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Only inside two months Alejandro Glavic made five 'Adg' maps. It is just awesome how fast this guy developed his Build skills. Levels were made quite fast and quality doesn't suffer at all. After the public release of 'Adg04' Alejandro decided to do an episode by adding all the Adg levels into one grp-file and finish the story with boss-level.

Design is awesome. Already 'Adg01' is above average in design and by each level the quality gets better. Style is similar to Maarten Pinxten's style and it even has influences from Bob Averill's levels (some computers looks the same). However this isn't a bad thing at all because of course Alejandro has his own style in his maps too. Use of textures is great and all the levels follows the same theme with textures (urban/hi-tech/dark textures).

The theme of the episode is a bit dark and urban feel. Each map is strongly dark and away from sunlight. First map is located in a city with hotel, shop etc. Second is a city with subway theme and 3 & 4 are hi-tech bases somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Exploration is in place. Maps are not too linear. However there isn't any adventure feel in them but that wouldn't even fit in 'Adg'. What I was hoping to see was computers or notes with messages that could nicely give birth to the story (if there's any). Keys are easy to find and maps are quite easy.

Gameplay is perfect. As I said keys are easy to find and maps are full of monsters and ammunitions. Action happens all the time so you won't get bored.

Lighting and shadows are excellent. Dark theme of the levels allows some very good use of shadows. Levels has tons of nice lights and use of spotlights is good too. Perhaps colored lighting would have given more feel to the levels but actually there wasn't any place that could have used colored lighting. Shading is also very realistic and not just made up.

Use of ambience sounds is very poor. Only sound I managed to hear in this episode was the music that came from the radio in one of the level's secret place. There are lots of computer rooms, sewers, outside areas etc. that could use lots of sounds but Alejandro seems to have forgotten them completely. However midis for the levels are well picked from original maps.

Apart from sounds the episode is perfect work. Levels has excellent design and gameplay. What more do we want? Nothing. Boss map is a bonus for those who download this episode and that's what you really should do.

Lastability: Four excellent maps and a boss-level all in one:
Version: 1.4, 1.5
Author: Alejandro Glavic
Size: 423Kb
Score: 94

Download (423Kb)!