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Taivo Deathcity | Single/DM | Author: Taivo Maripuu | Download 64kt

'Taivo Deathcity' is a medium size city level which was mainly designed for dukematch. There are no keys and every location you visit in single-player is useless. However for me this is still clearly a single-player map more than a dukematch map so that's why it's here - not in 'DM Maps'. Design is pretty good - there are some details, textures are quite good and shadows are where they should be but there are some flaws like the helicopter in the beginning, wall textures in the stairwell etc. However mostly the level looked good. Because this is a dukematch level there's no real key hunting - To complete the level all you need to do is to search jetpack from the streets & fly up to the end. Everything else is extra. There are also too much monsters in the beginning. A must-have for city fans.

Taivo Deathcity
Rating: 81