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Virulent | Single/DM | Author: Kjell Simonsson | Download 300kt

'Virulent' is a potential 'Hot Map' but it fails due to its design bugs & puzzles. It's a standard city map with an open area & lots of locations (night-club, metro, sushi-restaurant etc.). Design is average but at times buggy. Either some things are too big or misaligned. Puzzles are at times a bit annoying. Beginning is a tough one. You might end up in this hell place a couple of times which is a good idea but adding it to beginning was a bit too difficult. Also finding that yellow key from subway section wasn't easy so I had to turn on dnshowmap. Searching for red key lock was even more ridiculous. You had to find a secret door to find it (vending machine). And then there were some confusing button puzzles. Most annoying thing (but easy to fix) is the 'new enemy' - author replaced Enforcer art with Duke Nukem art. Complete waste of space. So I recommend you to install only the level - leave extra arts out. Download this if you enjoy city levels & bad puzzles.

Rating: 80