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Spy Hard | Single/DM | Author: Juan Pablo Lenceiro | Download 60kt

Island base - with some influences from 'Spy Hard' movie. Well not much but anyways. Design is pretty good but at times - a bit unfinished. Shading could be better - now it's just too bright or too dark. Textures are quite good but too much the same all around the level. In fact 'Spy Hard' has too little variety. There are computer rooms and computer rooms. Outside area is too big & undetailed. You don't even do much there so what's the point? Gameplay is good. There could have been more weapons but perhaps this was the best way. I couldn't find chaingun until when I had nearly finished the whole level. Sometimes monsters respawned in places you won't even visit afterwards. There are some confusing teleport & button puzzles in the end and I had to type cheats to get yellow key. Those puzzles were good but I just couldn't find that yellow key. It looks good enough and plays well so download it.

Spy Hard
Rating: 83