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Spring 2010:

May 14, 2010: Mincer City!

RazorZ's "Mincer City" is finally done and reviewed!

LAW's Alien Versus Predator 2 has been removed due to a dispute over file packaging formats. The review stays.

May 4, 2010: HL mod & AvP section!

Check info & screenshots on my upcoming Half-Life single-player mod, Fate Reversal, at ModDB.

Alien versus Predator page has been updated with a section on AvP 2.

April 27, 2010: CoD reviews!

Two new game reviews, Call of Duty & Call of Duty 2.

April 21, 2010: AvP 2 & anniversary!

EDIT: SalaciusCrumb's Have Fun Storming the Castle! has been reviewed as well.

The journey continues as MSDN completes its eleventh year of existence!

But what would an anniversary update be without something to give? Well, last year I gave you Dukecide, this year I'm serving you LAW's Alien versus Predator 2. So, take a look at the review and download LAW's latest contribution. This one is surely worth your time, no matter what you do.

(Btw, if all goes well, I'd like to review SalaciusCrumb's latest map at some point today so keep an eye on this space about ten hours from now.)

April 7, 2010: Vermin Clearance!

The snow finally appears to be receding, paving the way for summer and the upcoming holiday which the Community will fully utilize to work on Duke3D related projects.

Anyways, here's a review of Vermin Clearance, an episode I've intended to play and review for years.

March 30, 2010: Meatball Sub Makin'!

Meatball Sub Makin' reviewed!

March 22, 2010: Foul Odour!

Something to keep you interested in this game while waiting for some of the bigger releases, here's Steambull's Foul Odour.

March 15, 2010: News!

Exciting times we live in. This year started off slowly, with only two hot maps (Suburban Hive & 1999Russia) released in the first two months. At the moment, the pace is picking up and we're in for a ride. Here are some upcomings, some of which are already featured in Upcoming Maps:

  • Imperium: The "Magnum Opus" of the Oostrum brothers (joined by William Gee & DeeperThought) which puts Duke in the middle of some epic star war. Most likely to be released this spring. A "behind the scenes" video available here.

  • Sequel to AvP: LAW's AvP TC is finally getting a sequel where you get to play as Predator. A screenshot was posted here last November (scroll down) and this thing should be out in a month or two.

  • AMC TC: The "Magnum Opus" of the AMC forums, the heart and soul of the Duke3D community. AMC TC features different playable characters (including yours truly!), different gameplay mechanics and the best maps ever. The TC unfortunately missed its intended release date and at the moment its status is "almost done" but one member is MIA. Official trailer here, my map showcased here.

  • Imagination World 2: A sequel plus an improved version of the previous Imagination World, this TC features tons of new features, colorful and varied levels and hi-res graphics. Currently in beta.

    That's quite a few significant projects to be released in a few months. And that's not all. Rusty Nails is working on another Alien-themed mod and this one actually has a chance of getting released. "underTaker" is working on a city-themed episode that's shaping up promisingly. And then there's another upcoming city-themed episode of which a "preview" map was released a few days ago.

    So, if all goes well, the spring of 2010 is going to be known as the Spring of Duke!