The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

31th of August: 1000 Visitors!

If I am right the counter has passed 1000 visitors since 21th of April. It's my
time to celebrate :-) At first I added "Duke meets Doom" TC review. Check
it out!

Released MSDM3 level. Primary it's for Dukematch but you can also play it
as a single! I also added bat-file to launch level with bots! Only for V1.4 or over.

Two new hotmaps, "Sweeney and Sewer". Both made by Duke level king
Richard Bailey Gray "Levelord". This guy made over ten Duke levels for
it's original version. Now he is working on Ritual. I also made Map Review
of these two maps!

If you are looking for a good TC, then go and crab your own demo of Duke
Y2K Total Conversion. I was really satisfied with this demo :-) Y2K TC
team moved to Dukeworld few days ago and released demo of this TC.

My Mssp3 level became second on Bug teams Maps contents competion.
Prize was "Silver Duke" of the most beatiful map of the month! Drdoom
won that competion and level is also available here. Thanks for the guys
in Bug Team!

I hope that was all. See you again when counter passes 2000 visitors (hehee
just joking!) .

27th of August: Fixed for Netscape!

I think this site had been some bugs when trying to view it with Netscape. Ex-
ample text on the news section was too big. I updated every shot on this site.
Actually i didn't change the shot itself, i made all gif shots to jpg shots because
it takes less time to load and less space.

Also some more updates like this news section hasn't got anymore "center" tag.
One more link added and all links in sections "hotmaps" and "map reviews" are
fixed (they had some bugs!).

I realized that the J Sipos Duke build site is one of the best Duke sites ever.
It has very nice design and helpfull sections for building your own Duke levels.
Get there from here!

I'm trying to complete first episode of my new TC. I'm also working on new Duke-
match level. See shots below.

24th of August: Special Review!

I founded amazing map so i had to make a special review for it. I also made a new
section "Map reviews" for the ultimate Duke map reviews. Right now there's only
two maps reviewed. Map itself can be downloaded from DMmaps section because it's
more Multiplayer level than Single player.
Five new links added and one new normal Duke map in section "MAPS".

20th of August: Back to school!!

No no! Back to school after 2 and half months of summer vacation. Still with Duke.
Finally! Dukeworld is going to host my new TC sites. When i know more about it
i will tell it. One new map called shade in section HOTMAPS. New background
music and link added to Duke Nukem Citycrackdown TC. By the way, even that
shot below im still Duke fan.

14th of August: Maps

Finally my is ready. Map and more details are in section HOTMAPS.
Dukebert made a new map for V1.3d. Very HOT: Check it OUT: In section HOTMAPS.
I actually made a new version of mssp2 level (i removed cons). New link added.
Im also planning to move on Tripod for 11Mb homepage space.

11th of August:

Actually one new map in section MAPS. I have done a new version of get it from HOTMAPS section. I removed some maps from
maps section (they were all mine). I updated all links in section links (there was
some bugs with them). Right now i'm playing DukeMeetsDoom TC so i will
also review it on this site.

4th of August: News, news and news

I have done a homepage for one of my friends. It's a nice little
game site. Do a visit in his web pages on Geocities.
Ballroom and Leaving LA maps added to section HOTMAPS. Two new
links has been added to section links and i have made some modifications for
Links Section.

27th of June: Duke maps wanted!

I'm collecting Duke user-maps.If you have one you can send it to me. All sended
maps will be uploaded to this site. Coolest maps will get to Hot maps section. Simply
send your zipped map file by Email to me.

5th of June: Changes!

New design arrived to map-central sites. Changes: Frames, Black background,
New links. June 5-23: New map section for all maps (A-edition, P-pack, v1.3).
Hottest maps are in section HotMaps. There are all the coolest Duke maps. Still
working on new logos. Shots section removed.