The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels


This is a one-episode add-on with about eight single-player levels & dukematch episode. Theme is very sunny & full of variety (but sticks to vacation theme). In the beginning there are hotels, beaches, streets with exotic shops etc. After this Duke enters a huge cruiser with lots of babes, maintenance sections etc. In the end Duke visits caves & alien bases. Levels are fairly large with lots of things to do (lots of key hunting of course). There are enough nice locations to keep your interest up. Design is good and well commercial quality. Score 8/10

Well there aren't any new enemies. Old ones have now new clothes like t-shirts & sunglasses. This brings more exotic feel to the pack but I think these professionals who did this pack could have added some real new enemies. Seeing the old Emperor as final enemy is a bit disappointing (well it has exotic clothes but that ain't enough).
Score 7/10

Same as enemies - All guns have been replaced with new art. Pistol, shotgun & chaingun all have now water instead of bullets. Sound (water coming out of waterpistol) is a bit lame but art works.
Score 7/10

Lots of new textures & sprites. Lots of things that you could find from a beach or from any exotic location. There are new midis I think but I have turned them off a long time ago. New ambient sounds (such as barmusic, disco music etc.) are very good.
Score 8/10

Lastability: Good levels, good extra - Too bad it's not free:
WWW: Buy it (dunno where)
Version: All
Author: Sunstorm Interactive
Size: ?
Score: 8