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Supa 2 | Single | Author: Sangluss | Download 13kt

Here we have now another 'SUPA' (meaning whatever) level from Sangluss. It's on the same level with first SUPA even author has done some progress on some design areas such as shadowing. Door sounds are missing completely (as well as textures from below & inner parts of doors). Then there's this strange looking color room with a hilarious message on the wall - "Go Away Or Els". It took me a while to figure out to actually GO AWAY. Then there are some other buggy things. Duke travels to Belgium and finds out that there's at least one room with only some messages on the walls (never found out the meaning of that room - OR THOSE WORDS). And then there's this toilet in the middle of computer room - some common thing in Belgium? So there are lots of Belgian messages on the walls so it's kinda fun when you enter this control room and find message "Blow The Shit" from the wall. Design is undetailed (it could be worse anyways), there are some align bugs & bad texture choices. Shadows are at least trying to look good (but they don't succeed so well always). Shadows are better in the end of the level. SUPA 2 is also very small with only 18 enemies.

Supa 2
Rating: 71