The license applies to MSDN text/images and to my levels

WG-Old 1 | Single/DM | Author: William Gee | Download 98kt

The dude who gave us WGCity & WGRealms hits us from the past with an old map of his - all the way from -98/99. This is NOT your typical newbie map although WGOld1 IS a newbiew map. It's big (takes about twenty minutes) and does feature some neat things. The level is full of bugs from misaligned textures to missing door/elevator sounds but for the most part it's at least decent work (although won't hit the level of "average quality" until the very end). Just like Gee's new maps this one's too pretty much filled with enemies - but the balance between ammo/monsters is pretty good although it's quite hard during the first five minutes. There's plenty of health and portable medkits (maybe too much?). The level has been clearly inspired by E2 levels and "borrows" quite a lot of ideas from them. Tough & confusing at times but ends up playing pretty well and the ending is good.

Rating: 80