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August 24, 2000: News

Some News:

One of the best TCs last year was "Pray Your Prayers" (also reviewed here). It is finally getting sequel.
Project leader "Shambler" decided to make "PYP 2000" release which includes more kick ass levels and
weapons and other stuff. Anyway now that TC has been completed and is soon available for public.
Anyway I got a pre-release of this TC so I can make review when it's released. So PYP 2000 should
be available at PYP site in a few days and review is then here.

More good news: Bob Averill behind famous and amazing Bobsp serie is making now third part for his
Bobsp serie. Bobsp3 is hopefully here soon and screenshots are available at DukeINC right now.

August 19, 2000: New amazing map

"Girl_Online" who made few maps for SST TC has now released a new usermap. This map is perhaps the best
ever made space map and got 94 points at here MSDN. Read "Docking Doom" review from Hot Maps section
and get your copy.

Nothing else - sorry.

August 15, 2000: Nukem News and Releases

So school started again. I'm now at High School and after three years of that I have to go to army.
Anyway summer was fast and good and some good Duke maps also were released during that time
(excellent Maarten's maps).

MSSP Episode: Is finally released. This episode joins all my MSSP maps in to one episode and adds
few sounds also. More info, shots, and free download from the site. HTTP://WWW.DUKEWORLD.COM/MSSP/

Dukematch 2000: Mission Pack for my Duke Tournament TC is released also. This add-on adds five
levels and few more things for the TC (you need full version to run Mission Pack). Get your copy

Critical Mass: You still remember TC called Critical Mass? Well that TC has been under construction
for three years. I joined team about a year ago and made two maps for the project. I received comments
about my first CM map but never did receive comments for the second. I thought it was because I think
that he hated it and didn't wanted to comment. Anyway I was wrong 'cause CM site hasn't been updated
by its leader for over six months now. Leader or at least close leader Tom (Rocketboy) is missing.
CM site hasn't been updated (except by JS few weeks ago) for six months, no one and I really mean that
no one from CM team or anywhere else hasn't heard anything about him. Is the truth that Tom got bored
in CM TC and left it without noticing it to others - or is the truth that Tom IS DEAD? Who knows and
I'm serious. I just told this to you 'cause it could be interesting. Hope we can find you Tom. More
info at CM site and JS Build site.

Also some wonderful sites like DukeINC and JS Build site has been updated with lots of Duke info.

August 13, 2000: Boring

Another week without any updates - except this. If you think that MSDN is dying then think again.
I'm one of them that will stay in Duke community as long as possibly. You wanna hear reasons
for why MSDN hasn't been updated regulary: At first there's nothing to update and I'm not so bored
to just talk shit here. Secondly I have been busy you know this was the last week before damn school
so I have been lots of out the town and so on.

Anyway now I'm waiting for Dukeworld to open my mssp site for public - it should be up and running
in few days and then DT mission pack will be released also.

So school will start tomorrow and that sucks. That shouldn't affect MSDN at all so don't worry.
BTW: DMC has died - only to be reborn. That's right. Famous and excellent Duke map review site
has been destroyed by its leader Airhawke. Anyway DMC2 or Nukeleated should be here soon - hopefully
before September. So then there will be lots of Duke map reviews (some of the reviewed by me) hopefully

almost every day.

Anyway bye and I have been playing lots of Unreal Tournament on these days so I guess that I will
go and play it now. Have a really nice last-day-before-school (well that's not for all of you).

Bite me!

August 6, 2000: News

I'm back home again but does that brings anything new?

Well not much new. I have been doing much of reviews for DMC2 (public open soon) and working with my
new site (music, games, movies...). I'm still waiting for Dukeworld to release few files. I also bought
"Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP" cd just and it is very good so if you like rap music then go ahead and
buy Eminem.

I have already great ideas for my next map. Don't even ask when it will be release 'cause I haven't even
started and I'm not sure if I will ever start making it. MSSP5 was just reviewed at DukeINC with 89points.
Check out that damn cool review.

Also Moloch from Starship Troopers TC just released two new usermaps for the TC which were made by
SST TC fans. Levels are quite good so go ahead and download 'em from the site.

July 29, 2000: Lots of news

There hasn't been any updates lately 'cause there isn't anything to update. Well at first "Fusion"
Total Conversion which I have been followed lately is going to be released soon. Then Nukeleated
site ( DMC2 ) is also going to be opened soon. I have been doing dozens of map reviews for them.
Also my MSSP episode is going to have new site at Dukeworld and I waiting for them now so we can get
MSSP episode released. Also I'm waiting for them so I can release DT Mission Pack. EDuke is finally
going to be released at Dukeworld from 3Drealms. There aren't any new maps for now. I'm waiting for
Bobsp3 when it will be released. I'm also working for my new sites. Those are not Duke related site
but they are my own personal pages which includes movie, music and game reviews and much more. More
about that later. I'll leave on tuesday for a vacation and I'll be away for a week. Looks like summer
is finally coming here in Finland 'cause it has rained for a three weeks now. Today weather looks
good. More updates and releases then.

July 21, 2000: Maarten's new map

Maarten Pinxten behind some awesome maps ( MP's Suspicious Storage, MPresort, MPrail ) has just released
his newest Duke map "MP's Waterworld". Map is damn good and available in section Hot Maps. Bigger review
available in section Map Reviews. Have fun and get your copy now.

Also those who haven't yet gotten MSDM5 ( my fifth Dukematch map ) have now a good reason to go and download
it from section DM maps.

July 17, 2000: MSDM5 completed and available

Yeap. You heard right. My fifth Dukematch map "MSDM5" is finally available for you to download.
Design should be excellent as well as single player bot game. Map is available in section DMmaps.

Also my other works ( DT mission pack and MSSP episode ) are soon going to be released. Stay alert.

July 13, 2000: Projects completed

Group of my Duke projects were completed few days ago:

"MSSP episode" which I have mentioned couple times is completed. It includes all five original MSSP
levels plus one extra level which is a boss level. This add-on will be released later. I really don't
know but because of some reasons I will not release it yet. Hopefully inside a month it will be available.

"Duke Tournament Mission Pack: Dukematch 2000" which is a mission pack for my Duke Tournament TC.
This add-on includes couple new weapon sounds, five new levels and bot launchers. This add-on will
be released few weeks after MSDM5.

"MSDM5" which is my latest dukematch map. It is ready now but I'll release it after... Hmmm, I won't
tell it to you yet. Hopefully inside few weeks. Shots are still here.

It is official now. I mean the information about DMC2 or Nukeleated. Nukeleated is a new Duke site from
Airhawke ( DMC ). It contains lots of Duke things. Site isn't ready yet but soon perhaps. I have also
made lots of work and sections for the site:)

Pembo from DNF Zone has gone also ( Dukebert last week ). He left his DNF Zone last week and might be
that he won't come back. And he also won't be anymore working with DMC or DMC2. Bye Pembo. You were a
great friend.

I'm also really sorry about that fileplanet thing. Some of the download hit counters went back to zero
and started counting hits again like "MpResort", "Bobdm1" and all the others newest maps.

July 9, 2000: News

Great news:

After MSSP5 I decided that I will not make any more Duke maps. Well I was wrong and I decided to
make a dukematch map. Level is called of course "MSDM5". Three shots available here.

I'm also gonna make a Mission Pack called "Dukematch 2000" for my Duke Tournament TC. More info
and shots here.

Too sad news:

Dukebert from DMZ has gone. He decided to quit working with his site so it will be not updated anymore.
Hopefully Dukebert still stays at Duke community. Let's all pay our perhaps last visit at DMZ.

July 6, 2000: Two more maps

I haven't slept more than four hours last night so I'm in a really bad mood so let's get this quickly.

Rest of the Duke INC contest maps are here. "Holiday Holocaust" and "Canyon City" are both available
in Hot Maps section. Have fun with these two absolutely good maps.

I also made Hot Maps section easier. Maps are now in two sections. Older and Newer Hot Maps.

By the way. I just bought film called "thin red line". It's a war movie. In case you like war movies
this one is for you. I'll give it five stars.

July 3, 2000: Two quality maps

Contest at Duke INC has ended. Two winners survived. Bots maps are available here. Download Maarten
Pinxten's awesome "MPResort" and Blackjack's awesome "Fantasy Hotel" from Hot Maps section. Have fun!

Nothing else much new today.

July 1, 2000: News

I was standing in our local shopping center looking at PC games. I saw game called "Daikatana".
I think everyone knows what kind of game Daikatana is. It's made by John Romero ( behind Doom
Quake ) and it has been under development for four years. I was going to buy it but I decided
to read review first and play demo. Ok so I bought "PC Zone" instead of Daikatana. I opened it
and read daikatana's review. 53 points out of 100. Guess am I going to buy it? And demo sucked.
Not worth the wait actually.

Ok then Duke. Well duke map contest at Duke INC has ended. Soon the public will get their hands
to these awesome maps. Who will be the winner? I'll let you know later.

Nothing more actually. I have decided to stay home for a while. I'm checking out PC stores so I can
find "Urban Operations" for R6 Rogue Spear.

June 26, 2000: Starship Troopers again

Best TC ever, called Starship Troopers reviewed. Only at MSDN! This TC is worth of trying and I
gave it 10 so go ahead and check the review. Choose section TC Reviews.

Nothing more actually. I'm gonna live again out from my town for a few days.

Background music removed.

June 24, 2000: Starship Troopers

Bored? Tired? Sad?

There's a cure you know?

It...Is...Starship Troopers Total Conversion.

Amazing SST TC was released at Dukeworld yesterday. Two years of waiting was finally getting me
tired. But now, it's here. SST TC is a TC for Duke3d all versions ( not shareware ), it's based
on a movie called "Starship Troopers". Movie is excellent and so is the TC. Head on SST TC site
and download your copy ( 20mb ). I'll review it as soon as I get it finished. More about it later.

I have another Bob's map today. DM map called "Morpheus" is a beatiful remake of Unreal Tournament's
Morpheus map. Level is available in DM Maps section.

You wanna live forever?

June 17, 2000: Bye

I was going to make a quick update before I leave for a vacation. But I woked 7 o'clock this mor
ning so I had time to check my email and I founded out that Bob Averill just completed his second
dukematch map. So I quitted my internet session and started playing BobDM1. I was pretty fast cause
BobDM1 is now reviewed and available. Yes it is a DM map but don't let that bother. It is a very
cool one and if you are not interested in DM, I think you still should play his map. As usually
design is amazing. So now I can finally go for a vacation. I'll be back on 23th day. Go ahead and
download BobDM1. Choose section DMmaps.

Good news: When I'll be back, I'll open my MSSP Episode sites. These sites includes shots, info,
story, links and off course MSSP episode which includes all five released MSSP levels plus one
ending-boss level ( small but cool ). URL is now unknown.

Bad news: Dukebert from DMZ is going to quit his Duke journey. More info about this on his website.

June 14, 2000: News

Not much new... Except I'm going again. I'm going to go to a one of my friend's summer gottage on saturday
and I'll be back on 23th of this month. Sorry but summer keeps me busy.

Anyway I'm working on MSSP episode now. MSSP episode includes all released MSSP levels from MSSP1 to MSSP5
plus one ending-boss level ( quite small but cool ). It also includes some new sounds and perhaps musics.
I'm also making possibly website for this episode. We'll see what that brings. I have you one shot from
ending-boss level in MSSP episode. It's above. Enjoy.

By the way. I founded some amazing bots for Q2. They supports dm, team dm and ctf. If you have Q2 then
there's no reason to left this Bot pack behind. URL is

And one new link added to Links section. It's Vedran Jelenic's site. Visit there.

June 11, 2000: I'm Back

After a week of fishing, swimming etc I'm finally back home. I just entered my house door to ge in and
when I opened my email there were 15 emails. Right now I'm trying to answer on those.

Right now there are no new maps but I have you a new TC review. I just reviewed "When Scum Returns TC".
Choose section TC Reviews.

June 3, 2000: News

  • I just got portable phone ( Nokia 3210 )
  • School just ended today
  • Newest issue of "Spawn" was deliver to me
  • Future is here!

    Tomorrow I'll leave for a holiday. I'm going to go to our summer cottage and I'll be back from there
    at 11th of this month ( next weekend ). So while I'm swimming, fishing... you can spend your time playing
    Duke maps. I haven't gotten any new maps but here are some older ones that I recommend you to try:
    MP's suspicious storage
    and Mssp5.
    All of them are available in section Hot Maps.

    Section TC Reviews is now redesigned. I made sections for each TC reviews so you don't have to wait
    whole site to be loaded. Now you can easily choose which TC review to read. Spend your time by reading
    good TC Reviews and have a really nice summer.