The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels


Includes only three levels but author says there will be more with later updates. Then
about these three levels. they are quite well made with good puzzles, perhaps a little
bit too much enemies and poor design in several places. I hope later levels will be better.
Score 7/10


Nine new weapons with new art etc. Weapons are like this, Shrinker kills now with one hit
without shrinking enemy, Freezer is now the hand of shambler, Devastator and RPG are alien
type weapons etc. New weapon models are quite good looking except RPG was perhaps too big
for the screen.
Score 8/10

Not much new art but includes some killer midis:)
Score 7/10

Lastability: Quite small TC at the moment, weapons are great but levels could have been better:
Version: 1.3d
Author: The Shambler
Size: 2,02Mt
Score: 8