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Tours - Rives Du Cher | Single/DM | Author: Aymeric Nocus | Download 106kt

Note: The level comes with User.con file which is ONLY for 1.3d. If you're using Atomic Edition do NOT install the new con file.

This one's from the author of 'Overtime' & 'Anarchy City 2' but 'Tours - Rives Du Cher' is a bit older than those two. Nocus's trademark seems to be these cramped rooms (you know very well what I mean if you have played those two previously mentioned levels) and here they actually bother you. You'll have a chance to explore a building full of tiny rooms filled with stuff - it's a bit tight for Duke but it goes - I'm still glad that Nocus haven't done things this cramped anymore in his latest releases. Design is pretty good with some nice eyecandy - the playground outside is very good looking and those outdoor park areas are just nice. However some areas have been left undetailed and there were quite a bit of bad textures. Every building outside has been textured with the same white building texture - it's not that bad since the texture itself is great and fits with the concrete/grass stuff but maybe that one too - is a bit 'cramped' (too 'small' - there's not enough room for real floors if you really think about it - got it?). But anyways this just seems to be the way Nocus does things. Gameplay is at times a bit confusing - no wonder since there are millions of rooms to explore and the effect of pressing one switch in one of them might not be that clear. Monster/ammo/health balance is good - a bit challenging at start I guess but the real problem is the fact that there's no place to 'duck & cover' when the shooting starts due to tight corridors inside the building. Anyways the way Duke travels from one building floor to another is a bit ancient although it seems to be the only way to do it with 1.3d.
But someone tell me what's the point of writing the level's readme file in French (not that Nocus is the only French who has done something similar)? Anyways it really seems to be the case that the best Duke stuff (and porn) comes from France - Oui!

Tours - Rives Du Cher
Rating: 82