sequel to Bobsp serie. This thing requires EDuke32/Jonof to run and it's recommended (not by me though) that you use the High Resolution Pack. Check the review & download link here.

June 29, 2007: Summer!

I have been having a real good time for the past two weeks. I'm in Pori right now, the town where I used to live, but I'll be returning back to my flat (in Turku) tomorrow. Then I'll be able to review & publish, after years of wait, BobSpX, the last Duke3D map by Bob Averill.

In the mean time, check for some new map reviews (including my old usermap for Platoon TC).

June 11, 2007: Quest for Al-Qaeda!

I've been sick for the past four days but it's getting a bit better now. But summer is definitely here and boy is it hot in here. I really hate this kind of heat. I'm wearing underpants only all day long and I'm dying to get a fan. I should be getting out of this apartment soon and be heading back home to Pori for some summer action with my friends (who remained there when I moved). However, there's still time for some Dukeing so I have reviewed Quest for Al-Qaeda, another west vs. them themed standalone TC. You also have the option to download some usermaps for the TC by Geoffrey van Dijk, the greatest artist of our time. Check the review for all the relevant links.

Btw, I completed C&C3: Tiberium Wars a few weeks ago and I loved it! These games are really the best with their highly entertaining missions, traditional units/structures and tongue-in-cheek live-action videos.