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Redevil | Single/DM | Author: Marcus G. Tovar | Download 99kt

Redevil is based on some Resident Evil level. I have played Resident Evil for five minutes (and it sucks - just like all non-Final Fantasy PSX/PS2/X-Box/GangstaConsole games) so spotting similarities is not my job.
The level is rather empty - very basic. There's some attention to details but that is limited to maybe two or three rooms (the red room with that huge machine & the room with those six pods or something). Lightning is not that bad - it's present and mostly where it should be. There are quite a lot of bugs.
Texturing is dull and basic. There's some trimwork but there should be a lot more.
Gameplay is pretty good. It's still pretty basic (99% of levels are), some keys & buttons but monster/ammo balance is ok. Hidden buttons (flatted against a box for example) defy logic - there should always be a pattern (unless you're going for 2 Bizarre). The level ends with a boss combat (Emperor) - it's not that tough but you have no extra ammo. I had to finish him off with pipe bombs.
Conclusion: Needs a lot more attention to details & texturing but it's still quite fun.

Resident Evil
Rating: 71