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Futtock's Henge | Single/DM | Author: Douglas Fisher | Download 36kt

Released back in -96 this one's pretty good for such an old level. This one's a classic for me in a way and I have wanted to release it for years but I had it on a cd and couldn't remember its name (the cd has about a thousand levels). This is a cave/outdoor level with some nice (although a bit too empty) landscapes & lots of nice looking caves. I like the way Doug has worked with canyons & rocks on this level - they look pretty good with some nice slopes and shadows. Some of the areas are still a bit boxy & empty. I'd like to have an explanation for how can a pile of rock work as an elevator? Anyways don't all the levels from -96 have some weirdness in them? Gameplay is pretty interesting - ammo/monster balance is good and in the end you'll face the big bad Overlord. Some of the puzzles are a bit confusing and you'll have to do some jumping at some point - but it's all a lot of fun.

Futtock's Henge
Rating: 82